Walking the Dog

Been raining cats and dogs on and off for days. Localised flooding all over the place. Not good!  It was throwing it down yesterday morning so Cindy and I stopped at home and sulked.

This morning, however, despite the foggy valley, there was merely a misty dampness and this was not going to stop us. Also, the way Cindy was bouncing all around the kitchen at  7:00am suggested she was not going to take  no for an answer.

So, off we went ….

‘Get a move on, Senor Ark. Do I have to drag you all the way?”

Open space adjacent our local garden centre. 

A  residential (proper) Post Box for proper post. This appeared a couple of years ago when the new owners moved in. Mere decoration or perhaps they are famous and need  a post box this size for all the fan mail? But does anyone really send mail these days? Or … maybe it is a time machine disguised as a mailbox? Dr. Who’s cousin?

Nice display of topiary – Judith Street. I admire anyone who has the patience and dedication to do this.

Frederick Street.  An example in the style of Cape Dutch architecture. This property was on the market last year and our friend Mrs R was considering it but  it was a bit too pricey. I don’t recall if it was eventually sold or if the owners took it off the market? 

Frederick, like Ridge Road,  is not a continuous street and is split into three sections. It was the way the suburb was ”carved up” when it was first laid out. Probably had something to do with the size of the stands or  horses and wagons. This section is gated. It is quiet and part of our regular ”walkies” route.

As our local council seem to be rather slap dash maintaining grass verges these days some of the residents in Gerard Street got together with a few of the security guards and decided to put some of the municipal verges to more productive use. Here we have a fine display of  veggies coming along very nicely! And someone has hung a few seed baskets for the birds on the sapling in the centre of the shot! 

Several guards and residents on Ridge Road have embarked on a similar enterprising venture and a couple of weeks ago I traded a chili bush, a small lemon tree sapling, and a granadilla plant for a peach tree sapling from one of the guards, Petrus. He  was happy with this 3 for 1 exchange, and I noticed the other day the chili bush I traded was beginning to produce fruit. I had to warn him the chili’s are very hot! 

Judith Street.

Looking North along Kloof Road.

Going downhill on Grace. Would have been ideal – albeit scary as Hades – during my much younger skateboarding days!

Grace Road

Frederick Street

Above: Frederick Street. The lower section of Frederick which is not gated.  This part is a main thoroughfare and leads out of  the suburb.

Judith Street. Nearly home, Cindy …


10 thoughts on “Walking the Dog

    1. Not yet. In a week of two when they have fully acclimatised. And there is no way I can walk all three on my own, and to get the others out of bed …. well that is a story in itself!

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Just from the pics, it would seem you take a rather long route on your walks. True?

    I used to walk my mini-Schnauzer every day, but she’s now crippled from a spinal injury that happened about 5 years ago (long story). She can get around but she’s definitely crippled and tires very quickly even on short jaunts.

    P.S. You could always take each dog for a separate walk on your own! 😈


    1. It’s a nice old suburb. Some of the paths are a bit wonky but there are oodles and oodles of trees which makes up for any shortcomings in the ‘sidewalk’ department.

      Re: the post-box:. I never thought of it in a pretentious way, but rather a sort retrospective Andy Warhol type of artwork thingy.

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  2. Hello Ark. I love homes / buildings with style and differences. The homes in your area are grand, I love that rock wall. Here in the area I live for the last few decades the homes are built like boxes with unadorned windows. Just square boxes, no trims or flourishes. It is horribly mundane. Hugs

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow it’s so sweet you Cindy 😍😍😍
    This street it’s a very good walking for your dog 😉 I’ve got a dog too and he’s very happy when I go out with him. I’m from Italy. Have Love and Peace 🌹🌻🌼🌺🌸

    Liked by 1 person

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