34 thoughts on “For President Biden. Go get ’em Joe!

  1. Oh, so you’re a “Biden” guy, eh?! FOOL!!! Can’t you see how EVIL he is??!! He sits in pizza parlor basements and eats children with Obama while selling other kids into slavery!!! WTF is wrong with you??!! Don’t you follow Qanon?! And if not, why not??!! The ONLY place you’ll get the truth about how evil Biden is is from them. Qanon tells conspiracy lovers like me exactly what we want hear thereby making it true. Please, Ark, remember this fact, just because a fact is “alternate” to your view of reality doesn’t make it any less a fact or any less true. $Amen$

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    1. Inspiredbythedivine1, I just got back from a high-level meeting at our vast evil underground headquarters beneath the Comet Ping-Pong Pizzeria. All the top-ranking Satanic pedophile alien lizard people were there. They assured me they have the situation well in hand and Biden will soon be installed as the diabolical overlord of North America. So get with the program. Confidentially, they’re prepared to offer you a discount on your first slave purchase if you join now. So if you’d like to literally own a QAnon cultist, here’s your chance.

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  2. Meanwhile, I found this song to be SO apropos today and the coming days/weeks of lawsuits, courts, judges, etc, etc, from the White House trying to get in the judicial doors in futility. Decency, normalcy, and sanity have returned in the U.S.! Time to sing along everyone!!!… 😉

    Ob la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, BYE
    La-la, how the life goes on
    Ob-la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, BYE
    La-la, how the life goes on

    Sing BA, BA, BA, BA, BYE-BYE!!! 👋

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  3. Meanwhile in the EPL… 🙄

    The Reds of Liberated Pools and swim trunks managed a measly draw against the Man-of-Isle Cityness Citizens at 1 – 1.

    Down in Highbury London, England Aston Villa not only took care of the Reds of Liberated Pools & swim-trunks 7 – 2 on Oct. 4th, but they turned the Gunners of Pea-shooting Arses with no gunpowder into pop-guns 3 – 0 today… dropping the Dunners to 11th in the Table. The Highbury Pea-shooting Dunners might struggle this year to qualify for the Europa League!!!

    Back at Anfield though, fans and foes expect the Queens of swim-trunks to climb their way back to the high-dive platform… IF they can toss the Foxes off the perch. What will happen? Don’t ask Arkesatan cuz he’ll talk about his garden veggies and zoo animals. 😉 😛


    1. Whatever your are drinking (or smoking) Prof send some over here!
      Please note that in the world of real football (the EFL) the yellow canaries of Norwichville have soared up to a nose bleeding height of third as they seek to bounce back to the fabled land of mega bucks.

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        1. Yes, none of this fantasy football malarkey in the depths of the lower leagues. This is the real thing, men are men and not afraid to get their knees dirty. Can’t kick the ball? Don’t worry kick the opponent , no var here to worry about. Muck, blood and nettles, jumpers for goal posts, playing for the love of it not the £millions£
          You see Ark this is what you’ve been missing all these years. The only thing in common is the empty stadiums.

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          1. Er …. there was once a football team called Chester FC. Once graced by a cerain Ian Rush, believe it or not.
            You see, I am familiar with the sport in the ”Nether Regions”.

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      1. blhphoto,

        Ahh, at first when you mentioned Canaries I got super excited that you had brought up my beloved Canarinho (Little Canaries) of BRASIL!!! 🇧🇷 But alas, you mean your Norwitchians of Carrow Road, huh? 😉

        Hey, I won’t argue that the Championship of the English Football League is a very good league. The games I am able to catch here in the States (Texas) have been quite entertaining and of a high quality level… considering. Some EFL games are more entertaining than “the fabled land of mega bucks.” 🙂

        I do follow it a bit. Why you might ask? Well, because as a dreamy young lad in the mid-1970’s wanting to be the greatest Keeper in the U.S. 😄🙃 I followed with an obsession one of England’s greatest in the nets: Peter Shilton of Nottingham Forest! Yes, yes… I know. Many English fans would laugh at me, but I am referring mostly to his stellar days at City Ground. Remembering some of the acrobatic saves he made there still bring goosebumps to my arms! 😲

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        1. Ah Prof, Shilton was one of the greats but then there were so many great keepers back then even my beloved Norwich had a few (and still do, Tim Krul is the best in this league!) Kevin Keelan was my hero back then, should have played for England but with Banks, Shilton, Bonetti etc his chances were slim. He lives in the States now.
          By the way Brazil did not wear the Yellow shirts until 1953, Norwich wore theirs in 1907! and got the nickname ‘The Canaries’ because of the song bird brought over by Flemish weavers in the middle ages. So we were there first.
          The EFL can be exciting but it is so tough, 46 games and a lot more physical than the Prem but with so little money compared to the ‘elite’ any team that gets promoted usually struggle even if they have a good first season or two.

