9 thoughts on “Watch the Birdy! The Sunbirds are Back.

    1. My memory not being what it once was the birds are kind enough to carry little signs to identify themselves.
      Trouble is, my eyesight is failing too. As Pratchett once wrote: It’s a bit of an embuggerance!

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      1. How thoughtful of them. No wonder you treat them kindly.
        Embuggerance now? I will add that one to my list of vernacular English. I wonder if it can be used publicly: “Please don’t be an embuggerance?”
        Sorry about the eyesight. Nothing serious I hope?


        1. British military slang apparently. As mentioned the term was also used by the the late Terry Pratchett, bless him, in reference to the discovery of the rare form of dementia that eventually caused his death.

          My eyesight? Nah … always worn glasses because of an astigmatism. Couple this with the unavoidable issue of aging and there you have it.
          Bit if an embuggerance, but all part of ,life.

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          1. I didn’t know (of) Pratchett. Another huge gap in pseudo-Anglo culture I guess. Will see if I “Amazon” him. Sorry to hear about his early demise.
            Good to hear about your eyes. I’ve worn glasses since I was 14 or so. Since I am-wsa short-sighted, I actually see better and better everyday! Then I’l get cataract probably. My eldest brother already had his removed. 🤓


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