33 thoughts on “A weighty matter.

        1. WordPress probably just chucked in an extra ‘e’ for gratis free, and for nothing. Nice of them. You may need it later on today. Consider it a bonus!


    1. Certainly not. However, I am considering Captain Ahab. Simply to encourage interesting comments! Such as ”Why?”


    1. Gobsmacked, Mister z?
      BTW My missus asked me this morning how you are recovering?
      Sheesh … even wimmin you’ve never met are concerned about you!

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      1. It’s a curse ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Doing good, but the (infected) leg still isn’t 100%. No bother, just still tight, and the hole is still trying to close. Treating the ANCA (the original problem) and that’s working a charm.

        You can tell her I’m grumpy at my dogs, though… They ate a second pair of my glasses, and yesterday I got new prescriptions filled and it cost me nearly R$3,500!

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          1. Super duper lenses, Japanese x 2 = $$

            Is laser possible? I have fake lenses (or whatever they’re called) in for cataracts.


          2. Dunno. The wife’s cousin had laser done many yeas ago to correct short sightedness. He’s a fireman and the government wanted as many firemen that needed it to have it done,
            If I recall it was still a fairly new technique back then but he’s never worn glasses since.
            I enquired. I have astigmatism and was told by my specialist that it wasn’t so successful on this type of eye problem.
            Maybe it’s different these days?

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  1. Ark, that mohel I told you about — Solly Silverstein: that potato looks like his handiwork.

    You, too, could look as good as that. It’s still not too late, now!๐Ÿ˜ณ

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    1. I am surprised at some of the potatoes that are seeing the light of day.
      I have another 2 beds to harvest but I companion overplanted with squash – not supposed to apparently – and I’m waiting for them to ripen.
      Two other beds have already been re sown with potato chits and I may get a second crop before it gets really cold.
      If I can grow just one veg to be self sufficient in I’ll be happy, and you can’t go wrong with taters!


    1. They’re all pervs! I saw nothing but chips when I initially posted and then the tater peel hit the fryer!
      They deserve to be de-platformed!

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