Going, going, gone (to Church?)

It would seem that strict lockdown – I read that Ireland is in ”round 2” – demonstrates the fear some Christians are displaying that the somewhat tenuous grasp the Christian religion has, on much of Western society in particular, is further diminshed by the restrictions placed on Church worship.

My mother attends choir practice – with only six other members – all of whom are bound to ”keep their distance”. Based on conversations with her this is a lot more about getting out of the house and meeting with others rather than any dire need to maintain relations with Yahweh/Jesus, and I suspect this may well be the case with most/many people.

The Church is an institution. Without it’s members it is nothing but a lot of empty buildings , many of which are beautiful examples of architecture, but of little value otherwise. If this pandemic has shown one thing regarding church and worship, it isn’t really as important as all the vicars, priests and ministers would like us to believe. Furthermore, if this pandemic continues for any length of time into the forseeable future the culture of ”Going to Church” while not likely to fall away entirely will probably be greatly dimished when we return to ”normality”.

Rekindling this cultural tradition among young people especially is going to be a challenge I suspect many Christian authorities will find insurmountable and as much as I loathe religion I wish the reason for Christianity’s demise was not speeded up because of a rampant virus.

Stay Safe. And may your gods go with you .


94 thoughts on “Going, going, gone (to Church?)

    1. I suspect that eventually it will be the ”only” way to go. With over a million Covid deaths – and climbing – the majority of which are currently in the category of ”elderly” that generation will be ‘gone’ faster than expected and their replacements coming through the ranks will not be filling the pews as their elders once did.

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      1. This will present a serious problem to the churches, especially in Europe.
        In Africa maybe not. The median population is young and hopefully getting less religious (one can only hope)

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      1. On the weather front: short rains are here with us
        On the political front: there is a circus in town to change the constitution, a document we adopted in 2010. I don’t pay much attention to it anyway
        On COVID-19: the number has surpassed 50k of infections and over 1k deaths


    2. Grand idea! Problem is, though, I’d join your online church except it will be much harder for us to kill infidels who won’t join it if we have only an online presence. Oh, well, guess ya can’t have everything, eh.

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  1. Read the statistics and it’s amazing how many Covid cases in New Zealand here track back to church attendances. Possibly same/same elsewhere too.

    Why shut the bars and dance halls and sports grounds? Far better to shut all the churches … (at least until God gets His act together and stops bumping off his devouts).

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    1. We had a similar problem with church attendees at the beginning of the pandemic.

      If these people wish to put their lives at risk then so be it, but it is those they infect after visiting their god’s house which is the problem.
      Maybe this too is part of Yahweh’s plan?

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  2. At the start of this pandemic I recall South Korea suffered badly due to mass christian gatherings and those attending and afflicted going out and spreading gods germs against the law.
    As of churches yes they are (generally) pretty impressive but to think that here in the UK at least they were mostly built at the time when those forced to attend were living with their pigs and cows in wooden shacks!

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  3. I have an atheist friend who has a daughter minister, and she is running services from home, by computer. She said attendance has never been this high before, and she’s bemused and amused by it all. It seems a good idea, when you think about it. You don’t have to dress up, you can worship in your jammies if you want…
    And my concern is, if Christianity does crumble, all those marvelous structures are going to come down without regard for their architecture…

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    1. JUDY:

      Don’t fret. They’ll be bought up when on the market and converted into mosques … so they won’t be wasted and God will be happy too.

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        1. Seems my Mum was right when she told me not too long ago: ”Doug, you wouldn’t recognise the place.”

          Maybe we can ”look forward” to a sign at International Arrivals at Heathrow that reads:
          ‘Welcome to the United (Islamic) Kingdom.”

          Oh, joy!

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        2. Perhaps you need take inspiration from a recent Australian import person here in New Zealand. The locals here weren’t too chuffed, but he pulled a few weeds …


  4. If you recall, I wrote a post awhile back about some pastors that were suing the governor of California because of restrictions on church gatherings. Bottom line, of course, is like everything else related to shutdowns … $$$$.

    The Methodist church my son attends (he’s the music director) was holding outdoor services, but of course, when the weather changed, they moved back inside. Although they’re practicing safe distancing, they are allowing singing (some leave their masks on, some don’t). He expressed his discomfort about this to the minister and was told he no longer had to “show up” for services. Fortunately, he has put together music videos for the congregation to use so it isn’t like he’s without a job. But this is the mentality of too many “believers.”

    I think Judy’s friend’s daughter has the right idea … and it’s obviously working. But too many “old-timers” (who are the ones that tend to fill the church pews for “insurance”) have no clue on how to attend these “services.”

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    1. Most of us old timers (but not all) have young’uns who are more than willing to show us how to get to Zoom or wherever the services are being held, and most of us at least have smartphones so we can see the grandchildren…if we have grandchildren. If we have smartphones.
      But when your minister or priest is the only one running the show, you either switch churches, learn to run the program, or do without.

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    2. Not all ‘old timers’ flock the churches.

