Covid … a brief (less than) 12 month perspective in South Africa


The Minister of Health wishes to inform the public that 6 new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed. This takes the total number of coronavirus positive patients in South Africa to 13.

Gauteng Cases: 4

As of today …. February 27 2021.

Location Cases Recovered Deaths
South Africa

South Africa

1 510 000
+1 654

1 430 000
+2 016

49 784

Funny old world, right?


21 thoughts on “Covid … a brief (less than) 12 month perspective in South Africa

  1. Population of SA: 59.8 million (UN est. 2021-02-27)

    Alleged Wuhan Flu deaths: 49,784

    Total deaths: 0.083%
    Deaths per 1000: 0.8

    2021 9.441 -0.290% (projected)
    2020 9.468 -0.270%
    2019 9.494 -0.270%
    2018 9.520 -1.930%
    2017 9.707 -1.890%
    2016 9.894 -1.850%
    2015 10.080 -1.820%
    2005 13.521
    1993 8.130 (lowest)
    1950 21.539 (highest)


    The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. . . . and government tyranny.


    1. The point I was trying to show was how nonchalant we all seemed only 11 months ago, and from four infections to 50,000 deaths is an eye-opener. And we are not out of the woods yet.

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      1. And the point I’m making is that the worldwide data reveals the “pandemic” hysteria (and over-the-top unscientific response thereto) has been blown completely out of proportion. 🙂


          1. Check it out.

            Amazing — isn’t it? Despite being massively overwhelmed with seriously ill patients, they still managed to take time out to make dance videos.


          2. A “positive” test result does not constitute an actual case of illness. And if you look at the statistical data, the the majority of “positive cases” never get sick, and of those who do get sick the majority have minor symptoms and recover fully after a week or two. Those who die are predominantly over 80 and/or suffer from two or more severe health ailments, such as: diabetes, asthma and other chronic pulmonary conditions, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, Alzheimer’s, renal failure, etc.


          1. OMG, an ad hominem argument. Let me know when you have something more substantive than your COVID fear porn to bring to the table. Until then, I shall ignore you.


  2. It is crazy how fast it has spread in just a year. I remember thinking it would spread to a few countries and then die out, like SARS did in 2003-2004, but alas it wasn’t going to be.

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  3. Ark, what is the vaccine situation there? They are taking people 60 and over in Maine now. And now that the J&J vaccine is approved, there might be hope for us, yet. At least for the ones who will take it. There are a lot who won’t…I fear Darwin will deal with them.

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  4. New Hampshire seems to be clearing out its nursing homes rapidly, for just those reasons cited: age brings ailments with it. Smoking, alcohol abuse, drugs, diabetes, alzheimer’s.

    To me, the danger is that people who might have a mild case (as in young un’s ) and don’t bother with masks, can spread it to a LOT of poeple who can get a severe case because of it.

    Children who have asthma, or a compromised system can get this as well. What is not mentioned are the people who recover, but relapse, or recover and then find they have permanent lung damage, or heart trouble. It eats them up.
    Here, when it was announced that the vaccine would be available, they got a million requests the first day. That is a LOT of requests in a small state. =) We are due in April, but Im hoping to get in sooner, and possibly closer than a forty mile drive away…

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