A Must Watch!

There’s a new film on Netflix titled: David Attenborough A Life On Our Planet.

A comprehensive indictment of our species coupled with a message of hope including a truly simple solution to the looming catastrophe.

Like all Attenborough’s work, it is exquisitely filmed.

If you haven’t got Netflix it’s worth signing up just for this film.

I watched it over two evenings – I’m odd like this – and cannot recommend it high enough.


26 thoughts on “A Must Watch!

  1. Well damn it Ark! 🀨 I dropped Netflix 2-3 months ago because in this ongoing pandemic—that IS going to continue well into 2021—I had watched everything I wanted to watch, TWICE or 3-times and there were other programs, sports, etc, on many other paid-subscription streaming services I wanted to see—because there is no longer any such thing as truly free TV programming available with little non-stop advertisement breaks. Thanks to this pandemic I am now subscribed to three streaming services—you, Netflix, and David Attenborough are making it very hard not to make it FOUR paying streaming services. 😠

    I guess I could just not eat but one very small meal per day, huh? πŸ˜‰

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      1. I believe you either have to OWN some land (or be paying the bank on your mortgage) to plant/grow foods or you must buy many, MANY portable pots of dirt (land?) to move in and out daily/nightly to plant/grow foods… so that the hundreds of homeless people do not take/eat your foods. Hmmmm. πŸ€”

        Nah, sorry Ark. That kind suggestion doesn’t work at the moment. Thank you nonetheless Sir. πŸ™‚


        1. Fair enough, Mister D. Apartment life or Flat Life does restrict veggie growing quite severely.
          However …. and you knew there would be one of those, right?
          A couple of pots, some decent potting soil and a sunny windowsill and you are A for away for a few tomatoes and lettuce.

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          1. Hahaha… you are right. Even a little tiny bit helps. πŸ˜‰ Of course that presumes there would be pots and potting soil available somewhere. Guess I need to buy a chunk of land, build a storage unit, to house all the supplies, equipment, seeds, and water(?) to do that sufficiently, huh? Ahh, land, resources, and the demands of sharing it all and managing it well for all? Hmmmm. πŸ€” Our species has shown a piss-poor long history of NOT doing that well at all Ark.

            If there is going to be a 6th Major Extinction Event* happening or even a 21st Minor Extinction Event*—and at this current rate it’s pretty certain unless humans slow it REAL FAST REAL SOON then reverse it!—then myself, most of my immediate family, including my two children, will be the first wave of self-inflicted genocides on the planet. None of us know enough about surviving in the wild; we’re not Special Ops Navy-trained SEALS in case you were wondering Ark. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

            But then even if we were Navy-SEALS able to survive in the wild, that assumes in a HUGE WAY that there are even “wilds,” healthy ecosystems/biosystems around TO have a chance of surviving, right!? πŸ™„

            But then if that’s the case, semi-stable healthy ecosystems/biosystems(?)… then how many other desperate humans would be willing to do ANYTHING against other desperate humans for 3-bites of food? Can you imagine that level of chaos and total mayhem?


  2. Who can you believe? Only true history (and the books are always written by the winners).

    As for Attenborough, he’s a good speaker but he lost credibility with me when a (quickly removed) comment stated that when the BBC cameras filmed those walruses falling off the cliffs … said walruses were actually being herded over by guess-who’s drones; especially for his propaganda.

    Sure, I can’t prove it … but no-one alive can prove otherwise either (not if they value their jobs; and who would believe an erk cameraper against Sir Dick himself?

    I believe in ‘climate change’, yes … climates have been doing exactly that for billions of years. Can’t argue there. To see the future it never hurts to evaluate the present by looking at the past (or at human nature).

    Cui bono?

    And I always note that Greta Thunberg’s personal trademark is that synthetic rain-jacket …

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  3. Ark, thanks for the reminder. As for changing direction … I don’t think it is possible unless the key influencers like China and the US are on board.

    If you get the chance watch the film ‘gray mountain’

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    1. PiP,

      Do not count on the USA doing enough in the required remaining time (tick tock tick tock) we/Earth have to slow this near tipping-point down. I personally feel that way too many Americans—the last 2 generations or more?—are too comfortably numb, obese, and near brain-dead to 1) recognize what the Earth Science and clear evidence is screaming at us, and 2) we are too spoiled and inside 5-6 decades of plush, convenient lifestyles to make those necessary changes—they’d cause too much upheaval to our opulent, lazy lifestyles! πŸ™„

      I mean GEEEEEZZZZZZ, look how horrible we’ve all done so far with the COVID-19 pandemic here? Over 218,000 dead and counting… and we couldn’t even last 3-months (psuedo?) quarantined in our homes when it was bad in March thru May! And all of our new-infections spikes have come consistently 14-17 days after national holidays and weekends. And since we begun allowing sporting leagues and stadiums to allow 25% – 30% capacity of spectators to gather—many of them NOT distancing nor wearing masks the entire time—and we’ve begun opening up bars and restaurants to 50% to 100% occupancy, and other businesses… our new cases are on the rise again. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

      Therefore, what does that tell you and the world about whether the USA can unite together, do what’s best for each other and the world? πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜ž

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      1. Sadly, it’s every man for himself in today’s society. In Portugal there is a slogan “We are all in this together” and apart from a few COV-idiots most people have pulled together. The NEW normal is becoming second nature and next week fingers crossed they will make wearing masks compulsory in law and we have to have the STAYSAFE covid ap on our phone.

        I feel so sorry for you guys in the US …

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  4. Being familiar with Attenb. work, and seeing his documentation at his older years, one could fairly conclude, that while the earth is stunning in its natural being/ it is man who has ravaged it.

    Who could disagree? But if EVOLUTION is the grand way, then so what? Must must THEN rape the earth to prove he is a stupid animal.

    But what I see is a gorgeous creation/ man’s insolence aside. I wonder if Mr David shares these obvious sympathies.


    1. One could just as easily suggest that if this is all part of your god’s plan then the ultimate blame is laid at his … oh I am so sorry … His feet.
      But then, I suppose only a Giant Nob would consider this option.


      1. Not really ark. Look at the pollution. Look what the combustion engine produces. Men’s doing. Arson and ravishing of cities. Men’s doing.

        So if man is evolving as to intelligence, sure seems like a backward trip. So whjat’s wrong with the oceans of the world as they are?


        1. Oh, I agree 100% CS. It is pretty much all man’s doing. No arguments from me.

          And I believe it is becaue of evolution we will bring our planet back from the brink.
          In some areas, it is already happening and we all have a responsibilty to do whatever we can to help.


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