Oh for gods’ sake.

Pastor David Robertson has a video post up interviewing Melvin Tinker about his latest book.

I’d never heard of this bloke before and as is my usual habit, I like to do the Googly thing and wherever posible, fact-check before I proceed to engage on the topic at hand.

Sometimes I get it wrong. But it is always heartwarming when the object, or in this case the person, is interviewed in studio on the telly, no less, regarding his controversial statements and one hears the words from the horse’s mouth, as it were.

Here’s a link to an article about the Tinker statements.

The video is a BBC News clip. You can search for it if you are interested.

And, not that I am likely to get on the cover of GQ ol’ Melvin does look a bit like a horse and definitely his view’s strongly suggest he is probably a horse’s arse.

So, what’s the rub?


Melvin, who is a retired Anglican vicar for Hull, is on record asserting that there is a comparison between homosexuality and pedophelia, and such people as suggested by the Archbishop of York, should not be ”welcomed” into the church.

Of course there is some major irony here inasmuch as the Church – including the Church of England – has been riddled with pedophiles abusing and raping children; probably since the first Christian minister/priest/pastor donned a frock and winked in the direction of the kids in the choir, and I have little doubt there are such monsters lurking about the pews as I type.


That a fellow pastor, Robertson, has taken to his blog, Facebook and Youtube to interview Tinker and gush over Tinker’s new book might suggest he is happily ignorant of the controversy over Tinker’s views and statements – something I consider highly unlikely. This leaves us with the likliehood that Robertson sympathizes with and even agrees with Tinker’s views.

As the views of people such as Tinker ( and I’ll stick my neck out say Robertson as well) are claimed to be based on the Word of God (sic) it is telling that when the topic of homosexuality is raised Leviticus 18 is usually the bible verse first and most often quoted.

Of course, this mentions nothing about female homosexuality, and I will venture that it is male homosexuality the likes of Tinker and his ilk generally focus on.

I am sure the average psychatrist would have a field day with this attitude.


I didn’t bother commenting on Robertson’s blog, as it would never see the light of day. However, I did comment on the YouTube video ….

Melvin Tinker – the bloke who put homosexuality in the same ‘sin’ column as pedophelia! Now there’s someone you want to heed advice from about anything, right?

…. and my comment has twice been summarily removed.

Read into this what you will


16 thoughts on “Oh for gods’ sake.

  1. There is a major theme here and it is the punishment of people who break their god’s commandments. And lying is okay, false witness is okay, even Donald Trump is okay as long as the miscreants get punished. So, false testimony? I’ll highlight it on my blog/TV show … it is not my false testimony and it will punish the wrongdoers!

    It is as if they do not trust their god to punish the wrongdoers in the afterlife, forever and ever, Amen.

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  2. that also shows a complete and deliberate misunderstanding of pedophilia and homosexuality, but it sure does draw the crowd…it just cements what most of that fan base already ‘suspects’.

    what they do not consider, are the number of pedophilic fathers, uncles, cousins, even brothers, who abuse the very young. These men are not gay, but they are a concern in their families and also know there’s no cure for this. One of the reasons so many of them beg for help or isolation.

    I think the major difference is that while both are ‘born with’, the gay man chooses gay MEN, and as one friend put it, ‘why would I want to muck about with little boys? ” which says it all. They aren’t after control, they’re after relationships.

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  3. I have and had no problem with folks who are a wee bit ‘different’ from me … just so long as they accept my straitness, and we could deal as sovereign person to sovereign person. I accept people as people qua people and wish nothing more than that in return.

    It’s only when folks get intrusive that I object, and it’s the religious who seem to be doing most (if not all) of the intruding. Again, the answer isn’t in laws-rules-regulations but in freedom and education.

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  4. I’ve heard this argument before, but the other way around by Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R..
    He claimed that priests (etc.) who had sex with teenage boys were homosexual by definition, since they didn’t seem to molest prepubescent children of either sex (not pedophile). It was a speech where the late Franciscan Friar drew the distinction, but I don’t recall his context or rationale.
    At least in the USA we seem to draw a hard and distinct line by age for consensual sex. I agree with such rules.
    I honestly don’t give a rat’s ass about what Robertson, Tinker, or my neighbor’s dog think about all of this since I kind of know before hand (yes, I prejudge them, I’m not sorry).
    At least the comments you get seem mostly good.

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    1. My comment has now been removed from Robertsons Third Space Facebook page 3 times.
      Can comments be as easily removed from Youtube? Mine keep disappearing there as well. I thought that platform was ”untouchable”

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          1. I’m not a YouTube fan, but it seems logical that comments would be under the control of the owner the same as blogs and/or other social media.


          2. I simply cannot understand why Robertson doesn’t like me / seems afraid to engage my comments on any serious level.
            My mother thinks I am delightful!


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          3. Well, mothers are like that … 😊

            Have you ever considered it might have something to do with your occasional caustic tone? Oops!


          4. Good grief! That never crossed my mind.
            I thought it was de rigeur to point out how so many evangelical Christians like Robertson were disengenious, hypocritcal, lying Arsehats with little moral backbone.
            Who knew?

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  5. Things that make you go Hmmm. . .

    – Gay men who join religious organizations that condemn homosexuality.
    – Non-Jews who worship a Jewish deity and follow Jewish law.
    – Christians who condemn paedophilia despite the fact that those Jewish codes permit selling your daughter into servitude/marriage and command the taking of female sex slaves following a conquest.

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    1. “Non-Jews who worship a Jewish deity and follow Jewish law.”

      I always found that puzzling, too. If the Jews got it wrong when it came to Christ, why aren’t they wrong when it comes to Yahweh?

      As Darth Vader said, pursuing the Scottish pastor down the Death Star trench: “The Cogdis is strong with this one.”


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