They Meant Well

There is another photo on Anne’s post called The Scream. Pop over and have a look. Puts our friend Nigel in his place, that’s for sure.

Snowbird of Paradise

They meant well, but sometimes meaning well does not mean well-being.

I was presented this week with two contradictory images. One was of a sculpture representing the work done by Catholic nuns in Alberta. It is called Service Through Christ and is by the artist Herman Poulin.

The press release from Covenant Health says: “The monument recognizes the congregations of catholic sisters who “helped found the province, providing health care, education and social services to pioneering communities.”  It shows a nun holding a piece of stained glass representing the sisters’ desire not to be in the forefront.

I saw that sculpture on Sunday and on Monday I was confronted by a startlingly contradictory image. It is of children being taken from their homes by representatives of the Catholic church and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

I saw on Twitter a comment by the Canadian businesswoman Arlene Dickinson where she wrote:…

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5 thoughts on “They Meant Well

  1. Here we have Fort Spokane. The Catholics ran a school there that included solitary confinement cells for native children that would run away. Sequestered for months from their families against their will they became human.

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    1. Becoming human against their will? Is that a Freudian slip for how you think of Natives, the majority of which became Catholic and intermarried with the Europeans?


      1. To become human is simply conformity to Christian/European behavior. Prior to that these people were only candidates for humanity and most were converted by force. Few of the resilient genes survived.

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  2. Puts me in my place? Unless you are planning to go through with Martyring me so soon, then no.

    Chesterton knew about you though:
    “This is the last and most astounding fact about this faith; that its enemies will use any weapon against it, the swords that cut their own fingers, and the firebrands that burn their own homes. Men who begin to fight the Church for the sake of freedom and humanity end by flinging away freedom and humanity if only they may fight the Church. This is no exaggeration; I could fill a book with the instances of it. Mr. Blatchford set out, as an ordinary Bible-smasher, to prove that Adam was guiltless of sin against God; in manoeuvring so as to maintain this he admitted, as a mere side issue, that all the tyrants, from Nero to King Leopold, were guiltless of any sin against humanity. I know a man who has such a passion for proving that he will have no personal existence after death that he falls back on the position that he has no personal existence now. He invokes Buddhism and says that all souls fade into each other; in order to prove that he cannot go to heaven he proves that he cannot go to Hartlepool. I have known people who protested against religious education with arguments against any education, saying that the child’s mind must grow freely or that the old must not teach the young. I have known people who showed that there could be no divine judgment by showing that there can be no human judgment, even for practical purposes. They burned their own corn to set fire to the church; they smashed their own tools to smash it; any stick was good enough to beat it with, though it were the last stick of their own dismembered furniture. We do not admire, we hardly excuse, the fanatic who wrecks this world for love of the other. But what are we to say of the fanatic who wrecks this world out of hatred of the other? He sacrifices the very existence of humanity to the non-existence of God. He offers his victims not to the altar, but merely to assert the idleness of the altar and the emptiness of the throne. He is ready to ruin even that primary ethic by which all things live, for his strange and eternal vengeance upon some one who never lived at all.”


    1. Perhaps you should direct your efforts towards alerting your fellow parishioners the organization they belong to is a hotbed of sodomites and child molesters.

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