Sorry to bug you.

Common Grass Yellow Eurema hecabe on Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow  plant. Brunfelsia pauciflora. 

Cream-Striped Owl Moth Cyligramma latona

Hawk Moth ( not sure which one) Family Sphingadae


Garden Orb Weaver.

Crab Spider. The perfect camouflage.

Paper Wasp – ‘Babies’ growing nicely.


All taken over the weekend.


15 thoughts on “Sorry to bug you.

  1. Lovely pics, as always, Ark. But I’m curious: does capturing photos of flying insects require a lot of careful preparation, or do you just wing it?

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      1. Looks like I have no choice but to drop a few Benjamins on some decent camera equipment, because the one on my cellphone doesn’t grant me the opportunity to get those type of closeups without scaring away the subject, and the digital zoom feature leaves much to be desired in terms of picture quality. Have any suggestions for the novice who wants good results that won’t break the bank?


        1. I recommend you ask someone more qualified than moi. Brian over at Butterflies and Dragster will be your man for that.
          Or ask him here. He is pretty clued up on the camera front.
          I use a Canon EOS with a standard ‘kit’ lens which was donated by one of our clients, bless his heart.
          I used to use an Olympus in pre digital days. But you’ll know how expensive developing and printing was. If it wasn’t for digital I would never be able to afford the amount of photos I take.
          John Z just got a new cellphone and he says the camera is amazing.


  2. I just got this last year, it takes pictures that look as if you’re right next to the critters, and you can be 50 feet away. Digital Zoom. Panasonic DMC-FZ-300
    It also comes with a honking big chip, 64 gb.

    It can be tricky to learn, so I tend to stay with what works and not change settings on the fly, as it were. Might be worth thinking about

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    1. I also have Sony Cybershot which has a powerful digital zoom lens. This is what I use for my birdy photos. I’ve found that some of the detail is lost when standing more than a few yards away – and as I am somewhat like Mr. Magoo, this does not help either!


    1. I always read your posts, but there aren’t any areas I wander that I’ve seen wild flowers -other than invasive weeds etc.


    2. Oops … apologies, Piglet, I just re-read the opening paragraph of your post and it includes birdies and creepy crawlies.
      In future I shall indeed tag along.

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  3. and we don’t have any creepie crawlies at the moment. Well, we do, but by the time my mobile phone comes alive and has a moment with the focus they are long gone. I really need to fire up my camera and stop being so lazy 🙂

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