Walking the Dog

Eyeing the oncoming joggers.

Friday means the Dustbin Men.

Grace Road

Down shady Mons Road

Delivering the newspaper – stopping  for a read.


One of the Ridge Road guards, Hamilton, sorts out an ”escapee” before Cindy and I pass by. 


On the home stretch ….




22 thoughts on “Walking the Dog

  1. I wouldn’t mind walking my dog in those surroundings! Very pretty! And it’s nice to see (even if we can’t ‘feel’) summertime warmth as we experience low temps and rain … and a tiny bit of snow. (Of course, nothing like Jeff is getting in Chicago!)

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    1. Wow! I just did the Googly thing and looked at a few pictures of Jeff’s spot..
      Now that is some serious weather.
      No thank you very much!

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    1. It is a pretty suburb, and although Obs. has some serious hills – used often for hill training sessions when I was running marathons – it can be reasonably comfortable depending on the route we take.
      There are a few gated streets which limit the amount of motorised through traffic, so wandering along the road is fairly safe at most times of the day.
      However, there are a fair number of dogs here so one has to have one’s Doggy Radar turned up full in case some nitwit leaves their gate open – and it does happen on occasion.

      Cindy knows most of our regular routes almost by heart these days and she generally leads me.
      Can you believe that it’s four years since she arrived on our property, dehydrated, cut, bruised and scared out her wits!

      It’s throwing it down this morning, so much to Cindy’s disappointment I skipped our walk. Unlike my mother, who even now, at the tender age of 82, will cheerfully venture out in a perishing blizzard with her dog, whereas I, on the other hand, am not one for Anoraks, Brollies and Wellies!

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      1. I’m off now with old Bela. I walk her off the leash, but I have it close and ready to go on because of idiots who walk their little shitty yappy dogs without a leash.

        Remember a few years ago when our dogs damn nearly murdered a little shit who attacked them? They were all on leashes and this thing charged right into them. Nothing we could do, it all happened so fast. Ghastly experience.

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        1. I recall.
          A similar thing happened to Bella , Bobbi and little Kishka. Gate left open, dog bolted right across the road.
          It traumatised my son so much that he hasn’t walked a dog since.


  2. Hmm, the way I see this misleading trick photography:

    1) athletic dog walking Arkesatan and getting impatient with human’s snail-pace.

    2) human being walked is a stalker of joggers, black-tights in front, and Dust Bin Men.

    3) everyone in this opulent neighborhood has been imprisoned behind 14-foot walls.

    4) the canine is still bored with human’s declining pace… watching snails and Galapagos turtles pass them by. Dog whispers “why won’t this decrepit Liverwurst football fan just die already so I can get home to have tea & dinner!”

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          1. Ah, you know what they say, Andrew? . Where’s there’s life etc.
            I sometimes wake up and think. Oh, good. I’m not dead yet … now let’s see what the day holds!

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    1. I think #4 is probably as close to the mark as any.
      Once we hit Eckstein Street Cindy always seems to want to get a bit of a move on so’s to get back for breakfast!

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    1. Was fun. My kids gave me an old cellphone for Christmas. I have never bothered with one for years. In fact I was somewhat resistant as it just meant more things to ”worry” about.
      However, as they had a major upgrade on their contract, and have been nagging me for donkeys, I relented and accepted gracefully. So I got the hand-me-down. Made me quite nostalgic.

      Catherine and her mum were over and the kid and I went spider hunting in the shed.
      ”The phone has a torch doesn’t it?” says I
      ”Of course! All phones have a torch, silly” says she.
      ”Right. Of course they do. In that case, Catherine …. would you mind?”
      (And now I know too)
      The joy of small (clued up) kids. And the great thing – I get to hand them back after an hour or two!


      Anyhoo, I can now take pictures without fear of being accosted for my camera.
      I’m sure there will be more ”Street” to follow in the future.

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