38 thoughts on “Something to make you think … and smile.

  1. V. interesting talk, and a thoroughly decent chap by the sound of him.
    Here’s the current score – UK slipped to 15th place but 80th when it comes to international peace and security and 61st on prosperity and equality. Its high science and technology score is what brings its overall score up. Kenya’s slipped to 55th (sorry Mak, but I think you knew this); US is 40th but 101st on international peace and security.

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      1. Sorry, Prof. T. I personally think the UK is very over-rated at 15th. We don’t give a toss about international law and our favourite industry is supplying arms. The same site also has a leader index. I rather lost faith in the whole process when I saw it had Boris Johnson as ‘goodest’. Even his own senior party members would have problems with that.

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        1. Yes. What I gathered from Mr. Anholt, at some point in the video, he emphasized “the data,” the data from the 7 different sectors of a nation drove the results, not individual leaders or political parties. So I surmise then that regarding the UK’s ranking it has more to do with everybody in government, top to bottom, even to the counties and townships as well as the UK’s GNP as a whole to their “Global Contribution.” This despite how unliked Boris is among many Brits.

          However, I must admit that I certainly am no expert on British politics and the like. My understanding of it all is VERY rudimentary πŸ™‚

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          1. I bet! My home here in South Dallas (southwest Oak Cliff)—where Stevie Ray Vaughn grew up πŸ˜‰ —had a MASS EXODUS of white families during the 1970’s and 80’s. The void was filled with Hispanics and African-American families, which caused a perpetual Caucasian Exodus πŸ˜„ into the millennium. White people are SO SCARED of what they don’t know or understand! hehehe

            Of course none of this bothered my parents in the least. We/They stayed put in that house until Dad’s death/suicide. But now today Ark? The last remaining (white) family I know there tells me “Dwain, you wouldn’t recognize the place.” That house and entire neighborhood (Westwood Park), hell, even Cockrell Hill and Kenwood are some of the prettiest neighborhoods in southwest Dallas, bar none! Ain’t it funny how weird and stupid people think and behave? πŸ™„πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ


          2. In most cases yes, however, I consider there may well be genuine concern regarding large scale Moslem immigration, with all that Sharia Law stuff etc.

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          3. Yep. They’re scared shitless about them too. Hell, the ONLY race/ethnicity white Texans are not scared of are… ???

            Care to take a wild guess Ark? πŸ˜‰


          4. OMS&G Ark!!! I love, love, LOVED that freakin’ SHOW!!! I’ve watched every single episode THREE TIMES!!! 🀭 The best wit EEVVV-ERRRRRR, hands down! Stephen Fry was fantastic as the host!

            Geeeezzzz, now I want to go watch it all a fourth time!!!

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          5. I always suspected we wos genil’men of superior class and interllekt and spelling abilities.
            Now that we like the same tv shows I am convinced.
            Should we elope?

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          6. Right away! Sweep me off my feet! (Que the great Meg Ryan quote in Top Gun…)

            Dwain: Hey, Ark, you big stud!
            Ark : That’s me, honey.
            Dwain: Take me to bed or lose me forever!
            Ark: Show me the way home, honey.


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          7. Visons of Julie Andrews doing a twirly sing song while in the background a chorus line of gun toting, lederhosen-slapping republicans, sing: ”Trump de trump trump trump, Ye Haw” to the tune of The hills are alive.

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          8. πŸ˜† I KNEW my heart went pitter-patter around you, every word you typed were like honeysuckle dripping onto my nose, down inside my shirt, slowing moving further to…

            Is your grandmother still reading here? Should I go on? 😈

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          9. I can’t quite fathom the Boris ranking. It seems to be based on his allowing 5 year visas to British Nationals Overseas in Hong Kong. It would be very lovely if we did have the kind of democracy you envisage Prof. T i.e. down to the counties and townships. Most of the population appears not to have the slightest notion as what gets enacted in Parliament, and it’s even worse now.

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          10. The same goes for most Americans here: no real, detailed notion to what gets tabled or enacted in their local, county, state, and federal governments. It’s so very sad Tish.

            The reasons for the serious decline in all Americans—but especially the disadvantaged populations here, i.e. non-whites—not taking serious or unable to fulfill their civil duties and monthly, quarterly, and annual civil responsibilities/engagements are partly because from middle school to high school grades History, Social Studies, Political Sciences, etc, are curriculums over the last 3-4 decades have been deemphasized in our public school districts by one particular Party nationwide, particularly in the South and Midwest. American Private and Charter schools and districts teach with near full impunity WHATEVER history, social studies, political science, curriculums THEY deem as core.

            As a result, high school grads for the last 30-40 years have become weaker and weaker in their understandings and responsibilities of their governmental systems, policies, and Constitutional functions. Renown university professor Nancy MacLean, now of Duke and Northwestern Universities, has done a career of studies into this problem in her excellent book Democracy In Chains. She completely exposes and dissects how all of this has taken place and by whom these last 40-years. Several other scholars and journalists have also done the same corroborating work.


  2. Ark, an excellent share my Friend. Thank you!

    I’ve touched on many of Simon Anholt’s points in a few of my blog-posts, particularly my two blog-series Untapped Worlds and Games of Unknowledging, but Anholt being an Oxford University grad puts everything so much more eloquently, poignantly, and concisely than I ever could! HAH! πŸ˜›

    That said, there’s always been two social phenomenon I’ve been utterly fascinated by! Harvard University’s Dr. E.O Wilson’s research into sociobiology, specifically entomology and myrmecology. What he and his associates and colleagues in the field have discovered is just how remarkably well insects and ants perform Eusociality and Superorganism survival… for the Greater Good, their Greater Good. And these are mere tiny insects!!! A number of insects and a handful of animals have been doing this for thousands and millions of years already! They will most likely be species who have a much higher chance of surviving a planetary Extinction Event than primate Homo sapiens could EVER dream of implementing, much less surviving! UNLESS we humans begin doing what Simon Anholt is laying out for us.

    Ark, you remember me talking about these two phenomena? πŸ˜‰ I think E.O. Wilson and Simon Anholt would have MUCH to talk about and have much in common.


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