The hypocrisy of cancel culture

Everywhere you look, it seems, someone is whining about cancel culture.

Whatever happened to places like Speakers Corner in Hyde Park where you said pretty much what you wanted and the worst you might receive is being drowned out with boos?

My first experience of cancel culture was at Reading Rock Festival in … well sometime back in the 20th century, when an unknown band from the States began their set early on the  Saturday morning. They lasted less than two songs before the  booing began and, because they didn’t take the hint tradition demanded they be canned off the stage. Beer was cheaper in those days and at rock festivals and the like the mandatory drink with breakfast. In fact in many cases it was breakfast.

I remember the singer, just before fleeing, grabbing the microphone and yelling: ”It wasn’t like this at Woodstock, man!” A whiny outburst that incurred raucous laughter, more boos and more cans. Someone even threw a half-full Watney’s Party Seven at the stage!

Ah … the good old days of Rock ‘n Roll.

Meanwhile … back at the ranch.

Today one can be cancelled for saying or writing just about anything including:

I’m not racist, I even have a friend from Kenya called Mak and one called John who’s Australian!

or:  It’s my Adam’s apple and if I want to call it Shirley I jolly well shall … so there!

or: I have a life size poster of JK Rowling. ( granted, it’s folded up very small and in my wallet where  no one can see it, but I still have one.)

or: Manchester United and Arsenal used to be proper football teams.

I’m having a serious think about the last one. Nah … I’ll risk it.

Anyway, everyone’s fav. Pastor, David ”Humble is my middle name” Robertson was recently cancelled by Premier Christians or Premier Christianity magazine? (who cares?) for an article he submitted about the not quite Royal Couple and an incident on something called the Opera Show. I didn’t know opera had it’s own show. Is this like a posh version Britain’s Got Talent or whatever it’s called? Or is this the web browser called Opera?

*Sigh* Oh my giddy aunt – the drama of it all!

Turns out Mr. Flea is still milking that cow for all it’s worth, telling readers of another Christian magazine how he was screwed by the editor of the other magazine  and how he will not be donating to their current financial shortfall in the run up to Easter. Tsk, tsk.

The hypocrisy of it all is that he, like so many of his fellow Crispyian bloggers, and especially those of an evangelical bent, moderate the poo out of their blogs and think this is perfectly okay in order to protect their integrity and, in Pastor Flea’s case, stop the oodles and oodles of hate ”mail” (comments? ) getting through. Mine included, apparently.

One has to laugh. And for the record, he’s bald, fat and his wife dresses him funny!



34 thoughts on “The hypocrisy of cancel culture

    1. What is the world coming to? Tut, tut
      The really funny thing is that he was asked to write the article by the magazine editor and (presumably ) paid for it, too, and a short while later after some complaints the article was pulled and a profuse apology printed.
      The Flea Bag was nay amused, ye ken?

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  1. Ha ha! What a fool! He fell victim to one of the classic blunders — the most famous of which is “never get involved in a land war in Asia”. But only slightly less well-known is this: “Never go against the woke narrative when cancel culture is on the line!”

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        1. Note.: this is what I love most about adding pictures and gifs in WordPress blogs — absolutely no guarantee if they will be properly displayed.

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  2. That’s it, Ark!!! You’re canceled, pal!!! I don’t know why exactly, maybe your tone, but I feel offended by this post, so, therefor, as is my right as a whining baby, I’m canceling you!!! I cancel you, your pets, your fish, your veggie garden, and that silly shirt you’re always wearing. And if you don’t cater to my will and accept my cancellation of you, why I’ll whine so loud about how severely you’re persecuting me I’ll make the King of whiners, Donald Trump,look like a silent film movie star standing still. (BTW, I fuckin’ HATE cancel culture!)

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  3. I can pretty much gauge the validity of something by the depth of insults against it.

    By now I’m quite the professional. lol-

    Just last week I read of Sinclair Lewis timeless work ‘ Arrowsmith’ which original 475 pgs was reduced to a new printing of 309 pgs because….. some contents were deemed ‘questionable.’ Bull$&t-

    It’s called fiction with doses of reality/ superb writing and character development-

    Can’t stand these ‘guardians of what can/cannot be printed.’

    Bastard snowflakes of the darkest kind which are spineless- literary devils.

    To be fair, there are many represented in this condemnation- Many good people have been marked by the thought police- who no doubt themselves have never expressed an original thought in their life.

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    1. I’m not familiar with “Arrowsmith” the book, but “Aerosmith” the band are rock legends. Thankfully they haven’t been canceled . . . yet, though I’m kind of surprised they haven’t given they’ve written enough songs to offend both the religious and “social justice” puritans in equal measure.