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          1. Hahahaha!!! Well, you GOT ME there blhphoto, on the earliest Canaries. 😉 Yes, very unfortunate for Keelan. Geezzz, what an incredible uphill battle to go up against Banks (another one of my all-time favorites simply because of what he did against Pele in Mexico City 1970!!! 🤯) and Shilton, Bonetti, and I must include Ray Clemence simply for his impeccable consistency.

            But blhphoto, I can never betray my beloved 1982 Brazilian National Team squad. OH MY HEAVENS, STARS, & GALAXIES did they know how to play “The Beautiful Game” in the most exquisite, gorgeous, skillful way that made my heart go pitter-patter and take my breath away! While I was down in Rio de Janeiro training and later playing at São Cristóvão then Fluminense FC in Rio, I got to watch live Zico, Júnior, Falcão, and Sócrates… all part of that phenomenal team.

            The EFL is definitely more physical, for obvious reasons. Here in the States the same applies for our USL, USL II/Championship, and USL1 all underneath the MLS. I am sad to say that our top division, the MLS, is still nothing more than an international arena for (better) foreign players and the elite world class players to retire in/from… despite what MLS promoters will tell the public. Our MLS is nothing more than a decent EFL or 2nd Division League compared to all the world’s best leagues, players, and managers.

            That is why our highly talented boys NEED TO, MUST GO to Europe’s top leagues and clubs to play (several seasons! starting or significant minutes!) if the USMNT ever expects to go beyond the Round of 16 in the FIFA World Cup, or beyond the furthest we’ve ever been… the Quarter-Finals in 2002. We advanced that far simply because the bulk of our squad played their pro club ball IN EUROPE!!! Not in the mediocre (at best) USA domestic league. 🙄

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          2. You were very lucky to watch all those legends play back in the 80’s Prof but I suppose I saw a lot of the England team of the time in various games. I used to go to all Norwich’s home matches and a few away so it’s all a bit of a blurred memory now.
            Yes you are right that your young players need to get experience in Europe because your Country seems more obsessed with other ‘sports’ (I like the way they hold ‘World Series’ for some games when the US is pretty much the only nation that plays them!). Norwich have signed a US youth player this season, Sebastian Soto, but to make sure he gets experience he is on loan to a Dutch side.

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          3. Ahh, yes! Soto… the California boy and Real Salt Lake grad. See! His brief stint in Germany (Hannover 96) and now at Telstar in the Dutch 2nd Division will greatly benefit his young career and he should get plenty of minutes playing. Hope he shines and blossoms in his 3-year(?) deal with the Canaries.

            Help me keep up with the news on Soto, if you remember and don’t mind. I try to keep up with all our boys abroad—like Gio Reyna, son of the great USMNT midfielder/captain Claudio Reyna who I LOVED watching, admiring his creativity as our top playmaker—hoping they develop into great players, and a handful who were arguably world class… like Kasey Keller, Tim Howard, Clint Dempsey, Brad Friedel (maybe), Tab Ramos, Brian McBride, Eric Wynalda, and now Christian Pulisic. 🙂

            I am thrilled that we are FINALLY getting a lot of our natural talent over there and that Leagues such as the EPL, EFL, Bundesliga 1 & 2, La Liga, Liga 1, the Belgium and Dutch Leagues, etc, are all starting to find value in our young talent! But blhphoto, you are correct about our other 3 major sports Americans are obsessed with (blindly!) and too often think we have THE BEST athletes in all the world. 🙄🤦‍♂️ And you make a great point about our “World Series,” which ironically is loaded with all sorts of foreign talent! HAH! And don’t get me started about our idiotic obsession with American football, both the NFL and the NCAA D1 teams. It is those last two Leagues allowing crazed fans to pack into stadiums the last 2-months that have helped shoot our COVID-19 cases and deaths thru the stratosphere! It is utterly asinine that these leagues are allowed to do that! 😠🤬

