7 thoughts on “Extremes – Put on your ear goggles and listen.

    1. Never heard of them. Just watched Rick Beato do a What Makes this Song Great on Chop Suey.
      Interesting. I might be able to appreciate them in small doses. Watch this space, as they say.

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  1. I am a huge fan of APC Ark. Love tha hell outta this song! They are big in my/our circle of Alt-lifers and the Goth-Industrial-EBM-Steampunk-Electrotrance community or underground here in Dallas. I don’t consider APC extreme at all. They MOVE me. They STIR deeply my soul. So they are completely normal for me. 😉

    Hey, on a totally different subject…

    I just finished watching a documentary on South Africa by and on PBS called Africa with Ade Adepitan made in 2019. Ade is from London, but born in Lagos, Nigeria. His show is about traveling the entire African continent and educating the world about deeper aspects of Africa. This one episode tonight covered South Africa. He and many of his tour guides, African-Americans of course, showed him around the exciting parts of SA, as well as the not-so-pretty parts of SA.

    One of the segments in his show was in Johannesburg… he and a fellow Black man (tour guide) drove thru a very opulent sector of Johannesburg in a Mercedes-Benz simply showing Ade the apparent (very real?) economic disparity present in SA since Apartheid and Nelson Mandela. They toured a neighborhood where all of the Caucasian homes having 8-10 foot walls surrounding their luxurious homes. All of them had steel-gates for the driveway entrances. Several of them had hired Security Guards. On top of many of those 8-10 ft walls was electrical-wiring, barbed-wire, or sharp broken glass protruding up. Or all three toppings. 😯

    As they were touring this neighborhood—that I must confess, looks very similar to YOUR photos of walking the dog—the security guards everywhere constantly monitored them as if they were potential criminals. It was surprising to me the very stark differences between that neighborhood versus the average (black) neighborhood they drove thru next. I mean, the latter neighborhood had dirt roads and small shacks made of thrown-together sheet-metal. It was like night and day! 😟 Is that really today’s South Africa… still?

    What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in writing a blog-post or two about this severe economic disparity there? After all, we have the EXACT SAME THING here in the U.S. and Texas. I’m just very curious about the differences and how very, very, VERY slowly some things change and others don’t truly change below the surface… if you know what I mean.

    Or… you can just tell me to DUCK OFF. 😄


    1. Is that really today’s South Africa… still?

      Unfortunately … yes. This is still a part of SA, and there are numerous informal settlements that would match the description you outlined.

      It would be interesting to know what suburbs they were driving through?
      Mandela lived in Houghton after his release – it’s just up the road from where we live – and is considerably more ”posh” than Observatory!
      Their guards are better paid, can usually read and write and are more heavily armed – automatic weapons that really work, instead of ”Hey you!” which our guards usually employ.
      They also have more expensive razor wire atop their higher walls, the guard dogs are usually of a better pedigree and the piranhas in the moats are flown in directly from the Amazon.

      And there are plenty of average ”white” suburbs – I have lived in a couple. And remember there are no segregated areas anymore so people can choose to live where they want to, or can afford.
      For perspective, the racial spread in Obs. is fairly even. In fact, based on my neighbours up and down our street I am now the ”endangered” minority! Ha ha.

      On a slightly more serious note ….I would not visit Jo’burg city as a tourist on foot if you paid me a million bucks. I would feel decidedly nervous even in a crowd of friends etc, and remember, I worked in the City proper for years .
      In those days there were some parts it was so clean you could almost eat off the streets. And I say this with the minimum of hyperbole. I wandered everywhere when I was first here on contract and never batted an eyelid.

      Would you be interested in writing a blog-post or two about this severe economic disparity there?

      No. Sorry. I am too busy polishing my gold bars, ordering new parts for the machine gun, and beating up on the gardener.


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      1. No. Sorry. I am too busy polishing my gold bars, ordering new parts for the machine gun, and beating up on the gardener.

        😄 Well, at least you have polish. Go easy on your gardener; he/she can “modify” your herbs and MASSIVE vegetables to where you feel and think funny. Then suddenly everything around you turns dark and there is a light up in front of you. Or…

        …maybe there is no light for you, just fire. 😈🤭

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