If this is a Religion of peace as its proponents claim, then fuck Islam!

Three people killed and several injured in Nice knife attack

A knifeman killed three people and injured several others in an attack inside a church in Nice on the Côte d’Azur.

The killings happened at 9am on Thursday morning inside the Notre-Dame basilica in the city centre. There were unconfirmed reports in the French media that at least one of the victims had been beheaded.


Police described the scene as a “vision of horror”.

The attacker was shot and injured by police and was taken to hospital.

The mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, said the attacker had repeated “Allahu Akbar” several times while he was being arrested and handcuffed by police.

He said a woman victim had been decapitated but he had no details of how the two others were killed.


78 thoughts on “If this is a Religion of peace as its proponents claim, then fuck Islam!

  1. Many will try to connect this ‘religion of peace’ (yuck) with Christianity- yet,

    There is NOT one command to kill thy neighbor- yea rather the opposite- ‘love thy neighbor’

    So any attempt to put the gospel of grace (New Testament) in bed with the butchers of Baghdad is pure fantasy.


      1. tkx ark, you should know that THEY had not one order from God— they ran unsent, similar to the rioters of Detroit/Hitler/

        and please dont mention Koresh of Texas- all self made idiots/

        I should remind you of the first Christian martyr-Stephen/pelted with rocks- and his response?????\\

        He prayed for his enemies/ THIS is biblical Christianity- all else is a sham.

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        1. You are 100% correct! No one has ever followed the orders of Allah/God/YHWH because that deity doesn’t exist. All atrocities are attributable to the machinations of men.

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          1. Evolution ark. the evolution of people. Unless of course that people are exempt, so unlike animals.

            Supposedly the ‘bronze age’ ignoramuses were so far behind the times………..yeah, like read the news lately?

            The post you have here is enough proof who are the real animals. Then again, God’s word had the drop on mankind forever, no surprise.

            (btw, the evolution of people allegedly leaves room for transgender kids, you know, that moronic notion that Tommy can be Tammy, and Carl can be Cindy.at the age of 6. Flavor of the week………..

            Child abuse to the nines. So yeah, De-volution rather.


          2. Well, CS, since humans are descended from primates, we too belong to the animal kingdom.

            And in this particular instance, the violence perpetrated by religious zealots is informed by what is contained within those bronze age tales.

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          3. Because ron, it is obvious that man, only man, has dominion over all creatures.

            Why do you think the whole world groans? We have made a wreck over that which was once perfect.

            Animals do not commit murder. Men are far tooo often animals- Detroit? Philly? Chicago? Shoot a police man. Steal a TV from Target because the court rules against you.

            So we should apologize to the jackals. They do not have a conscience like we do.


      1. ” . . . it is obvious that man, only man, has dominion over all creatures” — CS

        You’re begging the question. Creatures implies something was created, which implies that there’s a creator — an assertion that remains to be conclusively demonstrated with empirical evidence of a creator. Moreover, I thought the Abrahamic creeds all claim that only Allah/God/YHWH has complete dominion over all of nature? Are you now equating man’s powers to those of a god?

        And does man really have dominion over all of nature without benefit of his tools? We like to pretend we do, but if you found yourself naked and alone in an ocean, or a swamp, or a jungle, or a desert, or a forest, how much dominion do you think you will you really exercise over the flora and the fauna within that environment? And for how long?

        “Animals do not commit murder.”

        Yet a quick online search will reveal that animals do indeed commit murder, rape and theft. Discovering which ones will be left as an exercise for the reader.

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          1. And what do the courts say about a male who kills the offspring of another and then proceeds to rape the mother or those offspring?


          1. “Pride goeth before destruction. And a haughty spirit before a fall.” ~ some ancient Bronze Age text


  2. Remember the last time Jainists started killing apostates? Mormons? Church of Englanders? Hari Krishnas?

    Yeah. Neither do I.

    But Muslims? Hard pressed to find a day where killings and violence for apostacy were not carried out… in the name of the religion of peace.

