4 thoughts on “Musical Interlude.

  1. I was never a huge jazz fan, but as a former drummer I could totally appreciate the remarkable talent of many a jazz drummer. Plus, jazz sometimes crosses over to progressive rock, right? 😉 But drummers were always my focus when watching/listening to live jazz or a concert.

    On a similar (musical) note, I was hoping Ark that you’d post a “musical interlude” post so that I could mention what I watched on PBS last night! 😁 I know you may not have been a Metallica fan, but watching this concert recorded live with the San Francisco Symphony this past Sept. 6 & 8 totally made my evening! When they played my all-time favorite, this one here, WOW did it summon all sorts of emotions and memories of my 1990’s to 2000! Remember this one?

    Anyway, the song/lyrics have some profound meaning about proactive communication with the ones you love most, cherish most, including romantic partners! 😉


    1. Saw Metallica many years ago when they played at a festival here. Got comp tickets from the husband of one of my wife’s cousins.
      Fantastic gig. Sweltering hot day and the crowd suffered. But he and I had a bird’s eye view above and to the right of the stage – free food and drink all day. Absolutely marvelous.
      They closed with Sandman.

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      1. Mmmmm! They certainly play most and care most about their fans! Always been one of their hallmarks.

        Anyway, apologies for sidetracking your jazz post. But hey… great music is GREAT MUSIC! Whether it’s Chick Corea or Metallica. 😉

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