Yemen. And the War Rages On …

I must admit, in light of the above, I tend to shake my head when I read people go on about how the US for example is a shambles of democracy and how the current election was fraud and ”stolen”, especially when  those bemoaning the situation are Christian. 

Ah … you gotta love religion, right?

”Oh, what a lovely War!” 


10 thoughts on “Yemen. And the War Rages On …

  1. Hello Ark, it is both a national shame and a war crime that the US Republicans sold weapons to the countries involved in this war simply to make money on the arm sales. Also they had to violate the US laws and procedures to do so. Yet is seems there is no shame or concern for humanity left in them, only the pursuit of profit. You mention Christian’s, but how can anyone look at the destruction and toll of life this war has caused and call themselves human if they have done nothing to stop it. Hugs

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  2. Not just the US. Canada has a major deal with the Saudis. Local opposition has to compete with the high paying jobs and economic stimulus this contract has produced so, with the benefits easily seen locally but the costs in lives and misery paid far away, it’s a tough sell.

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    1. They’ll completely flatten the place, destroy all infrastructure and then all be at the gate for the ”rebuild”.

      My money’s on McDonalds and Kentucky being two of the first investors!
      Any takers?

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    1. It complements the war on poverty, the war on illiteracy, the war on drugs and the war on terrorism, the war on sex trafficking and the war on crime.


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