When will we learn?

Denmark to cull up to 17 million mink amid coronavirus fears

Denmark will cull all its mink – as many as 17 million – after a mutated form of coronavirus that can spread to humans was found on mink farms.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said the mutated virus posed a “risk to the effectiveness” of a future Covid-19 vaccine.

Denmark is the world’s biggest producer of mink fur and its main export markets are China and Hong Kong.

The culling began late last month, after many mink cases were detected.

Coronavirus cases have also been detected in farmed mink in the Netherlands and Spain since the pandemic began in Europe.

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Also ….

And last month, it was revealed that lions and tigers at a New York zoo had caught the disease from their keepers.

Coronavirus could be “catastrophic” for endangered wildlife and we must act now to protect them, said Dr Peta Hitchens of the University of Melbourne.

This includes thorough regulation of wildlife trade and trafficking, as well as protection of ecosystems where human encroachment and destruction “has resulted in increased interactions between us and wild animals”.

You can read this article here

I just hope to goodness they don’t find a strain of Covid that can jump from my veggie burger to me.



12 thoughts on “When will we learn?

  1. Hello Ark. This wholesale slaughter represents a large amount of money for the farming operations and for zoos that have to replace animals. Using the information gathered in creating the human vaccines, couldn’t they create vaccines for the animals also? If cost is the issue there should be a way to mitigate it. Look the religious right wingers managed to raise 2 million dollars to bail killer Kyle Rittenhouse out of jail, surely we can get them to chip in for saving lives and being good stewards of the planet their creator gave them, right? Hugs


    1. A short term solution will never solve the long term problem – that of humans using and abusing animals for their dinner plates/wardrobes.

      Contemplate a scenario where 11 billion plus humans need feeding. Insert animals into this scenario.

      It is just around the corner.
      Time for a rethink on so many levels.

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        1. I liked the quote at the end of the piece.
          The photo at the beginning is simply revolting.

          In 50 years, I personally believe that
          the thought of slaughtering animals for meat will be laughable.

          — Uma Valeti of Memphis Meats

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    1. Until we start seeing and treating other animals with the respect we would like due to us and stop regarding them simply as a commodity for our dinner plate or as a fashion statement our great grandkids are going to be asking questions such as:
      ”What was a rhinoceros?”
      And quite probably lions and tigers at this rate.

      In a similar vein I would not likely eat another animal ever again.

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  2. Here in the states we don’t have a problem with covid-19. 0 cases last time I checked. I’m baffled why the rest of the world didn’t do what we did here–you know, just ignore it so it would kinda just skip over us and infect Canada instead. Thank Jesus I live in a sensible, Christian nation where reason and science always prevail and secular humanist values are the norm rather than the exception. Yep. Thank Jesus for that.

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    1. Agreed. Two aspirin, and a double scorch and your inoculated.
      All you have to worry about now is AIDs, Malaria, Dengue Fever, Measles, Mumps, Flu, Athlete’s Foot up to your kneecap, Haemorrhoids, Cauliflower Ear, Republican Virus and a dose of the clap.
      See, you’re fit as a fiddle, thanks to Moohamud,

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    1. My folks haven’t eaten meat since 1978 – dad is 86, mum, 83 and neither of them have ever broken a bone that I am aware of.

      And to save the horrendous suffering animals endure just to satisfy taste buds, not to mention the very real threat of transferrable disease I’ll take that risk.


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