50 thoughts on “For all my American friends.

      1. Tild:

        vote Trump. He’s interesting, and God knows we need someone to cheer us up (clowns probably not allowed no more ‘cos they take the peshabi out of people with big feet, and the scruffy, and those with red noses, and the clumsy … actually, out of every bugger with an inferiority complex).

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  1. Watched this awhile back … it’s truly amazing how, when their words are fed back to them, they don’t even realize what they just said. Klepper is VERY good at what he does!

    Of course the bottom line is the sheepies have been totally indoctrinated by a leader who took his lessons from Jim Jones.

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    1. Yeah, but Princess Donny is not half the “man” Jones was. I mean, Jones whacked himself along with his followers when push came to shove. Can you EVER imagine Donny doing THAT?? He’d crawl into his bunker and hide from things if they got bad. He’d NEVER kill himself though, I’m sure, he’d gladly tell his followers to kill themselves and, of course, they gladly would. Idiots.

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  2. Yep. Ark, I hear all this ingenious cognitive pathology and incomprehensible critical thinking here in Texas weekly (if I’m lucky!) and daily (when I’m not lucky and being tormented!). 🤦‍♂️ When I travel to Central Texas and the various small towns to visit extended family—e.g. Lometa, TX, Lampasas, TX, Kerrville, TX, Burnet, TX, Marble Falls, TX—this is the norm. Sadly, this Jordan Klepper segment is a 30-40 year reflection of our deteriorating, dismantled public education system from Pre-K to primary to secondary curriculums and the poorly paid teachers who struggle to survive on the wages they earn. Naturally, the majority of brilliant, quality teachers never enter our public education systems or they exit after only 2-3 years—those positions are then filled with lower qualified teachers.

    But HEY!!! “Look on the bright side of life! America” Our PRIVATE and CHARTER schools and under-grad institutions—the vast majority being Christian-affiliated and Christian-partial curriculums/theology—are thriving and accruing wealth every year Ark!!! 😉 😔 And those impoverished white folks in the rural areas of this great nation who cannot afford high-quality educations, including under-grad tuitions, they get interviewed by Jordon Klepper and their sharply tuned thinking-speaking skills shine through!!!! Exactly how President tRumpsky’s oral camera skills shine through!!! 🙄

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  3. On the ‘flat-earth’ debate … like I said before, it is unarguable. All you have to do is look out the window—does that look globular/spherical to you?

    If wasn’t flat all the oceans would pour off too, no?

    And they call us dogs dum. Sheesh!


      1. I watched the man who blames Obama for everything, and when you realize this man was maybe 11 at the time, and he has probably never heard of Bush jr. OR senior, and really sounds like the folks who believe Canada is our neighbor to the south. Dear lord in heaven. This is not the sharpest apple in the drawer…


  4. I keep telling you dum’ edjicated non-Christian folks … how can your silly “facts” beat a good old tub-thumping hellfire spittin’ motivated evangelist, hey?

    AND a fact is only the current opinion of the most anyway. So if you wanna change a few facts just score yourself an overbalance of voters and you are inboard. Again:


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  5. Klepper is awesome.

    On the one hand the editors assemble only the dumbest things they hear at the rallies. So there is a filtering bias. On the other hand, the rallies attract a particularly credulous segment of the population. Which is another filtering bias. One way or the other, we have some very dumb people here in the states. And ever was it so. Long history of credulity, which explains why we think we are exceptional, lol.

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      1. It’s other people that cause the advancement. Like every country the US has a range of smart to dumb people, but with a population of 320 million total, the absolute numbers in any part of the spectrum are huge. And we have a higher proportion of dumbs because of greater religiosity and a decentralized (=wildly varying in quality) education system. It’s a First World country with a kind of internal Third World in the deep South and a lot of the rural areas.

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        1. I have seen something like each state has its own curricula or something. One would expect that there is a bare minimum that is expected of all the schools. Maybe people just need to know to read and write

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      2. Well, by definition and per the old bell curve, half the population is necessarily below average.

        But America also filtered early on for religious zealotry — many early comers were here because their brand was too radical for Europe. And I wonder if our turn of fate in winning our revolution led to a false sense of confidence. We have been fairly lucky in our wars, oceans helped us a great deal. And lucky in resources, having an entire continent of largely untapped steel, lumber, and oil. Dumb luck really.


          1. I’ve been contemplating lately the difference between (1) intelligence and (2) critical thinking. Many smart people still appear to be quite credulous, believing a range of conspiracies and myths and faith claims. And many smart people seem fairly crippled when it comes to examining their own views or considering that they might be wrong. There seems to be an insecurity that drives the need for conspiracy or faith. Group think and the need to belong seems to outweigh. Or the ego need to be right all the time. Intelligence can be present, but not be strong enough to overcome. I don’t know exactly why that is. But it seems to be somewhat orthogonal to intelligence.

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          2. Fear. Even generally smart people have been convinced hell awaits them and are afraid. They will believe a lot of nonsense


  6. I am so laughing ark. Some of your friends here have somehow worked into your vid FE.

    But I would use their commentary against them to tighten the noose of ignorance.

    On the one hand you are correct to point out the idiotic views that people cling to – without facts.

    Now then, ask these same people (Trumpers) if they believe the earth spins and rotates at insane speeds. You will have a problem- because they will say ‘of course it does’ — so these ‘idiots’ agree with your science having zero facts.

    See how this works? So be careful whose axe you grind.


  7. Special note to all libtards who might be reading this. We, The United Libtard Front Of New Jersey, are having a Republican baby-fry this weekend to celebrate the great taste of Republican babies. Now, I must warn you, that “Q” of Qanon fame and his evil partner, Princess Donald Trump, may well try to stop by and prevent us from eating these babies. That’s a risk all we libtards take, but, GOD DAMN!!!! Republican babies taste SOOOOO good, it’s worth the risk! So, stop on by 666 Evil Road, New Jersey this weekend, and enjoy some fried Republican babies with the rest of us libtard heathens, but, please be wary of “Q”, Princess Trump, and their brilliant followers–those gals are the biggliest, smartest, big-brained people out there. Oh, and before I go, the weekend after this we will be having a Libertarian baby-bake at the same address, so stop on by for some DEELICIOUS baked Libertarian babies! YUMMY, YUM, YUM, YUM!!!

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    1. It is obvious that the US does not want Canada to view such videos as it will confirm the suspicion that they know how stupid they are in some quarters and this may be all the reason Canada needs to invade.

      Try this …

      Let me know if you still can’t view it.


  8. Nope, still can’t see it but now I know why. It’s because it was on the Daily Show and for some reason that is restricted from access here. I will get to see it eventually, because we can see old Daily Shows.


          1. One of the first people he interviewed was upset that Obama was out playing golf or something and not in the White House during the 9/11 attacks. He suggested we need to find out why.
            Tells you pretty much all you need to know, I’d say.

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          2. Very true! The last time the Canadians invaded they forced us to eat French toast for breakfast whether we wanted it or not! The buggers! To them and their socialized medical coverage I say, “Bugger off, ya invading bastards, ya!”

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          3. Oh, they speak American horribly! Hurts my ears to hear ’em, AND sometimes they speak some other babble that they call “French”! I mean, WTF is that aboot, eh?


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