Pastor David Robertson. A true Christian!

  1. 1. As abortion has been as much part of humankind as procreation and has continued unabated whether legal or illegal what possible gains do you, and all anti-abortionists, envisage by continually pushing to make the procedure illegal once again?
    (Presuming this is the eventual aim of your attacks on those in favour of pro- choice?).

    2. As legislation against abortion has generally proved futile in curtailing it, would you not consider alternative initiatives that strive for a win-win situation to be a much better alternative?

  2. As slavery has been around since human history began and has continued unabated whether legal or illegal, why not just make it legal? If you don’t support slavery don’t have one…that’s your logic…



Ah … David Robertson, the epitome of the milk of human kindness!

Got to love them Christians, right?


14 thoughts on “Pastor David Robertson. A true Christian!

    1. If it became illegal once more I doubt there would be enough prisons to hold ”offenders” – especially as many Christians regard abortion as murder.

      Nice to see you around, Mark. Hope you’re well?


  1. Flame Warrior Roster: Duelists

    In a perpetual personal feud, Duelists generally don’t menace anyone but each other, unless, of course, another Warrior foolishly gets between them. They may not even remember what started the fight, but not they cordially loathe one another and seize every to go at each other. When the other Warriors eventually weary of their endless kvetching the Duelists will be shouted down or Nanny will ban them. Even after getting the heave-ho from one forum, however, it is not unusual for them to seeking [sic] each other in other forums to renew their fight.


  2. Your argument invites a serious exploration of western jurisprudence. Why do we have laws? What purpose do they serve? Do they achieve their purpose? How often and how well? Are there alternative options available? (Note: I don’t pretend to have answers.)

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          1. Exactly!! This is why I’m such an “out” cannibal! I know in my heart it will, one day, become “un-banned”! (Also, baby republicans are DEEEELICIOUS!!!)


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