Walking the dog …

Weather a bit brighter today, though it did rain this afternoon.

Walking in the closed area of Lower Eckstein St. 

Lower Grace Road townhouse complex.

These murals are on the wall at the back of  Athlone Girls School. There are designs on each prefab panel, but unfortunately our council has not been very diligent with maintaining municipal verges so many are obscured by weeds and undergrowth. It would be nice if the school took it upon itself to do the job as some of the artwork is rather good.  

”Er … Floyd, We need another Brick in the Wall. More than one, in fact”

Frederick St.



…. and after breakfast, cut the wife’s hair  – because I can! 


18 thoughts on “Walking the dog …

    1. Well, it is what I was trained to do, and the reason I emigrated to South Africa in the first place was on contract with a salon in the Carlton Centre in Johannesburg.
      My wife is a former client! ”Management” was not amused when we began dating!


    1. *Smile*
      Yes, Sylvia said something similar, and if it were/ becomes possible, it would/will be my pleasure, believe me.
      My mother also expressed this sentiment, and one time during a ”face chat” late last year I mentioned that her hair was the longest I remember seeing it.
      She replied it was a ”Flipping nuisance.”
      I thought it looked quite attractive. Like many women of her generation, when she was younger she was able to sit on her hair; it was that long!
      There’s even a dusty photo somewhere of mum sitting at the piano, her plaited hair hanging past her waist

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      1. Not to be remotely sexist, but I’ve always found that chaps have much more flair when it comes to cutting hair to suit the person underneath it. That’s a fine image of your Mamma with hair long enough to sit on.

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        1. I can honestly say that some of the best stylists I have worked with were women, including Jennifer, the senior stylist I trained under at Browns of Chester. Another being a young woman named Linda, who was also brilliant when it came to working with colour.

          Emily has also grown her hair long enough to sit on. It used to look stunning done in a plait.
          The most recent cut I gave her she asked to have it styled ”Something like Stevie Nicks.”

          Seems that even some of my musical tastes have rubbed off on my kids!

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          1. Browns of Chester, now there’s a name to conjure with. Used to be the bees’ knees of a shopping spot for Cheshire-ites. Followed by the Grosvenor for slap-up afternoon tea.

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          2. I first started work as a 16 year old apprentice at Steiner in the Grosvenor Precinct but then moved to Browns a while later.
            I follow a Present Day Chester site on FB, and I read recently that Browns is closing / it may already have done so.

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          3. Everything changes …. ’tis the way of the world.
            And I suspect Covid is forcing change a lot faster and in more drastic ways than we would have thought possible.

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          4. I’m not sure we’ll recognise a lot of places when we finally get to the end of lockdowns. A lot of businesses were anyway teetering on the back of the austerity years plus Brexit alarm. Small businesses in our Shropshire towns are still having to pay rent even though they can’t trade. The K10 grants many received nearly a year ago now won’t have gone very far.

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