Oh, for gods’ sake! Follow up to the Dawn Smith video. *Trigger warning.

I thought I would do a follow up to the Dawn Smith video I posted, mainly in response to this comment (below) from John Allman, which I felt was somewhat dismissive, bordering on sarcastic and lacking any genuine empathy. 

I invited him to do some research on the issue if he felt there was some sort bias on the part of Dawn Smith and/or engage with some of my ex-Christian visitors who would surely shed more light on such issues. Based on the comments he has so far declined to engage. 


Poor Dawn Smith. Fancy having story of which her video tells one’s side. How she must have suffered, if her parents were as horrid as she says. One must surely have sympathy with her, albeit without rushing to judgment, of course. She deserves sympathy even if she was lying or exaggerating, possibilities one ought not to speculate about before hearing her parents’ side of the story, except to recognise the possibility (because there is nothing like a stage, an audience, a microphone and a running movie-camera to make a person want to lie, exaggerate, or – for that matter – oversimplify) and to reserve judgment until one has heard both sides.

So far, we only have one side of the story as to what “type of sect” it was that poor Dawn Smith’s parents belonged to.


In 2002, there were more than fifty Assemblies world-wide. Most of them disbanded in 2003 following the revelation of Mr. Geftakys’ sexual involvement with women in the group and the cover-up of his son’s long history of domestic violence.
– Source: The Assemblies of George & Betty Geftakys: Introduction to the Ministry [Contra]

The Assembly – The Assemblies of George & Betty Geftakys

Rather than cut and paste from the article/s you can follow the links and read for yourselves.

Note for Zoe. I would suggest you not follow up on this article.

Note for John Allman. Still feel you need to hear Dawn Smith’s parents side of the story, John?


36 thoughts on “Oh, for gods’ sake! Follow up to the Dawn Smith video. *Trigger warning.

  1. John Allman is not going to feel sorry for Dawn Smith because he is probably like one of the men she speaks about in her video. Growing up in the Assemblies of God Church , I personally witnessed much of what Dawn spoke about. In my Church of 120 members , I remember when I was 12, a young girl in my Sunday School Class was physically mature for her age. When Sunday School was over, she had to navigate through the lobby to the Sanctuary for the Church Service. Like sharks, there were several older men who would want to give her a “hug” while fondling her breasts as much as possible before she was able to pull herself away. This happened almost every Sunday. The congregation knew it existed but everyone kept silent. I saw her crying several times and saying she wished her parents wouldn’t make her go to Church. At 7, I was molested by a man in the Church who was mentally challenged. When I told my parents, my Father did threaten him and spoke to his Father but because he was the son of a prominent family, he was allowed to continue to go to Church there. No doubt in my mind he continued to prey on young boys. Yes, I would consider that Church a Cult. They practiced everything I saw in Dawn’s Video.

    Do I need to hear Dawn’s Parents side of this story ? Hardly not ! And neither does John Allman. I don’t like to accuse without knowing all of the facts, but my hunch is John Allman IS part of the story.

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    1. Unfortunately, I think that happens in many different sects and probably wherever a large number of men who have primitive views about women/girls congregate. As a member of a Southern Baptist congregation I can attest to it as well. Older men, deacons, men who people thought of as someone’s grandpa, trying to hug, kiss, cop a feel all the while making it appear so innocent. It was, at the very least, uncomfortable for the girls.

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    2. I’m not going to join this lynch mob and I’m certainly not going to stick around here to be lynched myself, now that you have all-but libeled me.

      (@Ark In court, as a defence, I don’t think it will work, saying, “I don’t pre-moderate my blog. I consider that to be cowardly. I am therefore not responsible, m’lud, for any libel posted on it by commenters.”)

      You say you don’t like to accuse without knowing all of the facts, @KCChief1. Actually, it seems you do like to do that. You’ve even turned your guns on me. It is I who doesn’t like to accuse without knowing all of the facts. It is for *that* virtue that I am being pilloried, for taking *that* principled stand.

