17 thoughts on “Pro Life, Abortion, And The Sanctity Of Life

  1. If the fetus has a “right” to life, taking precedence over the parents’wishes — as the evangelical pro-lifers insist –shouldn’t it follow that children have a right to freedom from their parents’ religion?

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  2. Where were all the ‘pro lifers’ when the Holey Church was torturing folks to death by various unpleasant means, including burning them alive atop a bonfire?

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    1. Being omniscient, God knows exactly what you will choose (even before you are born), which means your ‘choice’ is and always was inevitable, no?

      So what ‘choice’ is that?

      To make a choice you must be free to choose (not destined), but a needle following a groove on an old-fashioned record is not at all free. Neither is anyone on this planet. Nor is anything anywhere in the universes. If God is omniscient we are all simply following God-ordained grooves.

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  3. The underlying push for abortion from those in power has nothing to do with caring about the unborn…most do not.
    It’s about numbers…whites are having less children and losing ground.
    Hispanics probably have not had abortions much over time, nor have blacks. The year whites are outnumbered in ethnicity will arrive soon, so the Republican powers that be, are in a panic. That’s why they don’t care one hoot after they’re born…let them be poor, starving without healthcare….because, at least they’re white. It’s obscene!

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  4. G.C. is a legend. He could so easily, and humorously, eviscerate the religious/ Pro – Lifers, without breaking a sweat.

    “but think of all the members in the pearl clutchers club!” I’m pretty sure he was 🙂 Which makes it even better.

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  5. I stopped using the term “pro-life’ long ago. They’re anti-abortion or perhaps pro-birth at best, but too many seem almost anti-life. And like Mary, I question their motives.
    My daughter likes to tell me that I remind her of George Carlin, but I don’t see it. 🙂 Good one, Ark.

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