What’s a Woman to Do?

This you have to read. From Linda over at Mainepaperpusher, if this hilarious piece doesn’t make you laugh out loud your are probably dead already.

Everyone Else Has the Best Titles

Many years ago I suddenly found myself suffering from a bad case of vertigo. It was horrible. I couldn’t move my head at all without getting ‘the swirlies.’ The swirlies felt like being drunk without the fun of drinking. Dizzy head-spinning frustration consumed my life for weeks. Unfortunately, this meant I couldn’t drive or work. It sometimes meant I couldn’t walk into the next room without help. The ‘swirlies’ made my life a living hell. Trying to find a cure wasn’t easy, either.

There are a whole lot of remedies for vertigo. I tried them all. There were a slew of home remedies. No relief. The docs gave me pills. They didn’t work. They suggested something called the Epley maneuver. This consists of lying down and turning your head. You turn your head 45 degrees and then get up and down. Lie still and then turn your head 90 degrees…

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11 thoughts on “What’s a Woman to Do?

  1. Well if you hadn’t reblogged this I wouldn’t know about the Epley Manoeuvre or vibrators for ears. Vertigo is horrible. I once had it come on while I was lying down which was the pits. I have tinnitus too. Am wondering if the vibrator application might work for that. Anyway big thanks, and a good laugh from Maine.

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    1. Linda has since suggested to moi that an electric toothbrush may also do the trick.
      Worth a try.
      Might save some potentially awkward shopping trips!

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        1. Thank Linda. I am just an innocent bystander.
          If you require any more details, best you ladies talk among yourselves.

          I stopped using my electric toothbrush as it felt as if it was going to rattle my fillings out.

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  2. I’ve spent almost half this month struggling with vertigo. I’ve had it for years. Started out severe. I called it Picasso vision. A neurologist diagnosed it as painless migraines. I have no idea if that is accurate. Before the severe episodes would be acute, lasting a few days and then resolving. A physiotherapist taught me the Epley manouver. Appeared to help sometimes. Have never heard about using a vibrator.

    Now, as for the long handled vibrator Ark (read your comment) the first thing I thought of was, if I took our long handled vibrator to the side of my head I’d scramble what little brain content I have left and that would be the last of it for my marbles. 😯 So, if you don’t use the electric toothbrush (I have one so will try it) I’d recommend you put a towel over your head to provide a little protection against the side of your noggin and the massager. 😀


    1. There we go! Excellent suggestion.
      On the other hand, if that doesn’t work and as Linda has four vibrators, I wonder if she could spare one?

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