Birds Weekly:#34. Birds (beginning) with the letter “D” in their name.

I cheated a little with the theme.

Dikkop – or Spotted thick knee

A rare visitor to our garden – we rescued a chick with a broken leg some time ago while walking the dogs. When they do pitch up it is at night – they are nocturnal –  and they are more likely to be heard rather than seen. If one is fortunate to catch a glimpse they are likely to be found strutting and running around the property looking for a night time snack, either insects or maybe a small lizard.

turtle dove flight1


Ring-necked Dove

Greater Double Collared Sunbird

When we get visits from this gorgeous little sunbird it is almost exclusively when the Aloes are in bloom, and they were the main reason I took cuttings from the original aloe I planted and planted them in various places around the garden.


Thanks to Lisa

16 thoughts on “Birds Weekly:#34. Birds (beginning) with the letter “D” in their name.

  1. I just love your birds. We should have a bird exchange program like the exchange students have. I’ll take in a Spotted Thick Knee and you can have my Yellow-bellied Sapsucker! I think I told you about that one already…hmmm How about an Eastern Wood-Pewee? Or a Tufted Titmouse? I love bird names, and you never disappoint with the ones you come up with!

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    1. The Dikkop’s call is quite loud so if we are awake we definitely know when one turns up.
      This one I actually stalked, and as I walked around the side of the house to the back garden there she was, standing stock still. An opportunity not to be missed!


        1. Only the ring-necked dove, I’m afraid.
          I think the others have a pact and only visit when they get the signal that ”He’s not around, make it quick!”

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  2. You’re very lucky to get such a variety of wildlife in your backyard. Lovely photos, as always. I do still get regular Ark-Mail (have done for years now), even if I don’t show my face. Me and social media don’t get on much anymore. I am trying though. We did see a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers on our street a few weeks ago. Quite a rare sighting for these parts. Our most exotic birds are the (for me anyway, being a Brit) are the Turkey Buzzards and the Blue Cranes.


    1. Me and social media don’t get on much anymore
      S’okay. You are in my thoughts, visits or not.
      I miss Bill’s photo blog and pop over to look and read from time to time. Give him my best, please.

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      1. That’s lovely of you to say, D. I will indeed pass on your regards. I think we’ve both become a bit disenfranchised with social media over the years, plus we both need to keep stress to a minimum. Keeping it light as opposed to keeping it real is often the better option, I find.

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        1. Keeping it light as opposed to keeping it real is often the better option, I find.
          Good plan.

          Right, I’m off for some coffee and stretch my legs.
          Cyber hugs from across the miles. Catch you later.

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