Biden gets Election!

The first international  leader to offer their congratulations is Xi Jiping, who telephoned the 46th President of the USA a few minutes ago.

”Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!” enthused the General Secretary. 

He went on to say: ”Mr Joe’s ablility to get election is due in no small part to special powder we send Joe, before he hit campaign trail,.”

”When I last sploke to Joe I asked him how it going. He tell me it is hard. Vely hard. ‘Cos he say he not young man anymore. I tell him vely good and when he become Plesident of America we make vely big trade deal so all old men have chance to get election.”

He finished off by saying.

”God bless America!”





16 thoughts on “Biden gets Election!

  1. It is a GRAND DAY Ark!!! I am so incredibly happy that the USA will return to decency, much better foreign relations, and perhaps most importantly the USA WILL BE REJOINING the rest of the world to stem (then hopefully stop) Climate Change!!! 🙂

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  2. It’s just going to be nice to be able to LIKE the new guy, and even watch him do the job he was hired to do.

    As long as Trump doesn’t take the Oval Office with him…or burn his bridges, quite literally, behind him…
    I did notice my husband (who was a fan of Mr. Trump) has been quite quiet the last few days. I would love to run around him in rings over this, but after all this time, maybe best not to gloat.

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    1. My other-half is also not happy. When I told him “the news,” he immediately set his mouth in a disgusted look. Although he did NOT like Trump, he’s a Republican through and through so I’m sure I will be “informed” over the next four years of Biden’s gaffes (from a Republican POV, of course).

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      1. oh be sure, to a born again republican, there will be no pleasing him. Im not even going to try. Just maintain radio silence, for the sake of both of us. but oh, mama, I can gloat in the dark. I can smile, I can feel such a weight being lifted.

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  3. AWESOME!!! Finally! Cannibalizing infants in pizza parlor basements will become not only legal, but more and more encouraged!!! Thank atheism!!! Thank cannibalism, and thank Xi Jiping for helping us democratic heathens win with his funny speech patterns and DELICIOUS Chinese green tea!!

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  4. Joe got such a big election, everyone woke with a great feeling of morning glory:

    Enough food there for a Roman orgy.

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