Football – for Prof T.

One more of the rather delightful Kevin Bridges. Just up your street, Mister D. Enjoy!

ps. Please note, Google translate will not help you here!


3 thoughts on “Football – for Prof T.

  1. Grrrrrrr, 🤦‍♂️ you were right Ark. Even after listening THREE damn times and trying to utilize the (useless) translator, I understood barely 5% of what Mr. Bridges was choking on while his tongue had so much thick peanut butter stuck to it! 🙄 WTF!!!

    However, I DID understand this part:

    Tha ball-coise na h-Alba dìreach a ’leum taisbeanadh marcachd.

    Translation for normal people? — “Scottish football is just Equestrian show jumping.” And even that was a struggle! LOL

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      1. Bwahaha!!! 😆 Ron, I believe you are right! So that MUST mean that all great singing is essentially and originally American English! 🇺🇸😁 No wonder it is luv’d world why’d! 😉


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