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    1. Those Jainists claim they’re peaceful, but they don’t fool me. That swastika reveals them for what they really are: white supremacists. /s

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      1. To be fair, though, the swastika is backwards to the Nazi symbol… I think (certainly I could be wrong here and in need of correction). Still, we can sleep soundly knowing that these beheadings accompanied by the standard call of “Allahu Akbar!” remains fully the fault of the West (generally and the US in particular), colonialism, white supremacy, and of course capitalism. How the Jainists are able to fend off such systemic problems and NOT go forth to kill apostates that cause all of the world’s woes but offers no benefit is a mystery for another day.

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  3. Matthew 10:34 And Jesus said, ” Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”

    Oh I’m feeling the love there, Colorstorm

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    1. Nice try chief. Are you forgetting the effect when Light shines in darkness?

      What happened when the Baptist was headless? What did the Lord of mercy do? Cause an uprising and return the favour?

      Trouble with your insinuation, you think that all paydays are immediate. For thousands of years, God’s silence in the midst of perversion has been remarkable.


      1. I seem to recall a story about some dude name Uzzah who was struck dead for attempting to steady the ark after the oxen pulling the cart stumbled. It appears God leaves no good deed goes unpunished.


        1. Number 1. It was not a story Ron.

          Number 2, he was not ‘some dude.’

          Number 3, if it happened, why don’t you look further into ‘why.’

          Number 4, if it is a mere tale, why would you have any further interest?

          Number 5, death in some instances is a relief.


          1. 1. Story: an account of incidents and events
            2. Dude: well-dressed man; Levites: well-dressed men; Uzzah: son of a Levite
            3. Because Lord Genocide has anger management issues
            4. I don’t; just a reminder that the “good” book reveals God’s patience is razor thin
            5. Perhaps. But what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

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          2. May I politely correct you without a roar, maybe the most important of all.

            No. You are comparing distinctions without a difference regarding God’s patience.

            Perhaps you forgot His Patience in the days of Noah, 12O years where He was silent, as men went their own way.

            Further, since AD, His patience has been magnified. The New Testament proves this, you know, with the strange confederacy of Pilate and Herod, so no, He is most certainly patient.

            Heck Ron, look what He puts up with- rebels on every corner, etc.


          3. Incident: Man and women eat magic fruit after being deceived by serpent. God loses temper and curses everything in sight.

            Incident: Man touches ark and God smites him immediately.

            Incident: Israelites complain about monotonous diet in desert. God gets angry and punishes them with a plague.

            Incident: Israelites complain about lack of food and water and monotonous diet. God sends venomous snakes.

            Incident: Man gathers sticks on the Sabbath. God orders him executed.

            Incident: God incinerates two of Aaron’s sons for bringing “strange fire” to the alter.

            Incident: God has the earth swallow up 250 men who complain about Moses’ leadership. Then sends a plague that kills 14,700 people who complain to Moses about the harsh punishment issued against the first group.

            Conclusion: God is not patient and long-suffering. The prosecution rests.

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          4. Sorry Ron, ye greatly err not knowing the scriptures.

            Did you miss the place where I cited Genesis and God’s patience??

            120 years.

            And to prove it, good old Peter referenced the same INCIDENT and calling it ‘the long suffering of God,’ ahem, the same 129 years, thus confirming His otherworldly patience.

            Your examples do nothing to change this fact.


          5. I see. So the one exception negates the rest.

            In that case, Ted Bundy was a compassionate humanitarian because he once worked for a suicide hotline crisis centre and the Washington State Department of Emergency Services.


          6. Ron. The accounts deal with actual behaviors/ There are generalities and there are particulars.

            Who would dare challenge the Judge overseeing a case when ALL evidence is in- and He can rule with discretion- because He knows things that you do not?

            It’s like a man complaining for getting a speeding ticket while he noticed a man going faster him escaped. Forget about the other man. What about you?

            Thus do antagonists of scripture pull the Houdini act. Because Is— lam produces butchers- there is then NO truth. Really? You going with that?

            Fact is, God is patient- and His dealings with Israel prove He is merciful- but men ignore His holiness, and complain about fruit flies while being blind to the entire banquet.


