34 thoughts on “For all my Christian Visitors.

  1. Dearest (((Ark))) to rephrase a Biblical expression, you are truly the chief of all “smuggers.” 🙂


    1. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that as much as people laugh at this comedy sketch or for those that get highly offended, this is (more or less) what they truly think about the Virgin Birth story.

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  2. Ark, I’ve never visited S. Africa, so I don’t know what the church is like there.

    But, I can honestly tell you that even in conservative circles, I’ve never met that person who views the virgin birth of Christ as like God literally and physically having intercourse with Mary, something analogous to one of the ancient Greek or Roman gods desiring mortal women, and then producing a demi-god

    Joseph certainly in the beginning “resolved to put Mary away privately..” He wasn’t like, “I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy,” and so let me just incredulously accept anything she says.

    Actually, I know the comedian was wanting to be humorous in this, and who knows why or where he’s at. Probably he makes good money. Personally, I wasn’t super offended.

    What I do think is there are plenty of ways and reasons folks can find to hold Him at bay. The use of mockery and caricature can be part of all that.


      1. To hold someone even God at bay means to find ways to avoid or to keep away from them. Sometimes things like mockery, caricature, erecting straw-men , etc. can be a kind of defense mechanism. Ark, many people have had disappointing and painful experiences in their faith and within the church. It’s understandable that a person would not want to go back to that, and how even on an unconscious level it might strongly impact their thinking. And, perhaps for many atheism can be like a new beginning, a way of freeing the mind. But, I sincerely question if a life-long avoidance of all spirituality and consideration of any form of Christian faith is truly the best path toward healing either. Of course, Ark, it is not our choice to make. We all have to chose and to walk out our own path.


        1. Ho-hum — many people have had disappointing and painful experiences in their faith and within the church

          And why do you think that is? If Christianity is all that it’s cracked up to be (according to those who “believe”), why would such experiences manifest? Remember … it’s supposed to be all about L.O.V.E.

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          1. sigh Apparently I hit the wrong keys in trying to close italics. Should have stopped after Becky’s quote.


          2. I think Nan it can be easier to judge others than to love them, ourselves included. Many people truly do not love and care for themselves. How then can they love God or anyone else, Nan?

            You know, it’s just easier for humans to focus on the externals they can attempt to control, things like tattoos, dress length, dancing, jewelry, etc. It’s easier to focus on what those other folks are about rather than to be truly transparent and introspective about our own hearts and lives. There are many other things I could share. But, where we’re different, at least, I think so, is that I think these things represent a failure of Christian faith, not what authentic faith should look like. I’m able to separate that out.

            I have to say that although all of us to one degree or another fall short, I’ve also known many, many wonderful people in the churches who do take the teaching of Jesus to love one another as well as our neighbors quite seriously as well.

            They are making a positive difference all over the world.


          3. Oh yes … I agree there are many, many believers who do justice to their faith. But what is so disturbing is the ones who seem unable to focus on the actual teachings of their savior and instead, lambast non-believers with threats and condemnation. Having said that, I do recognize that this attitude comes from certain segments rather than overall.

            But in essence, it still goes back to WHY do people need a “god” to function in this life?

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          4. None of us need a “god” to function in life. Every single one of us already had more than enough to become wonderful, helpful, loving, caring human beings—unless of course we have an acute genetic mental-illness requiring lifetime treatment… or a family/parents like Casey Anthony, James & Sandra Davis, Magdalena Luczak, Mansa Musa Muhummed, or Fred & Rosemary West just to name seven. 😬

            On that note, it is not “god” we need to fear. HAH!!! It’s ourselves and others are far more REAL, tangible people, places, and things we SHOULD be concerned about. 😉


          5. Nan, I think there are many reasons why people are drawn to Christian faith.

            For me, it’s not so much that I think my life would be meaningless or without purpose if I wasn’t a Christian. I don’t think I need God in some pitiful, servile kind of way.

            It’s just that I want to know HIm. I want to know truth and be part of the work of the Kingdom. I feel like my faith amplifies many of the good things in my life such as compassion and empathy. It’ been enriching and good for me to connect with spirituality and with a community of faith. Of course, not all my experiences have been positive either, but for me, the positive far outweighs the negative for sure.

            I understand that not everyone has had the same experience and opinion. As I”ve said, we all need to choose our own path.


          6. I want to know truth

            No, you don’t. This is a blatant, bald-faced lie and I truly do not care how indoctrinated you are.

            Oh, and there are a couple of
            comments that I am still waiting on a reply.
            I really must insist.
            I would hate to have to suggest that you are purposely avoiding answering as this might look as though your reason for visiting was to proselytize rather than learn.


    1. I don’t think it would have matter to Yahweh.
      DST -Divine Sperm Transference probably didn’t need The Act to be physically consummated.

      In fact , instead of : ”Oh, Jesus, I’m coming.” it was probably: ”Oh, Jesus, you’re here?”

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      1. Yahweh is not known for Paddling in his Wellies!
        He prefers Au Natural or nothing at all.
        And, according to the bible, it’ll be the same story during the Second Coming.

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        1. I can just imagine the conversation “God” had with the “Virgin Mary” on the night of His intimate visit to her. “Hey, um…uh…miss? Um…if you don’t mind…um…I’m gonna make sweet love to you and…um….well.. I’m gonna impregnate you with….well….um…myself, and then…um….well..see…yer gonna then give birth to…well…um….well…ME, and…well…then I’m gonna die, but not really, so all people can be…well…um…be forgiven by me….cause they…well…anyway…you know…Adam and Eve. etc, etc, etc. OK? Ready?! OK….um…well..here we go!!! Oh, and bye the bye, just tell yer hubby it was just ME impregnating you with myself and he’ll be cool with all this. OK?!”