      The seaside too is good for a quickie worship and guilt-free trip on a Sunday—you know, the good ol’ “blessed are they that go down to the sea etc etc” (and who needs a ship, hmmmm?).

      I’m sure I’m closer to The Lord when tossing bouncer pebbles into the waves than when listening to some padre babbling about listening to the Lord or some mullah exhorting the faithful to get out there and copulate with infants or cut heads off with God’s blessing.


  5. In many ways I think this is definitely the course modern humanity is going or cannot avoid: Artificial-Virtual Intelligence and Artificial-Virtual Sociality.

    Ark, have you ever seen the wonderful 2008 computer-animated film WALL-E?

    What I found to be utterly prophetic about this children’s movie was the way it portrayed the human race in the 29th century—abandoned Earth because we completely trashed it and made it uninhabitable—forced to live in Low-Earth orbit (like the ISS) or in outer space aboard massive Mother-ships whose high-tech electronics do literary EVERYTHING for humans! All humans have to do is simply wake in their multi-purpose lounging chairs, eat in their lounging chairs, use the toilet in their lounging chairs, move around the ship in their lounging chairs, and sleep in their lounging chairs. Rarely do they need to lift an arm or leg! It’s the BEST LIFE EVER KNOWN Ark!!! I’m sure even God/Yahweh/Allah is also served up to them in their lounge chairs!!! 😄 (see below image of 29th century humans…)

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  6. Eh, infectious disease is aloof to who it buries- taking no pleasure in ending the life of believer/ atheist/ etc.

    As to ‘church’ groups bring thinned- maybe that’s a good thing- make people dig into books even more- including wonderful commentators/ writings/ but most importantly- digging into the gems of the Kjv/

    Btw: I recently posed a few questions at my site that are pretty darn good/ have a look.


    1. As Job lamented: “Virtuous or wicked — it’s all the same, because God just doesn’t give a flying fuck. That is why I say, ‘He destroys both the blameless and the wicked.'” Job 10:3 (Ron’s Modern English Translation)

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        1. Well, according to Job 1:1, Job himself was blameless. (In the land of Uz there lived a man whose name was Job. This man was blameless and upright; he feared God and shunned evil. )

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          1. Interesting then eh, how a man of his stature was ransacked with all kinds of bad stuff.

            But read the whole. In the very book you cite- there is more knowledge and depth of science than a thousand Sagan’s.

            But yes, Job was a good man- and his three friends while honest- were intellectual dunces by comparison.


          2. I have read the whole — several times. From chapter 38 onward, God grants that “might makes right” is the only justification he needs and even taunts Job to demonstrate similar powers:

            “Do you have an arm like God’s, and can your voice thunder like his? Then adorn yourself with glory and splendor, and clothe yourself in honor and majesty. Unleash the fury of your wrath, look at all who are proud and bring them low, look at all who are proud and humble them, crush the wicked where they stand. Bury them all in the dust together; shroud their faces in the grave. Then I myself will admit to you that your own right hand can save you.” (Job 40:9-14)

            Call it what you will, but that’s neither morality nor justice.

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          3. there is more knowledge and depth of science than a thousand Sagan’s.

            Now THAT is one of your more far-fetched comments, CS … especially since the illiterates of bible time knew NOTHING about the universe and other planets, of which Mr. Sagan was quite knowledgeable.

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          4. Really?
            Perhaps you should Carefully consider the 37th chapter- with the following fact that is lost on ‘scientists.’

            —- Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass?—-


          5. Ark,

            It seems Mrs. ColorfulSprinkles has runaway with his hairless, skinless tail tucked between his hind legs. 🤭 He only engages once, maybe twice at most with anyone who disagrees with his delusions. Hmmmm, that trend is down! His ‘meow’ is becoming more and more silent. 😉


          6. When a lion comes and plonks it’s arse on a termite’s mound he will likely be in for a surprise.
            Dammit … there I go, not paying attention to my own bloody sign!

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          7. 😄 You pretend to know what animal on the African continent is and always has been the most lethal and predatory. But you are wrong. You should try to mimic that animal. 😆😉


          8. Where did I mention ‘most lethal and predatory?’ Sloppy reading produces false conclusions.

            Heck, the much smaller honey badger packs quite the punch for its size. But I detest hyenas.

            You went quite off-road- so I stayed on the trail. No need to take Ark’s post here further into the weeds. I’ve said plenty- and on point.


          9. What is the cute Avatar you have for yourself? How do you speak to people who disagree with you and challenge (most everything) you write? How do you talk down to those who do not believe exactly the way YOU believe?

            It’s quite apparent you do no or very little introspection CS. That is a primary symptom of an animal who thinks he is king of his domain. 😄 Well, until the next tough Hombre comes around and dethrones the self-proclaimed Wizard of Oz. 🤭


          10. Tkx prof- but many confuse confidence with arrogance…..

            Look again at the pic I’ve chosen. Do you see any teeth? That beast is resting. And a fine looking beast at that which fears nothing.