          7. That’s your take. For me, the biblical god is more akin to the judge who has people tortured for walking three abreast on the sidewalk or executed for tearing the tags off the mattress.
            And Muslims aren’t butchers; they’re faithful servants of Allah. Refusing to accept this fact makes you kufr in their eyes and will bring about your eternal destruction.

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          8. Ron- I say to you and to all, and this is my final word on the matter, don’t want to wear out my welcome, but the truth below points to the ROOT of the matter; hope you understand.

            —— With the merciful thou wilt shew thyself merciful; with an upright man thou wilt shew thyself upright;

            With the pure thou wilt shew thyself pure; and with the froward thou wilt shew thyself froward.—-


          9. And the Lord spake, saying, “First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin.

            Then, shalt thou count to three; no more, no less.

            Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shalt be three.

            Four shalt thou not count. Nor either count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three.

            Five is right out.

            Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it.”


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          10. BTW, if — as Peter attests — one day to God is like a thousand years to man, then 129 man-years is the equivalent of three God-hours (0.129 x 24). So even that fails the patience test.

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          11. Ha, but have you noticed how the moon has not lost her luster? Still the same, unfailing light at night.

            Love that promise of Jeremiah 31. Patient indeed. But Tks for your time- we have said enough.


          12. Too bad that the moon only illuminates the sky for the entire night during the full phase of the lunar cycle, which lasts all of three days. And only on cloudless nights.

            The remainder of the cycle it’s only visible for part of the night, because during the new moon phase the moon rises and sets with the sun. And during the first and third quarters it either rises at noon and sets at midnight, or rises at midnight and sets at noon.

            Not exactly what one would expect to see from an intelligent designer — is it?

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          13. Just have to say Ron/ (after I said I would not respond further- in a way it’s true, as you are making another point)

            But this is the first time ever I have heard a complaint about the moon. Even your atheist brethren are shaking their heads at something so insane.

            The phases are perfect. The cool light is as it was made/ needing no help from the sun.

            But a human complaining about a wonder of the world. Sheesh. Quite embarrassing.


    1. Absolutely. Hence my mention of the Crusades to Mr Flatearth.
      The core of Islam, as we know, is plagiarised – same god, many of the same characters and simply adapted to be culture-specific.

      I would imagine much of the problem has something to do with when those who were intially ”in charge” of intepreting Islam decreed that science and related topics were somehow anathema thus, as suggested by De Grasse Tyson, bringing to an end what was a golden era of learning and discovery in the Arab world.

      If it was not for the discovery of oil I wonder what many/most of these countries would be like today?

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      1. If it was not for the discovery of oil I wonder what many/most of these countries would be like today?

        Without the oil, we would all be ignoring them. And they would be trying to update their culture so as to avoid being ignored.

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        1. Then perhaps we should be praying 5 times a day for the speedy development of alternate energy sources and the oil running dry?
          ( though I realise that last wish is not likely to happen for a few centuries at least)

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          1. For Chrome, Edge and Opera:

            1. Click on lock icon in address bar
            2. Click on site settings/permissions
            3. Set JavaScript to “block”
            4. Refresh original webpage

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  4. Oooooohhhh … you use a NAUGHTY word!

    The law and public opprobrium will be after YOU, boy!

    And upper-case for emphasis … SHEESH~!


  5. I’ve often wondered … in these vary PC and such days, don’t we have laws against the incitement of violence? And what we used to think as ‘immoral’ behaviours? Can’t these be invoked? D
    Can’t the anti-littering laws be utilised, somehow, I mean is must be more than a little messy to leave heads about all over the place?


    1. Oh we do… but then there is Islam, which according to some falls outside of the normal parameters of civil society.

      Go ask Anjem Choudry.


      1. Karma, Ark — we get what we deserve, no? But, as I often ask (and am totally ignored) “If God knows in advance what will happen … what Free Will can anyone possibly have?”

        I now ask again here—and expect the usual shattering silence.

