Leading you up the garden path

Summer proper arrived today. Well, at least that was what my wife said. I was reliably infomed it was 35c and knowing it always gets a bit hotter than the average where we are and I just checked todays weather before writing this and it said we had a high of 33c.

Too damn hot for moi to do much, and baking – and especially icing and decorating – isn’t any fun in this heat.

Thought I’m prune a bit off one of the lemon trees this morning, it’s been getting a bit tall and I’m not one for going up and down ladders these days. When I have to I try to sneak the ladder from it’s place without my wife noticing otherwise I hear the words, ”Be careful!” ringing in my ears. As if I’ll be careless on purpose, for goodness’ sake.

Not that I’m decrepit or anything, it’s just that I have a habit of coming down ladders the more direct route and whenever my daughter sees me fetch the ladder for any sort of job she invariably hollers: ”Wait! Let me fetch my cellphone, I want to film this.”

Sort of gurantees I’m cursed before I even begin.

Sigh … such is life.

Pruned and ready to go.

‘Bags’ of lemons.

Once again we are fortunate to have another bumper crop this year – a lot more than we can use or in fact need. I thought I’d fill a few boxes and pop them on the wall at the front with a sign: Free Lemons. Please take a box.

Might make a few people happy!


26 thoughts on “Leading you up the garden path

  1. …and I’m not one for going up and down ladders these days. […]

    …it’s just that I have a habit of coming down ladders the more direct route

    I found these confessions to be quite revealing Ark. Were you a Mexican cliff-diver in a previous life? Or perhaps a Para in the British Army’s Parachute Regiment? Do you have a fascination or fixation with Mother Earth, the ground? Are you a hopeless romantic… who “falls” too easily? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›


    1. None of the above. I’m the Wily Coyote character sitting on the wrong end of the branch with a saw in my hand with a speech bubble that has the word ”Ooops!”


        1. Yeah … something like this. Today I managed to get away with just a few wobbly moments and spearing the cuticle on my ring finger with a frakking huge barb. Caused a few choice words -some of which even I’d never heard of before πŸ˜‰ – and some copious bleeding.

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          1. Yes, I did catch that about Mane. On a serious note, I’m afraid Ark that the countries who greatly miss the economic and PR impacts of big sports—the USA certainly has its big 3, football being the top draw—are seeing a noticeable rise in new COVID-19 cases. Europe is going into their 2nd wave now. The U.S. is seeing another spike ever since they began opening up stadiums to fans (even at just 25% – 30% capacity) as well as bars and restaurants. And low and behold… GUESS WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW!? πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ This is why I said yesterday, this pandemic is going well into 2021 for sure… cuz people, especially defiant rebels, can’t be trusted to keep 6-8 ft away and keep their damn masks on the entire time they’re out in public!!!! 😠


          2. The 2nd wave is going to bite hard … and I mean hard like a Pit Bull with lock jaw clinging to your arse.
            There was talk over lunch about doing some renovations this afternoon but I stopped that conversation in its tracks. If (When?) the shit really hits the fan we will need every cent on hand and accesible.
            We do not have the support structure – what there is – of the UK for example, and although we do employ, the reality is that we don’t fit the B.E.E mould business-wise so there will be no bail-out or support of any kind.
            Another complete lockdown is likely to be a looming reality.
            Vaccine or no vaccine this ”ride” is far from over.

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          3. Ugh. πŸ˜“ Sorry to hear of your plight Ark. Mine isn’t any better either, perhaps more vulnerable, as it is with WAY TOO MANY around me here in Texas.

            No matter how hard the true experts (epidemiologists, virologists, etc) tried and tried to warn our (mostly) Conservative Republican leaders on all levels… just HOW BIG this pandemic was going to hit and its massive ripple-effects… it all fell on deaf ears and Pre-K and Kindergarten brains who choose mythology/superstitions over established science/medicine. And so… here we go again. πŸ˜–πŸ˜‘


          4. Very wise Ark. As you correctly pointed out, it seems unified total lockdowns are the only remedy for saving our frontline health-workers in hospitals. If we overrun them or worse eliminate them, we are in a world of hurt. It is beyond comprehension why Repub Americans/Texans can’t seem to grasp that serious potentiality! It seems the ONLY thing they obsess about or compute is…

            …what’s my bottom-line, my profit margin? πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¬

            Or there’s always the other popular obsession here: “Let us pray. God/Christ has all the answers. They will save us.” πŸ™„

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      1. Btw, does Em actually have some delightful video footage of you trying to fly???? 🀭 If so, please please do share, post it!!! I promise… cross my heart hope to die, stick a needle in Ark’s arse I will not laugh! 😁

        …too loud.


          1. 🀣 Is this how you want to be remembered Ark? You might wanna rethink this! Is there something, ANYTHING you can bargain with—of value of course!—that could make Em give up the goods?

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  2. I saw those and thought, aha, those are the lemons you never see in the markets, those are what we’d call the ‘culls’. I never thought about them being actual okay fruit. Do they taste the same.?

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