Help! Calling anyone who’s wordpress savvy.

There is a commenter on someone’s blog who goes by the name of Programming Nerd. When I click on his name/moniker, however I am not directed to his/her/ a different blog but immediately directed back to the home page of the host’s blog.

Can anyone explain why this is?


36 thoughts on “Help! Calling anyone who’s wordpress savvy.

        1. No, ‘fraid not. Assume he has a Christian blog you visit? (Tried a search, but the name brought up a politician.) Can you give any hints on how to find it?

          I did notice your comments related to this on Gary’s? blog.

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          1. Yes … he’s the man. You have to copy his name and paste it in Google search and it will show
            Resurrecting Orthodoxy


          2. OK … I went to the post you’re referencing and saw the comment. I would say he was just using a pseudonym to make it look like the comment was coming from someone else. I don’t think most people bother to follow the link back to the person who left the comment so he probably figured he could get away with it. Little did he know … 😈


          3. I asked him and he denied it. There are a couple of others on previous posts with different names that do the same thing – link back to his blog, but damned if I can remember the names.


          4. Oh, I know the apologist methodolgy, but I need confirmation that it actually is him.
            I have done it as well, a long time ago on one of my humourous posts, but there was nothing in it other than to have fun … and I got caught!


          5. First, I have to ask why. Why does it matter? Secondly, he obviously has his reasons so he’s not going to admit to it.

            Added thought — if it matters that much to you, why don’t you try sending his an email? Maybe he’s give you an answer “in private.”


          6. It doesn’t really matter. I was just confused after clicking the moniker and it took me straight back to his blog.
            If you read the comments on Gary’s blog my query to Joel was merely to find out if he knew what was going on.
            it was the second comment which he did not address that got me thinking.

            He’s free to do whatever he likes, but why lie?
            Oh, Silly me! I know why. He’s a Christian, of course!
            Face palm.

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    1. Okay … but this doesn’t explain the issue of returning to the hosts blog.
      Any other ideas?
      Could the host be logging on as another commenter?
      Not the most outlandish idea?


  1. When I comment on a blog, I am typically asked for:

    A name;
    An email address;
    An optional web link.

    If I were to enter the link to the blog as the web link, I’m pretty sure that would give the effect that you are seeing.


        1. Just found another entry. This one goes by the name Data Scientist. It too links straight back to Anderson’s blog.
          What is suspect about this commenter is he uses the same style of comment.
          ”Dear Sir, ”
          He then goes on to ask Anderson to do a book review, the exact same modus operandi as our chum The Programming Nerd.
          All too weird for me!

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  2. Ark — I just went and looked at the post you referenced and noticed a NUMBER of comments by individuals that are by name only. IOW, no links back to anywhere. It prompts me to consider the thought that he’s providing HIS OWN comments … most likely because few others do. In fact, a quick look at some of his other posts, YOU are the only one commenting that looks “real.”

    Also note that his posts (at least the ones I looked at) had VERY few “likes.” IOW, I don’t think he’s getting much traffic.

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        1. Glad to hear it. I was actually going to shoot you an email tomorrow, as you’ve been a bit on the quiet side.
          I imagine you have been a bit busy following Donald T’s escapades this past week?


          1. What a complete wanker, but also predictable.

            He is, without question, the most ghastly human being I have ever been exposed to… and I’ve seen some true cretins. How some people can’t see the con is beyond me, but I suppose that explains evangelical Christianity, doesn’t it. They *want* to be lied to.

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          2. Irrespective of whether or not he managed any meaningful acomplishments over the past four years, I think back to 2016, and as hard as I have tried, I just cannot fathom what it was that almost 50% of those that voted in 2016 found him worthy enough to elect to office.
            It’s as if the US was invaded by the Body Snatchers and all those who identified as Republican went into a waking coma.

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