Oh, for gods sake!

God’s to-do list,

*edit as per wishes from Nan

  1. Make man. *If things don’t work out as planned remove one of his ribs and make a woman.
  2. Give them free will.
  3. Slaughter 99.9% of them for using it.
  4. Randomly favour one group.
  5. Never speak or write a single word.
  6. Legalize slavery and ban shrimp.
  7. Kill Myself for a weekend.
  8. Hide.

29 thoughts on “Oh, for gods sake!

  1. I like this ark. Certainly not because I agree- but I’m guessing i can draft a rather good opposite viewpoint.

    Be sure to then tell me why you would find it unsettling.


  2. 4. Randomly favour one group.

    Think of it in terms of football where you continue to root for your home team even if they suck year after year.

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    1. Man = humanity as a whole, irrespective of sex — i.e., mankind.

      Originally the sexes were distinguished by wer (male) and wif (female) but the former dropped out of usage and the second changed to mean married female. Now man means both the singular (adult male) and plural (all of mankind), while woman means female man.




        1. Aside from the fact that the word “man” is already neutral/incluisive — by definition –why is this type of language deemed preferable? And by whom?


      1. How “man” was later defined has nothing to do with my point.

        Unless I was mistaken, Ark was (tongue-in-cheek) referencing the “biblical” sequence of events, so I referenced the bible verse noted in my comment.

        However, since he was merely a human male attempting to do this from a god’s POV, I suppose all bets are off.

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        1. Okay. but the full verse in Genesis 5:2 (KJV) reads:

          “Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.”

          The Hebrew word adam literally means man, mankind, human being, and I assumed (perhaps incorrectly since he’s now changed it) that Ark was employing this definition rather than the male-centric singular one.



          1. You seem to be a bit obsessive-compulsive about “correctness.” Did you overlook, ignore, or simply miss the fact that I was needling Ark?

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          2. In that case, I guess it was the last. Wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened. And probably not the last time, either. 🙂

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