Bird Weekly: Birds Starting With C

I’m annoyed with myself for forgetting this week’s challenge. Anyway, tardy I may be, here’s a few C- Birds. No beach, no waves, just C

Cape Robin Chat.

Pied Crow.

Crowned Plover

Cardinal Woodpecker – Female.

Crested Barbet

Cape Wagtails.

Cape Sparrow – Male.

Reed Cormorant spying out the koi in the pond.

Streaky- headed Canary

Cape White Eye. 2nd shot. Parent feeding chick.

I realise I probably cheated a little with all the ‘Cape’ birds, but I’m sure I’ll be forgiven.

All except the Crowned Plover were photographed in the garden.

While stuck in traffic in a long tailback, the Plover was spotted pecking in the dirt. Just as the lights turned green it decided to make a death defying dash across four lanes of traffic. I held the camera and held my breath. As you can see, the little bird made it! 

Thanks once again to Lisa for the challenge.


15 thoughts on “Bird Weekly: Birds Starting With C

  1. Beautiful, Ark. I hope to join a nature club this Spring that involves bird watching. I have to get the right kind of binoculars, though.

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  2. Do you lose many koi to predators? We’ve lost a couple over the years. Raccoons and skunks tend to try their hand at fishing at my place. This past summer, a black bear made an appearance. It tore all my bird feeders down and broke limbs off of one of my large apple trees. It was when I found all of my cattails crushed and chewed in my koi pond that I realized it had waded in. Apparently it wanted more than just bird seed or apples.


    1. The Reed Cormorant cleaned us out of babies one summer – because of course the bird can swim and dive!
      We get visits from time to time from Herons, and we’ve lost two large Goldfish, to the bird, but no Koi.
      We don’t get bears in Johannesburg! Burglars yes, but no bears!
      We did have a visit from a Genet once.

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      1. I’ve been at my place for 20 years now. I’ve seen a bear or two in the area, but have never had one visit before this year. I did add a lot of bird feeders to the property this past summer so I may have brought in on myself. I’ll definitely have to be a bit more cautious in the future.


  3. These are quite awesome! I did the round up this morning but I will edit and add your link and one of your fabulous photos! 🙂 This week is “Butts in the Air”. LOL!


    1. Thanks. Not a problem if you’re busy.
      This week’s challenge is a toughie. I do have one shot somewhere. I’ve already scoured a few old files but nothing yet. We’ll see …

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      1. Wasn’t a problem at all. I’m glad to do it. I thought we were going to miss you for the “C” challenge. I hope you can find something for this week too. I enjoy having you and seeing your lovely birds! 🙂


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