Saturday Morning

Chickens in the Mist.

Right, off we go, Cindy …. lead the way. 

Hadeda Ibis. Cindy and I are not the only ones out for an early morning stroll.

‘Walkies’ – Ridge Rd. 7:10

Frederick St.

Very ‘Ingrish’ summer weather at the moment here in Johannesburg – misty, damp and invariably widdling down with rain every ten minutes! 

 Sorry. I mustn’t malign the ‘Old Country’ like this. After all…. it isn’t even cricket season at the moment. 🙂

Time for breakfast …


25 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. You’re right, it isn’t even cricket season but the mizzle and rain are relentless this winter (and the autumn past). We are hoping for a better Spring! Lovely to see a bit more of your neighbourhood especially those also on your walk today. 🙂


    1. We are blessed with lots of trees, which probably accounts for much of the varied and abundant bird life around here.
      The ‘Agas’ are still in bloom, but they will all have lost their flowers within a week or two I suspect.

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  2. Hello Ark. That is quite a hole in the road in that one picture. Ruin the aliment of your front end ( of your car of course ) if you hit it at any speed. Is there a problem with roads being maintained in your area? Best wishes, be well. Hugs


    1. I’m guessing you mean the third shot with the Hadeda?
      This is called Ridge Road and is a small stretch that encompasses a gated community – there are several gated-off areas in our suburb. How these no through traffic streets came about is a story in itself.
      Anyway, that hole – which has been filled in but not tarmacked – has been in this condition for at least a year now.
      As a mini-gated community I’m not sure who is responsible for its repair, the council or the residents.

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      1. Hello Ark, yes I did . I wondered why it was gated off, and then opened for the garbage pickup truck. Is it a case where the wealthy snobs own the homes and managed to get the streets closed to normal through traffic from the unwashed masses? Hugs


        1. When SA embraced democracy and the group areas act fell way completely it also opened the flood gates for a large criminal element. Crime escalated at an unprecedented rate and the number of car -jackings went through the roof, with a high proportion of people being shot This prompted many communities to band together and pressure local councils to close off many of the quieter streets to through traffic.
          Yes, there were complaints, suggesting this was a ”rich white” against ”poor black” thing, but if you’ve ever had a gun pointed at your face then I doubt you care what people think about supposed political correctness.

          All gated areas still allow pedestrian traffic.

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          1. Hello Ark. I can understand the crime aspect and the need to mitigate it. Your last sentence is the key that is missed here in US when that is done. Has the crime element gotten taken care of, is crime less now? No one should live in fear of becoming a victim of violence or theft. Hugs


          2. Car-Jacking has certainly decreased, and Covid has curtailed crime in general I have no doubt. As for detailed stats, I have no idea. I do not follow such news.
            I generally try to keep my wits about me when out and about -most people are like this in my estimate – be they from New York or Johannesburg – but I do not move around as if I am going to be jumped on every two minutes!

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        1. It’s a battle of wits.
          Although sometimes it seems like a battle between ‘wits’ and one large ‘t’wit.’
          Outsmarted by chickens
          Now there’s something to have on one’s gravestone!

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  3. Your overcast Saturday morning is pretty much what we’ve been enduring for the last several weeks! The sun has taken cover (literally) and all we see are grey skies. Yes, it’s our winter so it’s not unusual, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it!

    It’s really nice to be able to “share” your surroundings with you. BTW, when will the pups be ready for their morning jaunts?

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    1. They are still assimilating. Both dogs had tummy troubles for the first few days and we were a bit nervous giving them complete free reign of the property – there is always a risk they may find an escape route, as our property is not 100% sealed, even if it would take a Kamikaze leap to get to the lower half.

      With the rest of the family, particularly the cats it is still a work in progress.
      They’re all but sorted with Cindy, and Benji will make friends with anyone and stood his ground from day one. The fact he refused to run seemed to confuse them!
      Some of the others are still jittery so we are taking it one day at a time.

      So probably a few more weeks yet and then we will venture out into the big wide world of Observatory!

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      1. Do you know their background/history? Like why were they in the rescue facility? Had they been abused at all?

        There’s little doubt they will come to LOVE their new home, along with the cats and chickens and fish and spiders and bees and … and … (plus the guy that runs around with a camera every so often).


        1. Sorry, I was called for dinner.
          All we were told was they were handed in at the Uhmgeni SPCA and that was it.
          The lady who gave us the dogs did not seem very enthusiastic about their former owners but she didn’t seem to want to speculate either.
          My wife seems to think they were kept outside, but we can’t know for sure about this either.
          There is an inoculation booklet that was handed in with the dogs. It had been filled in by a local vet giving date of birth etc, but as for other details we have no clue.
          They are not aggressive in the least. The younger one, Ella, is about 2 years and she is quite timid at times and does not like harsh/firm language at all ! .
          The animal behaviourist lady we took the dogs to see told us that dogs live in the now and we mustn’t worry about what went on before.
          Sounds like good advice to me!

          I’m back in my office. I left the dogs asleep, curled up at the feet of my wife at the dinner table.

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          1. Methinks many humans would do much better in life if they followed that animal behaviorist lady’s advice for themselves.

            Thanks for the fill-in.

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