Bits ‘n Bobs

in flight

In Flight

Freshly picked from the garden. Peppers. Hot and Sweet


Ella by the shed


Preening Pigeon


Taking delivery. Client picks up a cake. I told her every time I see a Jeep it reminds me of MacGyver. She replied: ”Me too, that’s why I bought it!”

day lily


Chocolate drip cake with mousse filling. Hand-crafted flamingos and strawberry macarons.

red hot poker

Red Hot Poker

Flowers of an unknown shrub.

Unknown shrub. Any suggestions?

purple pelargonians

Purple Pelargoniums

Mantis in tree

21 thoughts on “Bits ‘n Bobs

    1. Excellent that man! 500 points.
      It is a Native of South America and poisonous to animals, apparently.
      As the new boxers seem to be inclined to munch on so many things around the garden at the moment, and it is an alien species I may dig it out and plant something local.
      Again, thanks for the Googly thing Mister B. Appreciated.


  1. Geez … my geraniums (Pelargoniums) never looked like that! I’m guessing a different genus? I may have to see what the local nursery can offer as I really like these.


    1. We have the more traditional colours around the place, too, of course.
      My wife surreptitiously swiped a few stems of this purple variety from a local school a while back!
      They were planted in a pot by the pond and I have subsequently taken a fair few cuttings.
      Like all geraniums they grow easily.
      They are very pretty.

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    1. This one was for the wife’s birthday. One always feels a bit like the foreman of a wrecking gang when taking the knife to such works of art. *Sigh*
      Thank goodness for cameras!

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  2. Nice fresh post. My sister-in-law bought various types of hot chilis here in mexico a while back. Planted them in two different locations in Colombia. Plants grew, but the chilis never were hot. Weird. About the shrub, no idea. I suspect there must be apps to identify plants? Apple store? 🏬 (that thing is what my mac suggests when I type Apple store. Orwell is back!!!!)

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    1. All my chillis are grown from seeds that I scraped from chillis we bought at the veggie store a few years back. I plant them direct and in containers and they always seem to produce good fruit.
      There are a couple that are difficult to grow – Aji Amarillo is one – a yellow chilli that needs nurturing like a baby!

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      1. So you buy “local”. And surely some are easier thatn others. What we found with this – and couple other – experiment was that altitude, sun exposure, heat, and soil had an influence on the spiciness…
        ‘Aji’ is a Colombian name. Where did you get that? In SA?


        1. I’ll bet you’re right regarding growing conditions and the Scoville Scale.

          The Aji’s were bought at a local fruit and veg store called Foodlovers. The store had a promotion for chillis of the world and they were selling them in small plastic containers. There were chilis from all over the place, including, I presume, Columbia.

          The promo also included a chili called a Turkish Kril, that I also struggled to grow and have since run out of seeds.

          I look out for them every time I visit the store but to date … no sign.

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