May I hold la porte as you leave?

So, the inevitable Muslim backlash has begun because of what Macron said  after the appalling murder of teacher, Samual Paty.


Anyone who wishes to endorse this savagery over cartoons over a long dead self-proclaimed prophet and pedophile warlord, well, they are more than welcome to go live in a country that endorses similar behaviour.

In fact, they should, in no uncertain terms, be asked to leave – immediately! 

And now Erdogan wants  to support the boycotting of French goods does he?


Go ahead.

And please excuse my French – Fuck him, and fuck his religion.

Vive la France, je vous soutiens.

Le Ark.

18 thoughts on “May I hold la porte as you leave?

  1. Too bad the West couldn’t unite long enough to respond to the boycott of France effectively, with a complete boycott of all countries that sided with Erdogan, a man who like Trump has reversed his country from a secular liberal state into one of his own making that favors religious privilege and welcomes intolerance and division. But, instead, we will most likely see spokespeople of the West kow tow and present mewling apologies for ‘allowing’ criticism of barbarity to offend the barbarians.

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    1. So far most European leaders have come out in defense of Macron.
      And it seems he has already put into motion a few things to weed this filth from society.
      I have no idea how much this boycott will effect France but for some reason I doubt it will be anything they cannot ride.

      I hope other countries follow suit.

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      1. I have only heard a spokesperson from Germany come out in support of Macron so I’m hopeful other leaders and not spokespeople will join in.

        I was shocked at how easily Western countries generally went along with decrying the Charlie Hebdo murders on the one hand but failed to criticize the ideology that promoted and justified the murders on the other. I was disheartened how very few outlets of Western media covering the story didn’t even show the cartoons and a mass media response (like PEN) that decried the murders (and the killing of Jews at a local nearby store) and yet were willing to criticize the offender for ‘causing’ the murders. That’s the usual response: blame the victim and excuse the murderers as ‘extremists’ not reflecting the ‘true’ values of Islam. The truth is: they do and the West has fooled itself into believing the false narrative once again and calling it ‘tolerance’.

        What I do see as widespread is this deplorable lack of condemnation for the barbaric ideology that is Islam… usually out of fear of ‘offending’ Muslims and being labeled as ‘bigots’. One needs to look no further than this common mistake committed by Ben Affleck against Sam Harris on the Bill Maher show, that to criticize Islam is “gross” and “racist” because to do so is equivalent to demonstrating bigotry against Muslims. This is the con job.

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    2. Permit me to play the Devil’s advocate:

      The current administration has brokered three normalization agreements between Israel and the Middle East in recent months, and five or more nations have expressed an interest to follow suit. So in my opinion, anything that unnecessarily exacerbates tensions between the west and Islamic sympathizers at this juncture is liable to undermine that process.


  2. Hell, I say we need to boycott France cause the French talk funny! You ever hear ’em speak?! It sounds like gibberish! Not decent, good America like ALL civilized nations should speak! Plus, what these bastards have done to toast is..well…criminal! Who in their right mind dips bread in cinnamon and eggs then cooks it?! Crazy French people who talk funny, that’s who! Oui, oui my fat American ass!

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  3. Shades of the Satanic Verses affair, playing out all over again, thirty years later. The Muslim nation states have learnt nothing in the interim. Islam is still infantilized, still demanding submission to its offended pieties and theocratic dictates.

    The West must stay firm, and defend its hard-won, post-Enlightenment values of freedom of expression and the right to ridicule all sacred cows.

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    1. Not just religion per se; ideology.

      Look at the Islamic outcry against the treatment of a few million Muslim Uighurs – forced sterilizations, labor camps, mass murder… umm… look at all the protesting in the streets, the widespread refusal to buy anything Chinese, not shopping at Walmart, I mean…. geez Loise, but the Muslim outcry is, well… I mean all the outcry from so many people so concerned about offending victims of brutal state sanctions and violence like the terrible and vicious French response to an act of religious devotion is far more important to condemn… and besides, imagine the terrible Uighurs offending the poor Chinese government… I mean, come on. Just you wait for the outcry… umm… I mean, when it comes… boy, it’ll really be something to behold… soon…

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      1. Is it ever is religion by itself?

        It is really difficult to write good sarcasm and get your point across.
        But, yes. I think. 🙂


    1. Gracias, and obrigado for the heads up. I fear it may be that minute trace of Mexican/multiculturalism in my genes … or jeans? I shall amend henceforth, posthaste, right away, and even immidiatement.
      Mercy bocoop.

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    2. Merde! Will there be a war? I don’t think I’ve seen the French this pissed off since the Wehrmacht invaded the country by simply driving around the Maginot Line.

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