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  3. I don’t fully know, Ark, where you are at. I’ve never met anyone quite like you. And, I’ve been trying to understand your passion. But, I think we’re just very limited in sharing across the internet. The conversations can only go so far. We can’t deeply know another person’s heart and mind. I think I will never forget some of these discussions, though. That’s for sure. 🙂


    1. I’ve never met anyone quite like you.

      I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank you.

      As you seem more familiar with the Christian-style background of people like Ben and Zoe and Nan, and the thousands of others, including former professional clergy, do you, therefore, consider that, even though they were as devout and in part as fundamental as it gets (from my perspective), and de-converted because of the total lack of evidence are somehow holding Yahweh at bay?

      And, I’ve been trying to understand your passion.

      Feel free to ask me anything you wish. I will be honest and truthful, on this you have my word.
      I have no reason to lie or spin you a yarn.

      I, in turn have been trying to understand your refusal to acknowledge that, other than indoctrination, there are no grounds for your belief.

      While it is always interesting to venture into the murky waters where you and other believers paddle, I remain sincerely baffled as to what are your prime objectives for continually showing up on sites such as this, and presumably others that are similar?
      Of course you are more than welcome and I mean that sincerely.
      You are the one likely to be ”roasted” so it would be enlightening as to what you hope to gain by interacting?

      A reply such as ”I am trying to understand atheism” is not really an answer and for similar reasons neither is ”Trying to understand why people leave their religion.”

      The reason I ask is that the majority on those that visit here are ex-believers who, in the main have nothing but contempt for religion. Simply because of the abuse some suffered as a result of the disgusting doctrine you adhere to.
      In fact, on occasion I feel it necessary to put a Trigger Warning notice in the title as I am aware how disturbing this nonsense can be for a few of my readers.

      So please, come on Becky, what gives? What’s the skinny?

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      1. And, I’ve been trying to understand your passion.

        Me too, just what is it about the ‘Pool that attracts you?

        I remain sincerely baffled as to what are your prime objectives for continually showing up on sites such as this,

        Dabbling with the ‘dark side’ is such a turn on don’tcha know.

        You are the one likely to be ”roasted”

        Please don’t let the Prof read this!

        Feel free to ask me anything you wish. I will be honest and truthful,

        So what ‘reading material’ do you keep in your garden shed?

        Sorry Mr A, lockdown is quite tedious.

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        1. Me too, just what is it about the ‘Pool that attracts you?

          After yesterday, all that’s keeping me hanging on is the hope that Mo Salah grows his hair long again.

          So what ‘reading material’ do you keep in your garden shed?

          Showing your age a bit there Mr. B.
          Sorry, old chap, no dog- eared copies of Penthouse or Playboy, I’m afraid. Not even for nostalgia purposes.
          The last reading material I had in my shed was my laptop and I was reading about curing and storing taters!
          Ah, the romance!

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          1. My old man used to put them in hessian sacks kept in the brick shed (council house, all luxuries) dark, dry and cold they last months. Then when he chitted them we had trays full under the beds. They were the best tasting new spuds ever, luckily we had a cow so plenty of muck to dig in the garden to grow them.


      2. Ark, I want to answer this before I go. There are many reasons why I share. First I’m genuinely sadden. I even feel broken hearted at times that people have been harmed or so let down by their previous faith or experience in the church. So I want to engage and present other Christian perspectives. It not so much that I think e eryone has to completely agree. I don’t. But, I’m looking at things like healing and reconciliation. Also, Ark I’m genuinely open to learn from different ideas or to see where I could be in part wrong or misunderstanding as well. I enjoy dialogue and hearing different perspectives. I also learn and grow from that. But, I realize I can’t control another person. I definitely think we should be about caring for each other rather than in simply trying to win an argument by any means necessary. And, I know there’s a time to withdraw from conversation too. As I’ve shared, we all need to decide our own path.


        1. Ark, I want to answer this before I go.

          You keep writing this and yet you still haven’t gone!
          And for the record nobody is asking you to leave.

          Also, Ark I’m genuinely open to learn from different ideas or to see where I could be in part wrong or misunderstanding as well.

          Based on past evidence I consider this a blatant lie.
          However, we can test this too.

          If you can present a single argument, just one – that demonstrates the veracity of your faith then you might at least gain some respect.
          Remember, almost every visitor here is a former Christian and they all left because there is no evidence to verify the claims Christianity makes, and some of the claims and directives are not only bloody stupid they are also vile, base, dehumanizing, immoral and unethical. And I am merely scratching the surface here.

          Your religion has been responsible for more global harm than can possibly be fully accounted for.

          When it comes to dialoguing with religious people such as you, I am not nice.
          I consider you have ulterior motives for being here and are ultimately underhand.

          When you can at least have the courtesy to answer every question I have put to you maybe I will soften my stance.

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  4. Fun fact: a song about this “incident” was the first single released by The Jezebel Hebrew Experience

    “Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that son in your hands?”

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  5. WOAH! That is one of the harshest Scottish (Gaelic) Bruach Chluaidh accents I have EVER heard! Geeeezzzz. 😲 I could barely make out the words “Jooooh-seff” and the sketchy, unfaithful “Mah-Ree” playin’ round with the horny phallic gods again! 😈

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