Oh, for gods- sake. What’s the buzz pt2

I am going to presume that after so long most of my visitors will recognize when I am having a bit of fun, and yesterday’s post was no exception.

Apologies to those who might have thought otherwise and were Googling furiously to find Tammy Gottlaid and Debora Dallas.

And in case any of you reprobates were unaware there really is a group called Evangelicals for Biden, – news to me – and the website I posted on my tongue-in-cheek post yesterday is genuine. I kid you not!


As the saying goes, there are lies, more lies and statistics. However, if the claims/stats posted on the site are to be believed then whenever a Democrat Pres. has been in power the abortion rate has dropped!

This is somewhat of an eye opener as I have been led to believe that those (mainly) white, evangelical Christians who voted for Trump did so largely on the strength of his supposed stance on abortion – and seemed not to give much of a damn about all his other (immoral/non-Christian) shortcomings.

As most of you lot will understand the US political landscape far better than moi it would be interesting if some of you perused the site and come back and tell us what you think?

Oh, and I promise you will not find mention of vibrators anywhere on the site!

Here’s their home page.


I’m going to pop to the kitchen and bake some biscotti. I’ll be back in a short while.



36 thoughts on “Oh, for gods- sake. What’s the buzz pt2

  1. IMO, I think the group is genuine. And I think they make some VERY good points.

    The thing that so many “hard-core” evangelicals fail to recognize/accept is exactly what these folk pointed out — Democrats support “contraception coverage and access for women” — key reasons behind reduced abortion counts. Unfortunately, the truly indoctrinated are too busy waving their signs and screaming their bible verses to recognize this.

    Sidenote: As with many things “political,” it’s the MALE population that is making the rules. And in this particular area, they should keep their F****ing mouths shut!

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    1. I also think the group is genuine. My question: Why were the Democrats not banging this drum before Trump was first elected?

      Are evangies for Biden perhaps a new group?


      1. Probably new. Evangelicals have been the hard core of Trump’s support since the 2016 election. He won the overwhelming majority of their votes and they remain the most loyal group. Only a relative few have peeled away recently.

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      1. From my perspective, there seems to be a rather large dollop of ‘disconnect ‘ going on.
        If these ‘New’ (?) evangelicals are supporting a candidate who is Catholic (Biden) AND pro-life what the Gehenna is the issue with these hard core twits supporting a giant Arsehat like Trump?

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        1. There are “idjuts” within the ranks of hard-core evangelicals just as there are in the general population. πŸ™‚

          Ark, it’s difficult to fathom the depth and width of these people’s adherence to their “faith” (as promoted and pushed by their leaders). Once they are “convinced” of something, it’s next to sinning to think otherwise. (I think Zoe would agree.)

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          1. Oh, I can understand this. Yet why would Evangies vote for Trump because of his claimed stance on abortion when Biden, a Catholic no less, who effuses about faith at the drop of a hat, is a fully committed pro lifer?
            This is what I am shaking my head over. And this is why I wondered if this evangelical support group is a new thing.

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          2. It could be a new thing … or it could simply be a group of believers that happen to have their heads screwed on correctly.

            I do understand where you’re coming from, but believe it or not, there really are some sane people among the evangelical crowd. It’s just like anything else — the people getting all the press are the ones that make the most noise and/or hold the most extreme viewpoints.

            What I’m curious about is how did you happen to come across this site?

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          3. I do not doubt for a second there are sane people among evangelicals, and I would be interested in finding out who these two people are. πŸ˜‰

            The site was linked on a post by …. wait for it … David ”Mr. Humble” Robertson.

            Out of curiosity, had you heard of this group before?

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          4. Oh. My. Robertson must be slipping! Did he have a bunch of negative comments?

            No, I had not heard of this group … which, in my personal opinion, is unfortunate. I think they need much more exposure! But then again, the radicals might try to take them down.

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        2. when Biden, a Catholic no less, who effuses about faith at the drop of a hat, is a fully committed pro lifer?

          Actually he isn’t. He supports abortion rights and gay rights and various other things evangelicals consider unforgivable. He calls himself a devout Catholic but he doesn’t believe in actually enforcing he taboo system. (Also, remember that many evangelicals consider Catholicism a heresy, practically tantamount to Satanism).

          The evangelicals know Trump doesn’t personally live according to the Christian taboo system, but he promised to appoint judges who would rule against abortion rights, gay rights, separation of church and state, and the rest of their bogeymen. That’s what they care about.

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          1. Well, I am geting my cues from the site and the things posted there. As I mentioned, you lot know your political system, but I get the impression there is now a sort of minefield over the term Pro-lifer and what little I’ve gleaned is while Biden is all for Pro choice he also states his Catholic faith is what has upheld him over the years ..yadda yadda yadda.

