9 thoughts on “Bye, Bye, Eddie

    1. Indeed. I was unaware he had cancer and nearly fell off my chair at dinner when my son told me of his passing. We initially thought it was some sort of Fake News.
      There aren’t that many of my guitar heroes left!

      BTW, It’s lovely to ”see” you again, Ruth. Everything okay in your neck of the woods?

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      1. I didn’t know he had cancer, either. I was shocked to hear of his passing. The good ones are leaving us too soon.

        Thanks, Ark. I lurk every now and again. Things are well with me. I hope they are for you, too!

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          1. He has developed an absess of some sort on his leg and has been out of commission for a while.
            I’m in touch on an ad hoc basis and he says he is on the mend and will return once he is sorted out.
            His last post has a few details.

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          2. Oh, my! Glad to know he’s on the mend. I’ve been quite absent so a lot has happened during my hiatus.

            I’m slowly getting around to catching up with everybody.

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