Walking the dog

Off we go, Cindy! By the way, I am not really this big/wide. ’tis the shadow and the camera angle. Honestlly! I mean, would I lie to you?


Okay Muttley, enough already! Next, please …

Going up Eckstein Street. Mural on the palisade fence outside Sacred Heart College.  The way this has been done is very clever because when you come down the street,  viewing the fence from the other side, the girl is wearing a mask. I posted that image the other day. 


The slogan on the Hanging mural (left) painted on the wall surrounding Athlone Girls School, which is on Freidland Avenue, about 1.5 km away from our spot, reads: Right to Life. The other two Murals, are about HIV/ AIDS, & Lesotho.


Oh, well. So much for Perseverance on Mars.

Aah …. no more hole in the wall. Nice garage door. In the previous photograph I took, builders had just knocked a hole in the wall.

No Rolls Royce but who remembers Rose Royce and the song Working at the car wash?

This is part of a property at the end of our street that includes a few small shops. The chap who once owned it called us in some years back for us to sell  a house on Ridge Road belonging to his wife.  The house needed to go on show but the Sunday it was scheduled, the wife and I were busy so we roped in our kids to sit for us.

”If you get any interest just call us and one of us will pop back.”

We’d hardly been gone five minutes when we got a call. ‘Dad, there’s someone who wants to put in an offer!’

By the time I arrived the offer had been put to paper and the bloke who had made it said, as he was about to leave. ”It’s okay, we managed without you!  Your daughter did fine!” We closed the sale a day later and he was so happy with Ems’ service that he sent her a rather nice bottle of old red wine as a ‘Thank you’. One Showhouse — One Sale. Oh, would that every sale was that easy! 

Moving on …

Looking up …. Bezuidenhout Road. A long drag that does not get any less steep once you go over the crest (in picture). A slight dip and it rises again. Your legs know you have run this hill when you reach the top. Perfect training for Mak in his lead up to his first ultra-marathon.

A vacant stand at the far end of Eckstein Street. A fine old double-storey home once stood here, then a few years back, while on a morning jog, I heard, then saw, bulldozers and a crane with a wrecking ball demolishing the house. From what I remember there hadn’t  seemed to be anything structurally wrong with the house and it was uncomfortable seeing it disintegrate before my eyes. Maybe I’m just a sentimental fool? However, once all the rubble had been cleared one would have expected new building work to begin. Not so, and it has remained in this state since.

 When we decided to move to Obs this house was a prime candidate – large stand, very quiet, and private. Four beds, cottage, office and an easily convertible pool for our fish. We made an offer with the express condition that occupation was to be on the 1st March – as this was when the new owners of our house were to take occupation.  All’s well, offer signed and accepted. Two weeks before moving we get a call from the agent: the owner had not informed his wife of the date of occupation and she was refusing to budge until  end of May!


No problem, says the agent. The wife has  agreed to allow you to move in and ”share” for three months, and she will reduce the occupational rent as well.  Er …  what about the 40 odd  koi, and not to mention the 23 cats we told you about?

Deal cancelled.

The following two weeks were the most frantic house hunting I have ever experienced.

As mentioned previously, many residents are caring for the municipal verges themselves, rather than relying on the slap dash approach of the local council. Here, the owners have removed the grass entirely and planted indigenous succulants and other local plant varieties. I walk past this house regularly and it looks very pretty.

Mowing the ”lawn”. Cutting grass on the school playing field. How’s that blue sky at 8:00 in the morning?

”Come on, Cindy. Stop messing about. Let’s go home for breakfast.”


14 thoughts on “Walking the dog

  1. Hello Ark. Cindy looks grand and seems to be enjoying the walks. I love the murals, and do not understand why more places do not do them. Brian at https://equinoxio21.wordpress.com/ post the most wonderful pictures of murals on walls and buildings. I am not understanding how the other person was able to back out of the sales contract after signing agreeing to the sales? In all the transactions I have been through signing the documents was binding and anything else had to go through the courts even fraud. Hugs


    1. Hi, Scottie
      I follow Brian. He is a star when it comes to photographing Murals, and he has been all over the place. I love his photos.

      Re house sale: Although the seller was in breach it was me that backed out of the sale.
      The house was registered in the
      husband’s name and his wife was in Cyprus when we ”concluded” the sale.
      He assured us everything was in order so we moved ahead
      You are correct, by law he was in breach of contract as he had agreed to the occupation date of 1st March and our need was urgent.
      We could have sued, and gained some compensation, but it is still doubtful we would have gained access on the due date.
      My years of selling property taught me that ultimately, a contract is only as good as the paper it’s written on and if someone does not want to budge from their house it becomes a nightmare of litigation.

      Anyway, perhaps it was meant to be otherwise we would not have found the house we have lived in all these years, and that would have ben a shame.

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    1. The ones at Athlone Girls school are a bit too political for my taste, but art for art’s sake and all that, right?
      The one on the palisade fence is so much better; in the creative sense and also the method of execution.
      I’m definitely on the lookout for more murals. I might steel myself and venture a bit further afield over the coming weeks. We’ll see.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. One of the traditions of the mural/graffiti world is that the work of others can and will be painted over. Perhaps the work that is not to your taste will be painted over by artists who feel as you do.

        I’ll look forward to seeing more murals from further afield.

        Liked by 1 person

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