      As I said, “Poor Dawn Smith. Fancy having [a] story of which her video tells one’s side. How she must have suffered, if her parents were as horrid as she says. One must surely have sympathy with her …”. That’s what I said. That’s what I meant.


      1. @ JohnAllman

        And of course there are several other points of the comment you referenced that you chose not to include.

        I did suggest you research if you considered there was bias. (I found this story and the follow up links after one entry into Google. )
        I did suggest you engage any of the ex Christian visitors to my blog.
        You neither responded or, based on the comments bothered to engage.
        If you feel there was no sarcasm intended or you were not being dismissive or insensitive in your comment/s please say so and I will apologise.

        And if any of my visitors feel I have ‘slighted’ or unfarily maligned you in any way then they must not be shy and speak up.

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      2. Had you done the research like Ark had suggested we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I’m 66 yrs old and I have heard and/or read 100’s of replies to people like Dawn Smith from people like you, John. Nothing in your reply to her exhibited any sincerity to her situation at all. You’re not fooling anyone here, unless Ark has a 5 yr old female following his blog. Please don’t try to play the victim here. It won’t work.

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      3. This — Fancy having [a] story of which her video tells one’s side. is a ridiculous statement.

        The whole idea of her presenting her story (which I personally felt included way too much “comedy” for such a tragedy) was to put forth the actions of the church group and its effects on her life. Do you honestly believe the Church would step forth and defend itself before the same audience?

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        1. Sometimes, Nan, we use humor to cover the pain, for ourselves. No one can doubt what this woman went through, and I applaud her for being in control enough to see irony and humor where there was some. Sometimes, as someone once said, ‘you have to laugh so you don’t cry.”

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          1. Judy, from a psych-rehab POV your comment about using comedy to cover-up MEN’S uncontrollable libidos with impunity from Church leaders was EXACTLY what I was thinking as well! Thank you for hitting that nail on the head. 👍🏼

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          2. Psychologically speaking, I do understand what you’re saying. This is why I emphasized the word “personally.” For me, it took away from the impact of her story. It just came across — to me — that she was too focused on audience response. But again … we each have to work things through in our own ways.

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          3. It’s very possible, but again, she came across to ME as very composed and, in fact, almost to the point of being a professional speaker, i.e., this was not her first speaking event related to her experiences.


  2. John, using your logic of “needing to know all of the facts” is like your need to interview all of the Catholic Priests who sodomized 1000’s of young boys to hear their side of the story.

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  3. Ark, are we really a “lynch mob” here? 😬 Or is that a feeble attempt of diversion modeled after our own U.S. President’s book How to Blatantly Deny All Suspicion & Accusations by Becoming A Hero or Victim? 🤔

    As I mentioned in your Dawn Smith blog-comments from the “Warning Signs” page of the Cult Education Institute’s website… ironically, that is one of the regular tactics used by Cult members/leaders (men especially) when propagandizing their own defense, protection, or integrity of their cult.

    Lynch mob“? Really!? Could it actually be paranoia or no stomach or backbone to engage in composed, stoic, “Christ-like” strength, humility, and FAITH by this gentleman? Geeezzz, so so many Christians™ have so little faith in their God/Savior. Tisk tisk. 👎

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    1. I think it must be just the likes of you and Ken. You bloody ex-Christians are all the same. Butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth – as you well know.
      You need to pray to Jesus and come back to reality.

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        1. I hope you realise you make Jesus cry when you talk like this. Behave or I may have to moderate you in case you libel someone.
          May I suggest a prayer?
          Repeat after me ….
          ”Line on the left – one cross each.”


  4. I challenge you or any commenter to seriously read Genesis- take a few months to digest the all encompassing ramifications- then and only then weigh Ms Dawn’s gripes- see if they hold up- and I assure you she, you, or any lying professor had not a leg to stand on.

    Do consider the species, oops, I mean ‘kinds’ that Gods implemented, that Darwin so coyly stole, the ‘kinds’ such as cattle that thrive today.

    Do consider the clouds above that are merely proof of ‘broken’ waters above, per Genesis.

    Do consider earths lights, the sun and wonderful moon/ made exclusively for this terra firms.

