Lazy Saturday. It fluttered by.

The annual Caper White emigration/migration is under way and once again the garden is at times a fluttering haze of delicate powdery wings as millions upon millions ofย  these butterflies make their way North then East from the Karoo in the Cape.

And there are the occasional passengers along for the ride.

Female Belenois creona severina, African Caper White.

This wet season colour variation is normally only seen in more Easterly climes of SA. That it showed up here may be indicative of the few days of heavy rains we’ve had?

Anyway, first time I have seen and photographed one. It shall be added to the collection!

Common Orange Tip. Colotis evenia evenia. Male.


Number 7 takes stroll in the summer heat – brave lad!

”Blow that for a bunch of soldiers. Call me when the sun goes down.”

Garden Commodore. Wet form.

African Migrant. Catopsilia florella

Shield Bug. Have not identified species so far.

Large Scarab Beetle. Hypselogenia geotrupina

A few veggies from the garden for dinner.

All home grown!



21 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday. It fluttered by.

      1. Will have to bide my time ’till spring. Nice to see so much in your patch it brightens up the day. Also better than the comments on a previous post which are not only past the point of tedium but are getting somewhat insulting. Get the Prof out of hibernation to give his tuppance worth, that’ll larn ’em.

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  1. Magnificent. Your garden is a piece of paradise. (We’re thinking of buying a house South of Mexico city. Too cold here in the winter). With a proper garden. Garden here is too small and not private.
    #7? You’re doomed, Man. You know cats take over the house from #7 on, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I know only too well. Also , we are (fingers crossed) in line to be the adopted ”parents” to two new, somewhat larger more boisterous four legged additions.
      All will be revealed in due course ….:)

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  2. Dealing with the same health crisis you have, although I think you have that lovely ‘improved’ strain. What a mess, ‘eh? At least we are about to have a change in DC so that might help with it…and almost everything else, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course, is there anything else to occupy our thoughts it seems?
      There are whispers our President may move us to Lockdown Stage 4, but nothing has transpired to date. I hope it doesn’t, as we are going to be waiting long time for a vaccine when it is released, I understand.

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  3. Love all the butterflies and it’s good to see the Agapanthus in the first picture. It seems to be as hot for you as it is cold for us – lovely to see the warmth emanating from these pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ah that is a beautiful garden this year. Love the cosmos, makes me want to plant things. er. Maybe after the snow melts.
    And the butterflies are magnificent. I miss our Monarchs, but they’re slowly returning.

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