More Dragons!


It’s quite amazing how close these beauties will allow me to approach before they take flight. Even then, they will usually flit close by only to alight on the same spot.

While these images are cropped, I was no more than a ruler’s length away and on several shots even the click of the camera was not enough to disturb.


12 thoughts on “More Dragons!

      1. Much of a muchness, I guess. There’s still no federal [read: Bolsonaro] plan here for vaccine distribution, which means we can’t travel, and no one from Oz can come.

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        1. Seems a similar scenario over here.
          It’s definitely biting into the economy, that’s no maybe. We prepared an order this morning for a young woman who has just lost her job as a physiotherapist at the Jhb Gen.
          Funds for other areas outside Covid treatment are thin on the ground apparently.
          And if our government is like so many others I’ll bet a fair amount of these specifically earmarked funds have disappeared into the ether …. or pockets.

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          1. Here, too. Not so much in Sao Paulo state (our state), but the further you get away from here the more the $$$’s vanish, until you get to states like Para where it’s like “Money? What money? Did you wire us money? Perhaps you should wire some more…”

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  1. It is quite fascinating how dragonflies and damselflies have that behavior. Taking off, only to return to the exact spot they were to begin with. It does help when trying to get the perfect shot. You know right where to aim.


  2. Nice one Mr Ark. Some species are more accommodating and will tolerate us idiots. Some even seem to laugh at our efforts. Others wont let you within a country mile!
    I know you don’t follow the news but you ought to see what the Mericuns are up to, make Millwall fans look like lightweights!


      1. This is how democracy is in the US! All egged on by the ginger one who can’t seem to get it through his thick skull he lost an election.
        We have moaners here in the UK but that’s all that happens save for the odd stamping of feet and dummy spitting out.
        Over here we are now in a third national lockdown for 7 weeks but the vaccines are get rolled out so there is a little light glimmering.

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