Walking the dog & Bits n’ Bobs

0830 this morning

Looking over the valley – 08:00 this morning.

light work

Bit of light work to start the day …

po box 1

Novel Post Box on Grace Rd recently had a new paint job.

Autumn leaves

Autumn is on its way …

guard house

Cindy and I approaching the guard house and boom on Ridge Rd.



Also ….went shopping today – somewhat of a novelty for moi these days as so much of what we use business-wise and personal we can order online. We had to whizz out to buy an axe to do some serious ‘chopping’ and while we were at it we decided to pop to the vets for dog food and we had to get one or two things from Woolworths for a rush order for tomorrow.

There are rumours that Uncle Cyril ( our Pres.) is going to enforce Stage 2 lockdown in the lead up to Easter.

Care to take a guess why?

Anyway, on the way home we noticed two hatchbacks driving behind each other, both ‘sitting’ very low on their back axles. As we began to pass them we could see their parcel shelves had been removed and they were stacked to the rear windscreen with beer! No alcohol can be sold during lockdown, you see?

Off to the Vet's


Not a lot of people about. At least there weren’t any serious queues.


The ”other dog food” as my wife sometimes calls my veggie meals. She is a mean lady! 

rosese 1

For the cake order tomorrow. Well, not all of them obviously!

”One packet of marshmallows or two?”


I have tremendous respect for those who work among the general public and are obliged to wear a mask all day long. For me, half an hour at the shops and my mask was driving me nuts.




16 thoughts on “Walking the dog & Bits n’ Bobs

    1. Aah … thems wos the days! Popping into Chester City on the bus with my late brother on Saturday morning – 3d busfare – pockets jingling with pocket-money, toyshop first, maybe the museum afterwards, (Used to adore the Roman exhibits). Next stop, Quaintways for a packet of broken biscuits, and then up past the Cathedral down St. Werburgh street into the rear entrance of Woolies for some sweeties!

      Alas, over here it’s not quite the same as the dear old Woollies you and I grew up with, Mister B! Just a tad more posherer, doncha know, what?


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    1. R 119.99 according to the Woolworths website.


      Which works out to ~ $8 US per 1/2 lb or $16/lb (By comparison, you can get 2.25 lb of ground beef for that price at Walmart.)

      And if you look at the ingredients list, you’ll see that water is listed as the first ingredient. You’re better off making your own veggie burgers at home following any of the numerous recipes found online.

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        1. Woolies have various options on offer.
          This (One in image) was what one might call a deluxe version. It was one I had not tried before so I thought I’d give it a go.
          We also picked up a pack of four burgers for R39,99 ( the regular ones) – I had one for dinner. Delicious.

          After all this time, I suspect I’d probably throw up if I ate a meat burger.

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        2. I guess I just hate paying a premium for something I can put together with cheaper ingredients at home. And aside from texture, the taste of the beef burger is almost entirely attributable to the seasonings used, all of which can be easily added to the non-meat substitute.

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  1. Goodness, how strange they don’t sell alcohol during lockdown, Wine is always on the top of our list when we have our weekly delivery. Just one glass a day to keep us sane.

    I feel sorry for the frontline shop staff. I was only speaking to the staff who work in the pharmacy on Thursday, and they still have not had their vaccines yet they are vaccinating teachers first. At least with classes, you have bubbles unlike shops and pharmacies (especially pharmacies) where they have a high turnover of foot flow.

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