Walking the dog.

Bit of music while we walk? Why not. It is a Fine Day.

Off we go! 

Looking along Eckstein.

Right into Kloof – steep downhill

Kloof- One of only two blocks of flats in Observatory.

Left into …. hmm …. well it’s a nice street, at least.

Cnr Robertson and Bessie

Down Bessie St.

Right in to Klip St.

Peek a boo! Guess what? 

Left turn – Decorative and functional – stop people parking on the verge! 

Right – St. Georges – I actually heard someone yell ”Fore!” just  after I took this.

”Hurry up Cindy. Just go behind the tree!”

Interesting Mirror -Gate on St Georges.

Right into Innes ….

and … Home. 


18 thoughts on “Walking the dog.

  1. I’m guessing this ritual is suspended during inclement weather? How well does Cindy adapt? Does she suffer from “daily walk anxiety?”


    1. ”Walkies” with Cindy has only recently become this regular. It was very difficult for me to take Bobbi and Cindy on my own and impossible when Bella also was alive. Three big dogs! Not a chance.

      Getting the others out of bed … well, another story.
      So, now we are back to three dogs once again and I am already threatening merry hell that I cannot take them all out on my own.
      Inclement weather? In Johannesburg? You will have to be specific!


      1. Well, I know you have rain … probably not much else? And I assume temps do drop a bit during your winters.

        So, since Cindy has gotten used to her regular jaunts, will you continue with appropriate gear?


        1. Since we started, on the two occasions it has been raining when I awoke we skipped.
          Usually when it rains here it rains.
          The cold is not really a bother and I just put a jacket on.


          1. I was just curious because when I used to walk my dog, it was most definitely a part of her expectations. So when winter came (cold and wet, sometimes snowy), it took awhile for her to get the idea that our jaunts were “on-hold.”


          2. We do get some serious rain but when it comes down it is usually in the afternoon/evening and almost never during autumn /winter.
            Cindy is incredibly chilled and if we don’t go – on occasion I have been up very late or had a tiring day – she seems to recognise that today is a Stay at Home Day. Besides , we usually take her with us when we are out in the car and she loves this.

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    1. Okay … worked it out.
      The watch has several functions including BPM, but one has to tap the watch face to reach this specific screen and then ‘hold down’ ( the screen) to measure.
      The screen will always display the last measurement taken.
      I didn’t press the specific screen after I finished ‘walkies’.
      I think the figure of 67 BPM was taken after I washed the dishes last night. πŸ˜‰
      So now we both know!


    1. As my back was beginning to go out more than I, and Cindy has put on a pound or two more than is healthy, then walking seems the best option for us both.

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