Unless you have been living under a rock, and are unaware of what’s been happening off-planet in the real world …. Perseverance has made a successful landing on the surface of Mars. 

Go NASA. You are frigging awesome!



46 thoughts on “Touchdown!

  1. I watched the event yesterday. Very emotional for me. Fantastic accomplishment. Especially when you consider the two way communication with perseverance is about a 22 minute delay.

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    1. I share your feelings about the emotion.
      The scenes inside Flight Control at JPL when touchdown was announced was out of this world …
      I just hope they find Matt Damon.

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  2. Hi ark, but come again?

    ‘Off planet in the real world?’
    I understand your sentiment, but doesn’t that automatically contradict itself?

    I thought the real world was HERE. I have little tolerance for the ‘world’ of speculation.

    And for what it’s worth, I have know hundred’s of engineer type people, make and female. A particular woman was outright scary, and a guy I know had not an ounce of common sense, so heres’s to ‘I don’t care’ what NASA does.

    But I’m glad u find it interesting. To each his own.


    1. But isn’t it a great accomplishment (considering how crude and incompetent we mere servants of the most high, are) and excellence should always be celebrated.


      1. So now Jim, man will traverse the skies to plunder another zip code? We have forfeited all rights.

        What continent here on earth have we pretty much not raped and pillaged?

        And many OTHER engineers have said/will say, the ‘landing’ is but one more studio production.

        It’s a conversation anyway, and good people can disagree as u know..


          1. What me worry? Ha.

            But things never end well for they who would try to build a conduit to heaven. That small tower…..the B. Kalifa……. is truly a feat- thankfully it’s not spinning and orbiting- phew!

            But maybe the builders had faith it could withstand all those crazy gyrations. lol

            True faith is most practical Jim- stay away from Benny Hill (hinn) actors who are blights on the potato.

            Now back to Mars.


          2. I think you missed the point of the Tower of Babel story. You see, “they were about to accomplish that which they had set out to do”. By working together they had cracked the code and by pure method (no faith) had beaten the game. A reset was necessary to keep it going. But the key point is together we can do anything. You forget that the OT was not written my christians, but by mystics.
            Did you notice all the different nationalities in the control room? That was a beautiful thing all by itself.

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          3. You get style points jim for creativity, but not for accuracy of the account. 😉

            I always did like the “mars’ bar though, the candy.


          4. My accuracy is impeccable. You have been taught to read it through a lens of sin. It isn’t how it reads.


        1. What continent here on earth have we pretty much not raped and pillaged?

          Yes, initially all ”For God and country”. You Christians have a lot to answer for on that score.


          1. Indeed there is.
            But let’s always call a spade a spade shall we and remember that the first major transgressors involved in this ‘global plunder’ were all, ostensibly, Christians.
            And many, if not all, did it for your god , Queen/King and country.
            Most did it with a sword or some sort of weapon and the Jesuits and other religious filth were invariably up front alongside or very close behind.

            When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said ‘Let us pray.’ We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.

            Desmond Tutu


    2. It’s not called ‘plundering another planet, CS. It’s called actually doing planetary science and it has huge ramifications and benefits and insight – unlike your religious beliefs – into increasing our knowledge about Earth… starting with, it ain’t flat.

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      1. Tkx tildeb, but your greater concern should be why ‘science’ allows ants to traverse a basketball, and bugs to walk upside down on ceilings……….but forbids you.

        Just think, all this good convo, because of a post on mars.


      1. You would be surprised at the circles in which i run, and how people actually seek my company, from all walks of life and credentials.

        Was told the other day by a high ranking MD: A renaissance man. A man for all seasons. Ha, what a compliment by peers. loved it. 😉


          1. Can i give you a few examples ark of just the other day.

            Spent 1/2 hr with a radiologist at lunch Quiet guy, and I engaged his time. He told me he has a plane, has been flying for 20 years. He then offered me a flight in the spring/

            Talked to an MD. about motorcycling through the western coast. A man of stature is he, well regarded in the field of CTICU/ We talk all the time/

            Have a Jewish MD friend/ She is quite the infectious disease expert and says how I make her day always………….her ears always perk when we have a moment to discuss Yom Kippur etc/

            Have a Greek MD friend who goes out of his way to engage while he is always busy………

            Am favoured by a Muslim MD for the same reasons above/

            Am respected in every clinical area/ are you seeing a pattern of consistency with people who are lettered/ and who no doubt would find umbrage with your assessment? So you see, no boasting here, just showing context so your readers may give pause before the insults fly. 😉


          2. As a veteran hairdresser of lots of years, I’ve had oodles of clients from the medical profession and all have been happy to engage me in conversation about lots of subjects.

            Do you see a pattern here, CS?


          3. Hmmm. Let’s focus on the clients and MD’s who CONTINUE to engage the services of said hairdresser after many years of conversation and good cuts……………

            What does it say about them? Surely you admit that people avoid others who are consistently annoying?


          4. Said hairdresser no longer practices.

            Surely you admit that people avoid others who are consistently annoying?

            Sometimes the fascination with the level of insanity you display is impossible to resist.,
            We should, I know, but … well … maybe this is why you have so many MD friends?


          5. Ha ark. Should I also include the filial niceties of the transporters, the aides, the nurses, the e-ray techs, the oncology staff, dieticians, etc etc etc?

            And I’m sure if you arrived in person, you would get equal regard- no more- no less.

            But I appreciate the fact that we are not insects, who specialize in 1 thing.


          6. One can’t help but wonder if all these “learned” individuals were aware that you believe the earth is flat …


          7. Hi nan, have I ever used the words ‘glad earth?’ Just saying-

            (Sorry ark/ just answering/ don’t want to take your post further into the weeds)


          1. ‘I’m assuming.’ Hmm.

            Beep no. Would you like to try Sports for 200? So let’s just enjoy the mystery, lest we put people in boxes . But Tkx for asking.


          2. So I’m right. You’re a janitor… Or perhaps the person who picks up the laundry. You’re certainty not a professional, so it’s some sort of minimum wage labour. (Not that that’s a bad thing. I hope for your sake your government finally raises the minimum wage to reflect the work. Australia hit $15 in the 80’s, so your country is failing you terribly)


          3. Luv your sarcasm john. Tkx for the reminder, I forgot to include all the housekeepers too, some good some bad of course.

            As to the Titanic, yeah, it was built by ‘professionals………….’ I am grateful to be not an insect, they who ‘specialize’ in one thing.


  3. TBH I couldn’t care less. They ought to spend the time (and money) putting this planet back together first or in years to come the martians will be sending machines here looking for signs of life!
    Like a bit of Hendrix though.


    1. While I can understand the sentiment, I am always dubious about who ”they” are, especially as they might easily point a finger at me and suggest I am a ”they”.


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