I knew this one was going to be a challenge in more ways than one. After all it isn’t as if Johannesburg suburbia is a hotspot for hawks! 

Anyway, I do have two photographs. Both I have posted before but there may be some who haven’t seen them.


The Gymnogene or African Harrier Hawk.

The first shot is a of a Pied Crow harrying a Gymnogene high above our back garden. The crow was making one heck of a racket and this was what alerted me to leap from my office chair and grab my camera. 

The second shot is of the hawk (not the same one!) atop the neighbour’s tree after it had launched itself from a tree in our garden. My son first spotted the bird after several of the cats were sat on the grass staring upwards. When he saw what they were looking at the call went out: ”Dad!” 


Thanks as always to Lisa. 


  1. We occasionally see hawks in the summertime circling above — obviously looking for prey. It’s not a real common sight, however, and makes me wonder where hawks are the most prevalent?

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  2. I remember these two photos! It inspired my INTENSE stories about Predator vs. Prey when I was living in the Texas Hill Country! Remember Ark? All the exciting gory details of how many Goldfish, Koi, and Leopard frogs were swooped up in razor-sharp talons by our Red-shouldered Hawks! 😲☠️ And then even White-tail Doves were lethally, swiftly put out of their head-bobbing days before those obese birds even KNEW what hit ’em! SNAP!!! Feathers flying everywhere. 🦅 So very very cool watching Nature work. 😉

    You want me to share those detailed stories again here!? 😈😁

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          1. Hah! No need for you to rustle up my Dunners. They are already here. 🙄😒 After their performance this morning—evening for you I believe—against Man City, I must wonder… could Arsenal possibly fight to not get too close to relegation danger? It’s a reasonable question in my footballing mind. 🙁

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  3. Great photos! Crows often chase off hawks and nail them while they are flying to keep them from their nest. That is a beautiful Harrier Hawk and great photo! So glad you reposted them because I had not seen them and I’m sure other Bird Weekly participants haven’t see them either. 🙂

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