          11. Dear Ron.
            I would draw your attention to the sign displayed on the front of the lion’s cage:
            Please Do Not Feed The Animals.
            You will notice he is already bloated and somewhat full of himself from his almost exclusive diet of Bull Shit.
            Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



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          12. “Signs, signs, everywhere signs,
            Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind.
            Do this, don’t do that,
            Can’t you read the sign?”

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          13. Ron, I’m only just now reading your thread with ColonStorm, but I guarantee you… here very quickly CS will most likely invalidate YOUR exegesis and hermeneutics of his/CS’s Holy Scriptures, that you are incapable of properly quoting the Bible—that is freely available to everyone on Earth to read—and so therefore, when you quote “God” verbatim your quoting and explanation is of none other than the Devil Himself!!!! 😱😆🙄

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          14. Reading comprehenson? Jesus H!! Listen, ”Stevie Wonder” you want the damn thing in braille as well?
            I’ll be off to watch Champions League in a short while so you better rein it in orlright?

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          15. 😄 Hah! Right! What does ColorfulSprinkles have to read, comprehend, and deduce from Holy Scriptures? Where can I and everyone else on this planet other than CS find/get our OWN holy ghost too? 😉

            Yes! I have my recorder(s) all set to record the other games, but I’m watching and supporting Liverpool! Ooooooooo, Lokomotiv Moscow just tied Bayern!!! Does your nephew(?), God-son(?) know this? Lol


          16. How the Gehenna did you remember he supported Bayen?
            Gott im Himmel!

            I can’t even remember if I put underpants on this morning
            Godson. I’m sure Erich and his dad are bedecked in the wrong sort of red taking turns biting the TV remote and swearing in German at the ref.

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          17. Sure does! Ya KNOW that’s Dougie-boy Ark don’tcha? What I want to know is just HOW does Ark get so flexible like that being of a VERY advanced age!!!??? Inquiring minds must know! 🤔

            He looks delightful in those Lederhosen, eh? And those LEGS! They just won’t stop! Lol

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          18. Btw Ark, have you followed my debate/discourse with Joel Edmund Anderson over on Gary’s blog regarding how Greek scribes/copyist of the 1st- thru 4th-centuries could NOT have possibly translated properly 40-75 year old “oral testimonies” of Yeshua and STJM from Syro-Aramaic to Koine Greek with 100% perfection… and much worse from Mishnaic-DSS Hebrew to Syro-Aramaic to Koine Greek?

            The tunnel-visioned man just REFUSES to do any Independent, i.e. non-Christian, research into authentic history and linguistics that his Greco-Roman Church Fathers constantly hid and distorted from Gentiles. He is so unbelievably lazy!!! 🤦‍♂️


          19. Well, who incited David to take a census? Was it God (per 2 Samuel 24:1) or Satan (per 1 Chronicles 21:1)? Or are they one and the same character — perhaps a Hebrew version of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde? 🙂

            And whenever believers special plead for their own special, divinely-inspired interpretations of a passage, I’m immediately reminded of George Bernard Shaw’s observation that “no man ever believes that the Bible means what it says: he is always convinced that it says what he means.”

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        2. CS:

          “Who is blameless?”

          Anyone objectively seeking Truth and not just going with the flow. It requires actual (ouch) analytical thinking.

          “Who is wicked?”

          Anyone pushing party-lines and discouraging rational analysis. Anyone milking the gullible and/or desperate with fairytale solutions to genuine stresses. That, Sir, is wicked.

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      1. Careful Argus!!! Only readers with the correct Holy Christ-Spirit in their hearts can TRULY read and understand Holy divine-inspired Scripture worthy of quoting or teaching!!! ColorfulSprinkles would call this special “gift” Gnosis. David Koresh and Jim Jones had it as well!!! 😉 🤭

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  7. A bunch of my Christian friends complained a lot when lockdown forced churches to close here for a while. I found their complaints a bit odd, since Christians are always talking about how “Church isn’t a building” and that it’s the meeting together that counts apparently. It’s not like they still can’t do almost everything online for a while. Of course these same complainers will also claim persecution, even though they are being treated exactly the same as everyone else.

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      1. I have Christian friends.
        But here in New Zealand religion isn’t as divisive (mostly not) as in some other places; they come to our place for dinner, we invite them to say Grace … we go to theirs, we accept Grace with good grace and everyone is happy. No loss either way.

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          1. No … they still have all their fingers and things. I haven’t taken a bite out of anyone in ages … (where did you say you live?)


    1. Your Christian friends obviously overlooked the source of the virus which shut them down … all things trace back to The Almighty, no?

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  8. Hello Ark. One reason preachers want to keep churches open and do mass in person gathering is because of donation. A study found donations are way down when people are not being watch while putting something in the collection plate. Like everything about the upper levels of religions it comes down to extracting money from the followers to enrich the leaders at the top. Hugs

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  9. I belong to the Church of the True Wheel, and my parish — Our Lady of Perpetual Single Track — has no other option than to congregate together in the great outdoors. So no online services for me.

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