14 thoughts on “Leading you up the garden path

    1. Thank you , Brian. The weather was baking hot today – pushing 31c – and the garden was a-buzzing!
      I also saw a Banded Blue Swallowtail but I had put the camera on the table in the shed while I was picking some carrots for lunch and it had disappeared by the time I’d fetched it.

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  1. maybe this will work.
    these are stunners, Ark. Most impressive. Right now all we have is mounds of snow, sweeeeping across the landscape, and the footprints of mice, all heading directly for the house. Gonna be a long winter.
    This is the time of year when we really need to see these colors, they’re positively blinding right now.

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    1. Coming through clear as bell, Judy
      Your Gravitar is a generic image though, and not the usual one. It looks as if you haven’t logged in.
      But I think we may have discussed this aspect before?


    1. Morning, Miss Tish. It is Hotazel today and the humidity feels like we could be in Durban! Hopefully it will cool off in an hour or so.
      More than happy for you and Mr. G to drop by.
      Lunch on the patio overlooking the pond, dragon flies and bees hard at work, open sandwiches on homemade bread, and a couple of mince pies. All washed down with iced tea and maybe even a very cold beer or a G&T or two!
      How’s that sound?

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      1. Double G & T for G & T in your garden sounds absolutely delightful. I have just spent several hours removing dust and wood lice carcasses from my office bookshelves: grim, grim, grim. And it’s still raining.

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        1. Dust and wood lice carcasses?
          Sounds like those bookshelves haven’t been visited for a while!

          Throwing it down over here this morning and thunder and lightening much of the night.
          But I’m sure it’ll perk up before xmas day and there’ll be plenty of ‘nosh’ on the 25th if you’re in the vicinity? ( Now that would be something to look forward to!)


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