Leading you up the garden path.

One of the Newbies. Baxter- settling in very nicely.

Meadow White – I think?

Hummingbird Hawk Moth captured atop a shrub in the back garden.

Bombyliidae are a family of flies.

Megachile chrysorrhoea 

Orange-tipped Resin Bee. Megachile chyrsorrhea

And finally …

Partially hidden among the jasmine on the shed I found the nest of a Paper Wasp. In this shot the babies are busy emerging from their nest while the adults stand guard. Fascinating stuff!


6 thoughts on “Leading you up the garden path.

  1. Baxter looks a perky hound. Am slightly amused at the name cos G’s farm-born ancestors from Northampton settled in South Africa in the late 19th C – three Baxter brothers all founding dynasties there. The butterfly shot is particularly lovely.


  2. love the shot of Baxter. He looks like a future handful, lol. How many cats do you have, these days? Im afraid, sadly, we are probably on our last batch, since neither of us wants to leave a legacy of cats to a stranger. You know how that goes, sometimes, and not well…


    1. We are ”down” to 11 cats (from an all time high of 23 which, quite frankly, was insanity personified!) and 3 dogs.
      The ‘newbies’ are most definitely a handful – you are right there, Judy – and even though it’s only been 9 months since Bobbi passed I’d forgotten just how boisterous boxers can be! So, with Baxter and Ella two handfuls might be more accurate. We are fortunate to have a biggish property that allows them to go bonkers.
      Anyway, they are a joy and Cindy seems to enjoy the company.

      If some of us have our way, I’m not sure if we will ever put the brakes on having more pets; only yesterday over breakfast my wife was going on about getting a boxer puppy … or two … (SMH) when Cindy’s days are up. I thought it wise not to say anything at that point!
      Besides, if anything ‘terminal’ happens to us I’m pretty sure the animals will be ‘adopted’ by the kids.

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