Oh for gods’ sake! What’s the buzz?

In what could well be one of the major stories in the run up to the 2020 US Presidential election, American Church authorities are currently involved in a desperate exercise of what can only be termed damage control.

Certain Evangelical Christian denominations are up in arms that they have been linked to the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, after it was recently claimed there is a website, evangelicalsforBiden.com, which suggests they are in bed with Mr. Biden.

However, it was soon discovered this is nothing but a huge media blunder.

But the damage may already have been done as the knock on effects are already hitting Mr. Biden’s campaign figures, polls showing he has dropped 12 points in the last two days alone.
So what is this huge media blunder?
The website is in fact that of a Pasadena company which sells vibrators, called Batteries Included!
Owned and run by bosom pals, Tammy Gottlaid and Debora Dallas, Batteries Included came under fire from local Church groups in Pasadena almost from the moment they began selling their wares to women around the city.

In a tongue-in-cheek response to the continual harassment, especially from a staunch evangelical church called Robertson’s Revivalists, the two ladies created a secondary website titled: evangelicalsforbidden.com.

And this is when all the trouble started.


*A rumour is currently circulating that the Biden campaign headquaters took delivery of a large consignment of boxes of unknown content delivered from somewhere in Pasadena. It is also rumoured that these boxes were immediately repackaged and forwarded to the Trump campaign headquaters.

11 thoughts on “Oh for gods’ sake! What’s the buzz?

  1. Ark, from here on out until late night Nov. 3rd it will only get crazier and more ridiculously INSANE with everything on ALL media platforms; bombardments galore I’m sure. 😉 Just this fact—since the controversial election validity of George W. over Al Gore—has demonstrated that America’s mongering population, ready to swing like horny Swingers on the political pendulums, has only grown! And they’ve only grown increasingly more stupid, more uneducated, and more gullible & emotional BY THESE crazy stories. 🙄😄

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    1. I do understand you, Sir, as I lived in Houston, TX for 5 years… @”And they’ve only grown increasingly more stupid, more uneducated…” – yeah, very poorly educated, brainwashed(or brainless!), bigots, dangerously stupid like the “proud far-right boys” – the way their wigged guru in the the WH loves them… 😦

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      1. So sorry you had to spend 5 valuable years here in Texas, especially deep in the most chemical-petroleum refinery parts in all of Texas and the U.S. 😦 And that whole area of Houston and southeast Texas is hardline Red Republican too—well, except for the now enlightened and re-enlightened former petroleum refinery workers who have had crazy exorbitant medical-hospital bills for all sorts of cancer problems in those populations of Texans.

        Hawaii, or whichever island you are on, is a much, much better location Mélanie, I assure you. 🙂


    1. If you mean “into Canada,” I’m sure your chances are excellent! But if you mean “into the U.S. from Canada,” then you have serious problems Judy. If your IQ is above 25 and you know and apply average scientific methods to life, health, happiness, diet, etc, etc, then you CANNOT enter the USA! Our current WH Administration and Republican dominated Congress can no longer afford intelligent people into America. They haven’t completed their grand scheme/plan to create a Disunited States of Illiterate Americans based upon the 2006 film Idiocracy. 🙄


  2. Amazing! Mr. Biden already had the staunch endorsement of David Duke and Richard Spencer. In gaining the support of the evangelical right he’s pulled off a hat trick.


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