Watch the birdy

While mucking about in the garden with Catherine yesterday afternoon – she and her mum had come for dinner and we were checking up on the tomatoes she had seeded – she looked up and pointed.

”Look, Douglas, birds.”

Good eyesight she has.

Way, way up high riding the thermals was a large flock of white stork; summer visitors to our neck of the woods and a welcome sight, when spotted.

We saw a smaller flock earlier this year in February, and I managed a couple of shots. This time around the flock was considerably larger, we counted 56 birds in all.

Where they were headed I have no idea, but they circled above us for around 10 minutes, as they gradually drifted north west before lost to sight.


8 thoughts on “Watch the birdy

      1. LOL

        True. If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

        But I was referring to the feline inhabitants when I made that comment. I seem to recall you mentioning you had a fair number of those wandering the yard.


        1. Ah … lightbulb moment! Zing!!
          Yes we have a few cats – 11 at the last count – although I doubt that if the storks landed our cats would pose any threat to a bird that size.


    1. It was like looking up at tiny winged specks. I was surprised Catherine spotted them. The first shot was taken on full zoom with the Sony – 63x, it was really difficult to even focus, that’s how high they were.

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