17 thoughts on “Racism – a small chink in the armour?

      1. Is it spic and span-ish? If they can ban aunt jemimah syrup, certainly this will be on the block.
        Then WAP’s need to go. Wireless Access Points at least will need a name change

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  1. What’s the line the Church is taking on this?” Hahahahaha!!! That’s an EASY answer if I’ve ever known one straight from the Holy Scriptures! 🤣

    Want me to list all the verses and passages in the Holy Book that are clearly or implied racist? 😉

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      1. That’s a good start Chris. And btw, I lump in discrimination with racism. Any ill-founded behavior or presumptions toward another human fits in either category, either flaw.


        1. This is in extremely poor taste (trigger warning!), but it seems more likely the Jews were Hitler’s “chosen people.”

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        1. It’s odd, is it not, the way some bad ideas don’t get discarded, but rather seized upon by others, who then try to apply it to themselves?

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    1. As I seem to recall it, Lord Genocide had a seething hard-on for the the Hittites and the Midianites. Then again, the good book informs us that God is no respecter of persons. Consider what he did to poor Job, his number one fan. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

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