Walking the Dog

Off we go!

Sacred Heart College (Marist Brothers) – Eckstein Street.

Top of Innes Street facing South. Innes Street was named after the chap who founded the observatory hence the name of our suburb- clever hey?). And there was I thinking it was named after Neil Innes, the English songwriter and humourist who co-wrote and starred in the Beatles spoof, The Ruttles!

And talking of the observatory.

Taken a while back in spring.

Mons Road

Mons Road

Early morning walkers on Judith.

Local Vet, Dolores, who runs a practice from her Klip Street residence.

Topiary on Klip. The little blue-topped thingies protruding from the grass are above ground water meters. Not a fan.

Work from home? No probs. We deliver! Innovation through adversity that has spawned a whole new approach to work and a thriving industry to support it..

Bessie Street, cnr Eckstein ( in the gated part)

Some blokes from a local security company checking on  an installation.

The Observatory –  with the golf course in the foreground. Klip Street

Hillbrow Tower – not the usual view.

More Cops. This time they were stopping traffic on Grace Road. License checking I think?

Ridge Road.

My friend, and local soccer fundy, Hamilton. One of the guards on Ridge.


4 thoughts on “Walking the Dog

    1. If I take Klip Street I know I am in for a few more hills than other routes. But there really are no ‘walkies’ routes I can think of in Observatory that don’t involve some hill climbing along the way.
      My watch ‘said’ we did 4 kms today, which is no big deal, but it felt longer.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This is a lovely way to show your community. And Im always impressed with the greenery, trees, flowers, all of it.


    1. It is fun, I agree, and one tends to look at the surroundings with fresh eyes too, knowing that some of the photos will be on display.


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