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        1. Steve just turned 73 a few days ago. Hard to believe that the man who once quipped, “We believed that anything that was worth doing was worth overdoing.” made it that far.

          And then there’s these guys . . .

          Proving that not all Scottish-born Aussies are sanctimonious wankers. (And yes, I know that Brian is English.)

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          1. Evidently according to Google there has been 19 different AC\DC band members over the years from 73 to 2016


  4. Yes, the irony is rich. You mean canceling those who so easily cancel others might be a problem? Who knew? Who could have known?

    Of course, the real danger is when those most willing to cancel others in the name of morality and religion and whatever – very often the far right – can take up the mantle of being free speech advocates when they complain about being canceled themselves. That’s why all of us – from across the entire political spectrum – need to defend those rights and freedoms we expect to exercise ourselves even for people who may say and do stuff we find deplorable.
    As hard as it may be to swallow, The Flea has a very legitimate grievance. It’s a hard lesson to learn but a fundamental bedrock principle of liberalism being throw away in the name of tolerance and respect and inclusion and diversity… all cover words for an anti-liberal, restrictive policy.

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    1. It says something about the bloke that he feels the need to do a post about the Royals and milk the media hoopla for his own ends then when the midden hits the windmill squeeze the teat dry whining about how hard done by he is,all the while carefully moderating reactions to his blog.

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  5. Today one can be cancelled for saying or writing just about anything ,,,

    Oh My-Oh My! Have you read the comments on my latest blog post? Egads! I may be hearing from WP Enforcement at any moment.

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  6. It’s even worse, you know — I’m a Queenslander.

    Robertson loves to play victim. They all do. Haven’t visited Inanitybyte’s place for a while, but it’s wall-to-wall whining.

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    1. Don’t go to IB’s place anymore. I’m fed up to the back teeth with moderation. Robertson’s spot is the only one I visit these days – I can’t help myself, he is just so awful!


      1. I see the notifications, read a few here and there, but it’s his moderation on every single comment that makes me just go “Bah!” Inanity doesn’t moderate me, but her groupies are just so fucking dumb it really takes an effort to dive in.

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    2. Yeah, but only if the censoring is aimed at them. Of course, many people don’t consider banning and censoring and even re-writing and editing to a few out-of-context sentences anything to complain about: after all, they’re just administrating the site… on behalf of ‘protecting’ the other readers. Why, it’s their civic duty, donchaknow, to keep out the rabble and troublemakers.

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      1. I confess to previously moderating COlorstorm. In my defense I gave him free reign once he allowed my comments at his spot. I also confess to altering a couple of his comments. On reflection, my edits made more sense and we’re a lot funnier. These days I generally leave old Cs alone.


    3. I visit her site and yes it is always whining about how the world is not too her liking and how her own Christians are not following her standards and feels she has a direct line to the God that is in heaven that exists inside her head. She is a good writer, just a pity it is mostly rubbish.

      What Queensland NRL team do you support John, the Bronco’s, cowboys or Titan’s? I live on the Gold Coast but I support the South Sydney Rabbito’s? Don’t tell me you are a AFL tragic?

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      1. I supported Valleys (local Brisbane team) growing up. Broncos came along when I was playing rugby so wasn’t really interested. Sort of supported Canberra Raiders when I was down there, but again, I was playing rugby so was in a different world. Tried playing Aussie Rules once but it just didn’t click. Generally speaking, we thought Victorians were dicks growing up.

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  7. There is only one Arrowsmith! And it’s spelled, Aerosmith!

    Speaking of hypocrisy, the great CS speaks of “Can’t stand these ‘guardians of what can/cannot be printed.’ Bastard snowflakes of the darkest kind which are spineless- literary devils.”

    I’m sorry, but aren’t true x-ians, the pious bastards themselves, much renowned for their burning of books? Hypocrisy comes in many shapes and sizes.

    I left my thoughts about cancel culture on Nan’s post a few days ago…

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  8. “I’m not racist, I even have a friend from Kenya and one called John who’s Australian!”

    Horrible people, Australians. I refuse to believe anyone could make friends with them. The accent alone is enough to make you 🤮.

    “And for the record, he’s bald, fat and his wife dresses him funny!”

    A bald, fat Scottish flea in bad clothes? And they call this form of Christianity charismatic? Cancel the frumpy bastards!

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    1. Horrible people? What about the one’s who gave us AC/DC. INXS, Jet, Little River Band, Men At Work, Rose Tattoo, Wolfmother and these hard-working gents

      (Props to the spirited sheila rockin’ that flanno in the background.)

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      1. The Lazys — makes savvy business sense, I guess, to model yourself after AC/DC, probably the country’s most internationally successful musical export.

        But does lightning strike twice?

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