            I suppose it is a bit like when Penny (Big Bang Theory) said: ”I’m a vegetarian. Except for fish. And the occasional steak. I love steak! ”

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          2. I sometimes think “devout” in the religious sense may not always mean the person adheres strictly to their faith’s rules and by-laws. Taking Biden as an example, it could simply mean he attends mass regularly and probably abides by some of the church’s various observances. He may even pray now and again and perhaps “light a candle” if the occasion arises.

            It’s been demonstrated over the years that MANY people claim to be “Catholic” in name only.


          3. It’s very odd. Catholicism has such a detailed end explicit definition of its beliefs that it seems bizarre to me that people can call themselves devout Catholics while disregarding so many of the prescribed beliefs — but tens of millions do. I think ideas evolve over generations and with education, but people just don’t want to give up a label that’s been part of their family’s identity for so long.

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        3. The answer is “disconnect” in my not so humble opinion.

          This week I watched a video of two registered Democratic women who voted for Trump in 2016. I can’t remember if they were Christians. I do remember the one woman confessed to voting for him based on his brand . . . ie) he was a celebrity. The other said she regretted voting for him immediately after he was elected. The interviewer and I were simply sitting there wondering what part of everything he said prior to the election made them comfortable enough to say, ‘hey, I’m a democrat but I think I like this guy?’ Both women now regret their choice. They will vote for Biden this year.

          I share that tidbit to suggest that there are Trumpers and evangelicals who regret their choice in 2016. There was a disconnection.

          As is the case in many church/belief systems, it is easier to let a male pastor off the hook for his porn, his affairs, his adultery, his lies and gaslighting than it is to allow a woman to be in a leadership position. Often, it is women who support the patriarchy because they’ve been taught from knee-high to a grasshopper that their submission to the patriarchy is favourable in the Lord’s eyes. Far too many evangelical women voted for Trump and now with four years gone they see he was a snake in the garden offering them an apple. Trump promised the evangelicals the courts in exchange for their fidelity. Some evangelicals realize that in voting for Trump they have in fact ruined their own Christian testimony and have lost any sort of respect that they might have once possessed among society at large.

          John Pavlovitz is a pastor who I consider evangelical (link ->) https://johnpavlovitz.com/ who writes all manner of stuff that the hard-core evangelicals take issue with. He use to allow comments but it got nasty in there so commenting is now closed.

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  2. Hmm, I’ll have to pop over to that website again AFTER the UEFA Nations League’s two big games about to start: Italy vs. Netherlands and England vs. Denmark. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

    See you back here in about 2.5 hours Ark.

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    1. As it appears England will lose to Denmark, πŸ˜› I will submit my thoughts on this post…

      I am quite disappointed Ark that there is no mentions or hints of vibrators or the delightful responses they solicit! This absence and lack of OPEN dialogue regarding one of life’s simplest pleasures I find distressing and no fun. Party pooper! I must consider UNfollowing you and your blog now. πŸ™Žβ€β™‚οΈ 🀨 πŸ˜›

      I think Nan framed it correctly and much more precisely further elaborating on why abortions drop during Democrat Presidencies: disadvantaged women have more (safer) options to counter criminal, abusive, or irresponsible horny Neanderthal men who can’t keep their zippers zipped, their pants/boxers around their hips, and their tally-whackers completely covered!!! Since patriarchal society has never really taken responsibility for THEIR OWN idiocy the last 5,000 years—especially when many abortifacients have been quite easily available for women/young girls since the late 1400’s and early 1500’s.

      Ark, if you remember my June 2017 blog-series* where I discussed the known herb/flower the Pride of Barbados was a commonly used abortifacient for young women raped or abandoned by illiterate, irresponsible men/husbands, that was originally used frequently in the Caribbean Islands, West Africa, and northerly regions of South America. By the early & mid-1500’s the abortifacient treatment reached Europe and was available for any unwanted pregnancies. However, the ultra Conservative and religious European empires of the time utterly refused its widespread (legal) implementation for political, military/farming, and religious reasons only—i.e. the best interests of men and their empire’s dominance. This has been the social-legal order of the West ever since. It still holds true today, more so with our modern U.S. Republican leaders bound to their religious constituencies. Even today religious groups like EvangelicalsForBiden dot com are perpetuating illiteracy and misinformation, poor education of human sexuality, particularly denying for many centuries the proper and accurate facts/education about women’s sexuality! Again, the dominance of patriarchal religious societies exploiting and repressing women’s equal rights! Period.

      Therefore, IMO I will put very limited value, respect, or credence in anything or anyone associated with an Abrahamic religion, including the maligned and twisted misinforming website EvangelicalsForBiden, who do at least tell/show a more accurate narrative of men’s exploitation and abuse of young women/ladies all throughout history. Not going the full scientific, political, and social measure DOES NOT excuse this group’s overall distortion of the entire inhumane story of men, their politics, and fabrications to tyrannize non-whites and all women for their own interests… for many centuries.