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          1. I rather like that no-nonsense Guy the Abrahamics use. He’s a REAL kick-arse kind of God, you know where you stand with Him—nothing to lose your head over:

            “If you can keep your jead,
            When all around are losing theirs—”

            —you’re obviously an Islamic. (Elucidated in my latest post if you won’t see the connection …)

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    1. And when exactly did genuine life-like images of Mohammed the profit begin circulating anyway? I thought they were as rare and vague as accurate images of Jesus?


        1. That’s the point. When I began reading up and doing a bit of research on Christianity I dipped my toe into Islam ( my encyclopaedias) and there are some who consider that Mohammed may well not have existed at all and that all the tales of him marrying a wealthy widow etc etc are all Fake News. After all, he was apparently active in the 7th century? The golden age of the Arab world got cracking around the 8th century? Astronomy, algebra, etc. Are we to believe there was no one who could draw a face before this?
          Who knows? Not me.


      1. Jesus? Blond hair, blue eyes usually with a sheep under his arm and strange glow over his head, seen loads of piccies of him, also often seen hanging around a bit of crude trellis.

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    2. Because nice men in frocks tell you to.

      No other reason, chase it back to source and the font is always lust for pelf-by-any-means.


          1. I bow to your far superior fashion sense.
            However, this might not be the ideal attire when going for a whizz about on your bike.


  6. Here is an interesting argument by Ayaan Ali Hirsi for Macron to consider as a reasonable response for taking meaningful actions against the rise of Islamism in France.

    Also, look how quickly the Woke leaders – including my own Prime Minister Trudeau – predicated condolences to the victims and families of the slain on the lie that such actions were not and never are reflective of Islam.

    The fact of the matter is that such actions are not only condoned by the Koran, the haddith, and Surrah – including Sharia – but ordered to be carried out by the faithful against apostates and kafirs under the guise of command from Allah through his Prophet Mohammed. To deny this fact and replace it with such drivel is to lie either intentionally or out of extreme ignorance, and we are being lied to by such leaders and Islamic enablers all the time… in the name of values that are demonized by the Religion of Peace, values like respecting reality, telling the truth, showing tolerance, granting respect, and demonstrating dignity in law for every individual. Enabling Islam with such widespread denialist lies is to promote the opposite values inherent in the religion, namely by promoting Islamic intolerance, excusing Islamic disrespect, going along with Islamic rejection of human dignity. This undermining of central Western values in the name of protecting Western values is what such leaders are doing by lying for Islam. Such doublespeak is the very heart and soul of Wokeness. That’s why it’s as pernicious and as faith-based and as denialist of relaity and facts as any religious belief in woo.

    On a side note, I wonder if columnist Glenn Greenwald will have the intestinal fortitude and quality of character to apologize to Sam Harris for his long tenured attack against and demonization of Harris/Hitchens/Dawkins for helping to fund personal protection for Ayaan Ali Hirsi from Islamic hit men… now that he’s person non grata in Brazil and requires similar personal protection. Just wondering about that shoe fitting…

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    1. Look always for the ‘root cause’.

      I settle for Root Cause being the lack of ability to reason, rationally. So:

      teach the young how to actually think. For themselves. Expose them to the meaning of (say) the Law Of Contradiction, then set ’em loose finding apparent contradictions. (It won’t happen though, but I can dream, can’t I?)

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  7. I can only agree with you. In English. If I say that in French I am likely to be fined 3,000 Euros… for racism and xenophobia… (Since the French hardly speak any English, I should be safe from the wrath of the French justice,.
    Two of the victims in Nice had their throat slit…
    Another attacker was shot down by the police in Avignon (I think). French readers complimented the Avignon police for a job well done, and criticized the Nice police. Tongue in cheek. The Nice attacker was only seriously injured.
    On related matters, all in the same day’s work, a man with a knife was arrested in Lyon. It seems to be the same man who put a bomb last year in another street in Lyon. What was he doing out in the street?
    Thank you Ark. You don’t know how good your title made me feel. Situation in France (and Europe to some extent) is not good. Merci beaucoup
    Stay safe.

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