    Consider the oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, and the four great winds which are perfect cooling and heating mechanisms.

    That said, Dawns bitching is boring, and her audience had itching ears, so what else is new. And oh, disgruntled past believers/ have been around since Abels brother hit the streets.

    Rest assured, you can link, post, link more, post more, and it only proves that God and His word always have the final word.


    1. That said, Dawns bitching is boring,

      Dear Colorstorm,
      As you appear to have forgotten the relevant apostrophe may I suggest that, instead of placing it behind the ‘s’ in question, you shove it so far up your arse that even if you acceded to a Divine Cavity Search your god would still struggle to find it.
      Have a day!

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    2. Colorstorm , I used to think you were simply misguided but after your comments here , I would have to place you in good company with the Priests I mentioned earlier as you have now convinced me you would defend their evil as well.

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        1. @CamelSnot: “But would u [sic] like to know what I think of atheism?”

          Why not? That’ll give me a perfect excuse to go into my impression of Meg Ryan faking an orgasm in the deli scene from ‘When Harry Met Sally.’

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          1. @ Chris.
            Chris, you must be commended for your imaginative use of Colorstorm’s name.
            It seems this particular pit of derision is almost bottomless.
            ”CamelSnot” has to be one of my favorite”s to date. Thank goodness my coffee was firmly on my desk as I opened your comment!
            Well done ,Sir. I shall be chuckling all morning.


  5. An alien lifeform called @CanarySperm attempts to communicate with Earth, babbling some coded distress signal about “God and His word”, but no-one here speaks Martian.

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  6. I have plenty of rope, someone else get the torches and pithcforks!

    John Allman is a dick, and got called on it. It doesn’t really matter what sect, or cult, the victim was part of either. As they are all the fucking same. Same shit, different cult. Doesn’t matter.

    Yes, there is always two sides to a story, and generally speaking the truth lies in between. But when it comes to religious cults, they are almost always on the side of the perps, and have little sympathy for the victims. It is built into the system. If you don’t know that by now you probably never will.

    ColorStorm, egad what a wankerous bugger! If I was that damn messed up I’d have myself committed.

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  7. “She deserves sympathy even if she was lying or exaggerating, possibilities one ought not to speculate about before hearing her parents’ side of the story…”.

    What? why does he throw out the suggestion she could be lying when there is no reason to do so? It’s like when a girl gets raped and goes public about it people assume she is asking for it or making things up. Weirdly enough, they don’t apply the same thinking process to the perpetrators actions, thus silently condoning them. (They consider the girl could be lying, but not the person accused of rape). Ugh.

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  8. Thanks again Ark. I’ve been out and about enjoying our Canadian Thanksgiving here this weekend.

    I had a chance to watch Dawn’s video again this morning and actually did link to one of those sites. Long before we met in the world wide internet world, the topic of “spiritual/church abuse” was my thing, and I was writing as a Christian back then. I’m going to leave a link to a post I did on my then current (to that time) Book Inventory here -> https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/9649847/posts/714 to demonstrate I’ve been there, done that . . . bought the t-shirt, cap and sneakers. 🙂 You’ll note that I have listed and read a long time ago, Ronald M. Enroth’s book Churches That Abuse (he discusses Dawn’s grandparents in Chapter 11).

    I wanted to share what stood out to me about Dawn’s video. Listen throughout to her emphasis on women in the church.

    Then this came to mind: “You are the devil’s gateway; you are the unsealer of that forbidden tree; you are the first deserter of Divine law. You are she who persuaded him whom the devil was not valiant enough to attack. You destroyed so easily God’s image, man.” ~ Tertullian [as quoted in the introduction, pg. 4 of the book Misogyny; The World’s Oldest Prejudice.]

    Noting that misogyny doesn’t just belong to the Christian world.

    Dawn is sharing her story. Throughout time we’ve seen that a woman’s story is often not believed, or usually questioned or outright considered a lie.

    But Lord, the woman you gave me, she gave me the apple. Damn you Eve.

    And who is telling Eve’s story in the Bible?

    And here we are.

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