      * – My blog-series: https://professortaboo.com/2017/06/12/games-of-unknowledging-part-ii/


      1. Oh, I have no respect for religion, at all as you well know by now, Mister D. I was merelty making an observation regarding how arse-backwards the US evangelical political situation is.

        On a separate, but not completely unrelated note. Did you by chance spot that in all the nice, colourful mages that accompanied the text on the site the almost total lack of colour was quite apparent?

        Interesting, don’t you think?

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        1. I was merelty making an observation regarding how arse-backwards the US evangelical political situation is.

          You are spot on Ark. The glaring fact that presupposition after presupposition after presupposition (ad infinitum) gets perpetuated ad infinitum chaps my arse every time. I think it is our responsibility—those with sound logical, equitable scrutiny-skills and critical-thinking skills—to always point out the many errors, problems, and sheer fabrications of religious groups, persons, and any other entities that promote ideology OPPOSED to humanity’s common good… to borrow one of the website’s fallacies.

          HAH! So glad you mention that Ark and that you caught it as well. Not too long ago when BREXIT was all the chatter and what Britain was going to actually do come the vote, I told my brotha of African-American descent and dearest friend of 23+ years:

          Hey Brotha, look at all the men and very few women of Parliament, both Houses. Do you see or have you seen ANY person who is NOT white!?” 😯 πŸ˜‰

          That’s a fantastic point Ark. Thank you.


          1. Duly noted Zoe. πŸ˜‰ In these unprecedented times we find ourselves (put ourselves in?), it is now very difficult to distinguish between the Homo sapiens, the Cro-Magnons, Neanderthals, and the very few Sahelanthropus tchadensis’ we still have walking/crawling around, e.g. the one in the White House. I think the only way now to distinguish them is to ask them basic elementary Earth Science questions and listen to their answer (non-answer) and vocabulary level. For example, what goes on in the atmosphere when flooding is happening on the ground? Point and case…

            πŸ™„πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ THAT is a Sahelanthropus tchadensis’ answer! A Neanderthal could come up with a more educated, intelligent answer than that!

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  3. Furthermore, on that website’s Pro-lifers for Biden page you linked to it reads:

    These pastors cited four key principles for pro-life voters to prayerfully consider:

    1. Biden will do more to actually reduce abortions than Trump,

    2. Overturning Roe will have little impact on abortions,

    3. Pro-life Christians must consider their responsibility to protect life after birth as well before, and

    4. Trump poses a deep threat to the Christian witness.

    This is all utter B.S.!!! Where was this level of scrutiny in 2015-2016? Everyone and their grandmother KNEW #4 simply from his playboying years that he was taught by his father, his paternal grandfather and great grandfather, i.e. exploit women! Pfffffttttt! Some of the info on this site makes nauseated for exactly what you noted Ark:

    I suppose it is a bit like when Penny (Big Bang Theory) said: ”I’m a vegetarian. Except for fish. And the occasional steak. I love steak!”

    BINGO! BULLS-EYE Ark. πŸ‘πŸΌ


      1. I wasn’t discarding some small portions of the website—it does show a few truths/facts. However, as a whole I cannot agree with it or support it. Yes, that’s my own personal opinion/conclusion.

        That doesn’t mean in the least Nan I lose any admiration and respect for you… should you wholeheartedly support the website. I would totally understand why. Those crazy Evangy-Fundies for Biden COULD start a movement BACK to a more moderate America. That would be a good thing indeed, and hence you (as a supporter) would be part of that return! I’d certainly applaud you for that Ma’am. πŸ™‚ ❀️

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        1. My main reason for defending them is having “been there, done that,” I admire them for using common sense (a rare quality among evangelicals). Whether they ever will … or even could… start a “movement” is debatable.

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          1. I completely concur with you there Nan. It is a tiny start, a surprisingly (being Evangy) tiny start of extremists coming to their senses. On that you and I agree. Now, as you rightly allude to, WHAT are those rehabilitated radicals going to do about the REST of their brethren??? πŸ€”

            There is one thing I CAN accurately predict if they begin that Movement back to sensibility… a church and religion that is already insanely ridiculously fragmented, divided, and has NEVER been unanimous (united) on their theology and biblical exegesis—for many easily explainable reasons!—will become MORE insanely ridiculously fragmented, divided, and more conflicted, quarrelsome, an convoluted!!! 🀣 But that’s been going on for over 2-millenia hasn’t it? 😈


    1. Interesting.
      However, I am of a mind that believes a nation gets the leaders it deserves.

      November won’t be such a big deal. January 2021 on the other hand ….


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