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          4. Will keep an eye on Soto, if the lad gets plenty of minutes he should be ready for a return next season. However if, big if, we bounce back up to the Prem then he would probably be loaned out again most likely to the EFL but he’s one for the future for sure.
            Not too surprised that fans are allowed into NFL games. Sadly it seems a lot of idiots in your country don’t take C-19 seriously, that’s the price to pay for having such a great leader 🤔🤣🤣🤣😂

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          5. blhphoto, you couldn’t have hit the bulls-eye more precisely with:

            …that’s the price to pay for having such a great leader

            Just recently I wrote a blog-post about exactly that: “not taking C-19 seriously” entitled What Invisible Killer? and how our MLB, NFL, and NCAA football Conferences (most of them deeply embedded into Republican radicalism and up tRump’s flabby ass) are essentially ignoring the social-distancing & mask-wearing mandates! You would not believe the live TV-camera shots, videos, and photos of all those crazed fans bunched together, many of them (white men) at collegiate football games with no masks. And this has been going on blhphoto SINCE EARLY SEPTEMBER!!!

            Therefore, to be perfectly frank… it isn’t only our incompetent, non-existent POTUS leadership, but we also have a MAJOR, MAJOR problem with some 71.4 million Americans who voted not just for tRump, but strictly voted by Party-line, not giving a shit about what type of human 6th-grader is occupying our White House!!! And many of these American sports fans are defiant of CV-19’s lethality and utterly over-running our hospitals, staffs, rooms, and equipment—that by the way, was NEVER prepped for back in Dec. 2019 thru March 2020 when our current POTUS was warned repeatedly that we must declare (biological) war on this viral pandemic! IOW, act as a War President and mobilize every resource imaginable… TO SAVE AMERICAN LIVES from needlessly dying and their families/loved ones suffering from it!

            Did he listen? Has he ever listened to experts in epidemiology, virology, and infectious diseases!? Does his radical Party-members listen? Do they try to talk sense into this President!? 😡🤦‍♂️

            These last four nightmare years have been such an embarrassment for us rational, intelligent Americans. And now the moronic orange orangutan won’t concede and likely will be physically forced out of the White House. Can anyone say: “America has lost their EFFIN MINDS letting such a buffoon into their Oval Office!” He and his robotic minions have made a mockery and shamed our country. I am so deeply embarrassed by him and any American who supports him!

            Anyway, here’s the link to my blog-post if you’re interested blhphoto:


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          6. It’s a very sad situation you find yourselves in and quite frankly could turn your whole process of electing a president into a joke but not a funny one.
            Keep safe and steer clear of NFL ‘fans’.

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          7. Already done! There is NO WAY IN HADES I am going near ANY sporting event on ANY level, high school to the World Series (here in Arlington, TX) to the NCAA games or the NFL!!! That is just sheer retarded, stupidity to go to ANY event of more than 4-6 people!

            Yes, I know exactly who to steer clear of—Texas is overrun by that particular demographic and loud-mouthed “Confederate Rebels” who proudly show off and boast of their alpha-male and female hyper-testosterone. 🙄🤦‍♂️

            Nevertheless, thank you blhphoto for your encouragement in this unprecedented time of Insane Asylum Escapees….

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    2. We had another bout of Load Shedding just as I parked my backside in the chair.
      My godson was over to watch the game so as the lights went out we bundled into his car and shot down to the pub to watch it.
      Missed the first goal, but was there to see De Bruyne’s howler.
      Was not a great performance from either team.
      In fact, it was a toss up as to which was warmer, my beer or my team.
      S’okay. We didn’t lose. Unlike some half- Arsened London team, eh?

      ”Mon dieu. Je ne comprends pas cette merde.”

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      1. 😄 Touché. I realize I must be VERY careful when speaking EPL football and more so about your boys, given that my Dunners are STILL quite mediocre—with only rare flashes of glory & sublime attacking football harkening back to The Invincibles of 2003-04—and remaining in the middle of the Table all season is probably a reality… IMHO. 😒

        If I’m perfectly honest Ark, I enjoy watching your Reds a lot more than my Dunners. Lol


        1. Just a bit of fun, Mister D. No harm no foul.
          Some of my favorite players have played for Arsenal.
          In fact, Henry is one of my favorite players of all time. I used to play fantasy football on line with my son and a few friends. Henry was always the first player I chose. I would then build my team around him and the goalie.

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          1. Mmmmm, well… if you start with Banksy then you have a historically world class squad for sure! 😉 So I must share this again cuz it gives me goosebumps and hair-standing excitement to watch every single time!!!! 😁


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